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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Naturally so.

Living in Colorado I the pleasure of being exposed to a great many things. Each one of them offers a little different insight in life. You see the mountains that stand so tall, against the contrast of the plains. Skiers flock here. Trails are a great way to see the wild and untamed regions that actually do exist in this urban world we live in. There are so many anologies for life that you can you find when you actually look at life. You might even figure a few things out that make us a people worse at life than every other species on the planet.

The mountain lion does not hate you, he just wonders how you taste. Predators do not attack out of malice, regardless of what you saw in the Lion King. A squirel does not ask for sustiance but will take it if provided. It is not theft, its survival. A bird does not build their nest to impress their neighbors, a bird builds a nest to impress a mate and keep the species going. Yet we find ourselves getting wrapped up in crap that really does not matter.

I look to those basic things we claim as human rights, and wonder how many of them are just things that we made up to make ourselves feel more important. I look at all those issues that we look to that seperate us from the rest of the billions of species on the planet. In this I wonder how much of it is us trying so hard to seperate us from life itself? Why do we have to be better in a material sense? Why can't we better in a spiritual sense?

Some how getting other people to take care of me is a human right now. I demand that healthcare be a universal right? Sure health care is awesome, but the bear gets by without it. I say the rights are the freedom to go on living. You should be able to speak you mind without someone trying to take it, but if your vision is to take anothers life to defend you so called way of life, then you are not within your rights. This is solely a human act, and not one that could be considered a right by any means. Retirement is a concept we developed, an animal just goes on with life until its over. So why do we have to have more?

This is the true human condition, we want more than the comfortable survival. We are vain and greedy. We can not be happy with our life if we feel somebody else is doing better. We can not be happy with our own happiness. We can not be happy with our own children. We have been conditioned to keep pushing for more and more, and demanding more and more. We do not want to get it on our own because we are special little snowflakes that demand that others give it to us, like we are some conquering king and deserve tribute.

What have you done to improive your own life? What efforts have you put in your own hands? Have you built your own dependence on others like they tells us not to do? There are signs in most park lands that say clearly do not feed the animals, because it makes them dependent on us. They get lazy and do not work to feed themselves any longer. Yet we are looking to be fed ourselves. We want others to spoon feed us success by taking away from others that have proven to be succesful. So I ask you now what is naturual?

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