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Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy little fences,...

Right now I am tossing around ideas for a class. It is my public speaking class. While I am pretty damn sure I do not need this class, I am required to get to attend to attain my degree. I also believe that since you wonderful taxpayers were kind enough to honor my GI Bill, the least I can do to be grateful is to do a good job. It is a persuasive presentation, and our teacher requested we keep it light. I can understand, being that our last attempt at speaking was an informative speech, and well the topics were a little heavy. We dealt with teen suicide, texting and driving (which included that video of the British chicks all getting smashed to hell), a great presentation on body standards, and a few others that hit home. My group took a lighter spin on a darker subject. We dealt with death by talking about our personal bucket lists.

So to keep things light I decided to tell people why they are the only thing between them and their happiness. The pursuit thereof is guaranteed by the Constitution, yet so few people try attempt to find it. I think it is due to a shift in needs, and people are unable to be happy because of the mindset that comes with that shift. So here are some of my ideas that I will be placing on slides to offer advice to all of those wide eyed children that attend my class. I am working out the thoughts and you are all my test monkeys as usual.

First I want to start with the mental state the vast majority are in that prevents them from being truly happy. This thought process that is back by the consumer society we belong to. The externally driven belief that happiness can only come from with out. We define happy as the white picket fence, the big screen TV, the perfect relationship, a large bank account, or perhaps a college degree. Some go a little deeper and thing of it as the smile in their child's face. Either way, while those things might make you happy in a brain chemical stimulation process, they are however not the way to achieve a state of happiness.

You see we are so obsessed with the grass being greener on the other side that we forget to water our own lawn. In that we find happiness is a feeling. While feelings can be influenced externally, it is the internal workings of our mind that allows the state to exist in the first place. We have to give thought to validate our own right to be happy. We are trained to look to external validation. We have this driving need to seek the approval of our peers, our parents, or just society in general. When in reality all we need is our of approval. We are all we need to validate ourselves. We decide if something taste good, feels good, or is just plain good. While the human experience is filled interactions with others, it is how we lay all that information out, and process it, that gives form to our universe.

Think of life as chance to gather data. The world, and the people on it, are giving us blocks. They start giving us all these blocks the day we are born. While they can tell us what to do with these blocks, it is only our hands that place them where they need to be. Some will sell there blocks to you, as if their blocks are better than other blocks, but at the end of the day they are your blocks. You decide with your own thoughts what to do with these blocks. You can choose to build walls, or roads. You can build bridges or prisons. You can set the stage for your own personal reality.

So you need to define your parameters to be happy. It is you and only you that gets to decide what you do and do not like. It is you that sets your mood and processes the data of the world. I look at it like this; You call me an asshole, I decide if it's true. If I am indeed an asshole, I decide how much I care. I validate the data, based on what you tell me, and at the end of it, it is me and only me that gives it value. This process still happens regardless if you are influenced externally. Become aware of it just gives you control.

All of the crap people throw your way, only carries the weight that you allow it. I only worry about how things make me feel, and how I can feel good. I do not mean I am going to masturbate on the light rail, but I mean feel good internally. Can I look at myself and feel good about myself. I decide, who or what makes me happy. I try to surround myself with people that make me happy. I stop waiting my time on people who not deserve my attention or affections, and look for value added relationships. I do not worry what others think or feel if they are just consumers. Now if I find people sharing this human "Do"ing expierence with me, I will share my life with them. I try not to worry, because worry is just the dark side of your imagination. In the end of it all, I try to find the deepest love I can, and that my friend is when you can love who you are in spite of yourself. When you find that love, then you can love another, then you will also find love in life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hoodie in the hood, must be no good

It is so wonderful that everyone seems to rally to a cause, any cause, at the drop of a hat. Watching the media manipulate your minds entertains me. You see we have these laws out there governing truth in advertising, while they can be worked around, it is scarier to me that we do not have similar laws regulating campaigns or politics. So people continue to run on half truths and misinformation. They spin issues, or stories to make a point and bring attention to an issue they feel is important to them, or important enough to distract the masses from what ever other issue they want.

A very recent example is this whole hoodie versus handguns shit. I wear a hoodie, and I carry a handgun. This does not make me a criminal. I truly believe the second amendment is my conceal carry permit, and that trying to use the death of this boy to take that away is retarded. Then you put the spin that people are trying to put on about the damn hoodie. Fuck the hoodie. Look at the whole picture and are you going to let them generate rage around an article of clothing and attempt to take away one more constitutional right? I don't give a shit if this kid was wearing a prom dress and had fairy wings.

You see there are several aspects of this case that people do not talk about, and the sheeple gobble up the bullshit they are spoon fed. What are the situations leading up to the shooting? Did the gun owner feel threatened? This kid was no saint. At least not the saint they are trying to make him out to be with his skittles and can of iced tea. He had a record, and did he have previous interactions with the gun owner?

Now lets look at the gun owner, if he did not kill this kid in self defense, then yes he should be punished. Just because you can carry a concealed weapon, does not mean you get to use it at will. You can drive a car, but there will be an investigation if you crash it, especially if someone dies right? Your part in freedom is to be responsible, so you need to be held accountable for practicing your freedom. A person needs to be held accountable for abusing the freedoms of others. This does not mean because some trigger happy ass hat shoots a kid, that everyone needs to lose their rights to carry a handgun. Why not close down all the fast food joints across the country because we are the only country with fat ass poor.

The issue is not the hoodie, or the gun control measures. It is about personal freedom, and personal responsibility. Yet we all get caught up in this, and jump to one side or the other and prepare to defend it with our life. Sad part is most people forget the issues, and spin it to their cause. As a personal note I find it hard to get behind any cause the Al Sharpton jumps in front of. Not because of race, but because that guy is a master manipulator and a social dumb ass. Press is press to a vulture like that. It gets his name out, and through that he can make money or raise money to get his fancy suits that are stored in his walk in closest.

It really boils down to a real simple issue. Control. Which side of the issue are you on? Are you in control of yourself, or are you so desperate for external approval that you can be controlled? Are you swayed easily from issue to issue? Can you see other sides of the issue, or are you blind to only your point of view? Even worse, are you blind to any other point of view not given to you in a multi media marketing package that appeals to the baser emotions that you have no understanding of, and lack the ability to control them.

The fucking issue here is not what clothing makes you a criminal, or taking the guns away from everyone. The issue here is what is right, just, and free. Punish the wicked, but freedom means freedom. It is a concept so few understand. You see we are all truly free to do what ever we want as long as we are wiling to face the consequences, but the legal freedom we enjoy as a people is precious. Those that give it away to be safe, find that safe is a perspective. More important you are free to actually educate yourself on this issues and look at the whole fucking thing. You are also free to personally give a crap or not give a crap. Not everything on the TV is worth a picket sign.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Light hearts come from light hands.

Today I am trying to focus long enough to finish a paper I have to do for school. It is nearly done but I can not focus. Today I am day dreaming about dragons. I think of my childhood and stories I heard. I heard things about the sunset and the sunrise. This is when the dragons came out to play. They lit the sky up with fire as they danced through the clouds. This was their time, far from the reach of greedy men. Just out of reach but still with in sight, they tease and taunt our imagination.

Reason tells me what really makes the sky change color, but there are days when it is better to see the world through your childish eyes. It is a simpler thought process that holds an innocence. There is so much darkness that bleeds into our life as adults that we forget the bright visions we have as children. I have seen the death and slaughter that men do on each other, and it is because of this I have to see the castle in every cardboard box. I have to dream of dragons to balance out my heart.

When is the last time you took time from your day to make mud pies. While we lavish ourselves in patterned and fashionable suits. We armor ourselves from those positive thoughts we hold in our hearts. Those deep colored tweeds turn that soft cool mud from the inviting side of fun, into something we would rather not sully ourselves with. Our frown leaves lines on our forehead as we hold back this inner child in a state of time out.

When we boil over and let that child out of the corner the repressed dance leads to trouble, because our inner child is ignored. This child has no discipline and is a brat when allowed out, so we continue the cycle and put them back in the corner. We raise that very beast we despise in the grocery store. You know what I am talking about, that loud child screaming and throwing a tantrum at the check out. That explosive cry for attention. Those unruly children with no boundaries are what your inner child become when you neglect it.

So dream of dragons, even if you know the truth of a sunset. Play in the mud from time to time. Let the dirt wash away the darker thoughts. Leave your house for a cardboard castle, and feel the safety of its weathered walls. No weapon repeals more monsters then the flashlight laser gun that sweeps under your bed each night. From time to time a teddy bear in a bed can be a fierce protector, keeping those dark passengers from hijacking your dreams.

It is this child you hold in your heart that keeps the old man from ruling your soul. The king without a kingdom offers no solace to the traveling soul. We also learn to live from that inner child, not passing judgment on people until they are in need of it. A child does not see black or white. They do not see Christian, or Pagan. They see everyone as either someone that will give them food, or play with them. They see this until you prove them wrong.

There is the wisdom of a child that is to often ignored.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mic check, 1,2 1,2

In our life we all communicate. To get food we talk to those around us. To gain shelter we talk to those around us. We work to gain income so that we can take care of the warm dry full that makes up the absolute basics of life. No matter how much of a hermit you are, you will be required to communicate at least a few times in your life. This is a skill that should be as simple as breathing, yet most people are so wrapped up in their own disconnection that lack this basic of basic abilities. We get so jumbled in the consumer based world that I could eat alphabet soup and puke, what is on the floor is more effective communication than most people would have to offer.

There are some basic things that you have to consider when talking with people, and none of them are manners. Manners can help in social situations, but they are not the tools you need to get what you want out of life. Even there though people are lacking, and by not using proper manners they fail to see the social nuances and what they sacrifice with each yo and um they have. It is not about manners but a project of respect. Your body language, your choice of words, and all the other subtle parts of communication convey a message that you might not want to project. Bottom line is if you convey a lack of self respect, why the hell should I offer you any?

The biggest issue people have with this, is that they fail to recognize the baser instincts of the people around them, and in their own minds. We are pack or herd animals. We are submissive to those that project that alpha mentality. We may not like it, but we do things for people simply because we perceive them as in charge. These things are forced upon in ways that we often ignore. Simple things like a handshake, or a hug, sit the tone to start conversations. Placing your hand over another persons give you the upper hand. Clasping a hand in your own offers you a subtle level of dominance as well. Putting a hand on someones shoulder, or a pat when you hug triggers simple instincts that put you in the role of a parent. Little things like this that are a huge part of the process of communication and often ignored.

We ignore the organic flow of communication and replace it with LOL or other overused pieces of modern pop culture. So many words have lost their meaning in our modern tribal view of things. Please and thank you are replaced with mine and gimme. Like I said its not the manners, but the subtle meaning behind them that matter. You want to make someone feel inferior, use manners and speak in clear enunciated English. If you speak in a more professional manner than with whom you are talking too, than you will have the upper hand in social situations as well.

Why is this important? Well how many times in your life are you walked over? How many times have you been passed over for a job? With these things you need to find a balance though, because if you are too dominate people will avoid you, if you are to weak of a communicator you will be pawns for others. Being self made, well spoken also means you have a healthy psychological foundation for which you can build a healthy psychological foundation. This incidentally leads to happiness. This is also a damn good way to pick up chicks.

Now once you get this aspect you can move into the next life lesson, and learn the value and purpose of effective communication. This is to express a goal, or to transfer information from one party to another. So in transferring information or intent with people you find that you get the things you need or desire. If you find a balance between domination and talking down to people, people will have a natural desire to actually follow you. Its like being a dog whisperer with the sheeple of the world.

This is the nice way of saying put your hat on right, and pull you damn pants up. I am not your dog, and if you call me that you should expect to be treated like a dog. If I call you a fuck faced douche nozzle, then it is because you told me the level of respect you deserve with your craptastic communication skills. If I stop talking to you, it also shows my level of respect for your intelligence, or lack there of. In a doomsday prepper scenario this action would probably be joined with a particular set of physical ques, like me thumbing the safety off my weapon and relieving you of your supplies. With that have a nice day and stop acting like a douche.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Learn, not just do

In the handful of years I have been able to serve in the great nations military, I have picked up a few simple philosophies. Many of these thought processes, I am unable to share and not because of some bullshit super secret squirrel line that guys use to part some chicks thighs either. Seriously some of them I can share because either they have no context to the civilian world, or they are just to fucked up for me to share. Though if you are as fucked up as me and the people I hang with then maybe you too could learn the mysteries of the universe. Military wisdom discovered a lot of things.

I have once sat around a smoldering coffee can with a hot coal in it to get my hands warm, and had a two hour discussion over the physics and social requirements of flatulence. We have discussed at great lengths the social requirements that force men to desire anal sex. I know why the top of chicken shit is white, and its not the reason you think. So many mysteries solved on a long convoy, over a bagged lunch that Uncle Sam provided (MRE). I have been brought to enlightenment by shear exhaustion. I once spent an hour contemplating my navel in the back of a large truck while other people pondered what I was pondering, and stared at my navel as well. Sleep deprivation is the key to really understanding the mysteries of the universe.

Aside from the way the military gets this shit stuck in your head, to a a point that years later you can recall boot camp in vivid detail but struggle to remember what your first date wore on the night you played stinky fingers the first time, there are other tools I learned to master a trade. The biggest one is the see, do, teach model. I love this, and I wanted to share it with you , because I truly think it would make the world a better place. It is so simple on the surface that anyone can start using it immediately. Its impact will last a life time.

The first part the "see" part is to damn easy. Unless you are blind you can see shit happen, and even Ray Charles saw in his own way. So in order to learn something you need to see it first. You need to have seen it done, or at least have learned of its existence. You need to the desire to learn it first. Think of sex, the first time you bumped uglies with Mary Jane Rotten-crotch (official military term), had you done research before, or at the very least been exposed to the idea of procreational recreation? You heard talk in the locker room, maybe got some porn magazines, or seen a video? So you got the see part handled right. You see shit, you learn about then you move on to the next phase unless you are some lonely lazy dumb ass that is terrified of life.

Next you do. To damn easy right. You do something. What ever it is you watched you do it, and you try to copy what you saw that is within your physical limitations. You at least try to pull off the iron cross on the rings at the gym to impress the ladies, even if you only hold it for a negative void of time because you spent to much time locked in phase one to work out, and you are just a weak flabby stack of meat with eyes. Seriously though we learn well by doing things, or at least trying. This is how people passed on the secret of fire as we grunted and groaned in caves with berry skins clinging to our ass hair. We tired to copy to the person next to us that copied the guy before him, and holy crap there was a fire in front of us burning our eyebrows and making us stink from both ends.

Last is the teach phase. Yep you saw, you did, and now you let others see. You do more than let them be a social voyeur, but rather you share what you learned with them. You become a part of their experience and you teach them. This does multiple things, and on multiple levels. First this is the shining example of walking the walk. You are not just vomiting words because some old asshole behind a pulpit told you too. This is not a do as a I say, not as I do scenario. You also get something out of it. If you saw it done, did it on your own, and then teach someone how to do just like you did, or as close as their bodies will allow them to replicate your ability, this action is burned into your mind for a long damn time.

This a great social exercise. It forces interaction beyond the general stalker phase. It makes people accountable for their own actions. It also burns the knowledge into your head and life just gets better for everyone. Life is about learning to me anyway, you carry all the stuff in your head when you die, so why not learn as much as you can, and figure out that teaching is just reenforcing the learning and making it stronger.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


The single biggest obstacle in life seems to be ego. Yep we are the ones that stop us from doing the things we want to do, and from being with those we want to be with. How so you might ask? Well let me tell you. Its not your abusive father, neglectful mother or some other asshole that stops you from achieving your goals. Its how you choose to react to and validate them. The asshole in your way is you. Try this short list of examples of self sabotage;

1) Nobody likes to hang out with people that constantly have to one up others.
2) You can try but you will never get through life alone.
3) If your ego is weak it likes to attack, and that pisses people off more than one-up-menship
4) Ego never lets you admit you are wrong, and yes you are wrong. (More often than you think unless you are me)
5) Cocky is not confident but a bruised ego will not let you see the difference.
6) Who the fuck are you to tell someone how to do their job? Ego always has you dropping suggestions to make things better. (That would be like me giving tampon advice to a woman going through menopause.)
7) Ego is the great social repellant and prevents you from getting laid, unless the person you are trying to bang is stupid, lose, or a masochist. (maybe a combination of all three)
8) It is your ego that gives measure to the words, actions, and deeds of others when it is a negative restraining way.
9) Its your ego that says you are bulletproof, not reality and confirmed ballistic reports. That asshole writes checks your body can't cash.
10) Prevents you from talking to people you should talk to, but your anger was paid for with pride.

Think about this, and think about how often you let your ego make life choices for you? I have seen friends give up on friendship because of ego. This is on both sides of the fence, you see people treat people poorly, and its because they think they know whats best for someone. If you offer a helping hand don't constantly call the person you are picking up a lazy good for nothing douche nozzle. If you are the one being picked up, you get to choose to listen to the crap and take it on board. So you get it on both sides. I have said it before, and I will say it again; call me what ever the fuck you want to call me, but I will not be that title unless I think of myself as that title.

Honor is not a reason to slap someone silly, being honorable means you have control over when to slap someone silly. Being a person of honor, means people know when you bitch slap some asshat it is because they deserved it, not because you felt like it. It was your mind not your damn ego making the choice. While yes you are entitled to do things for you, life is going to go on without you. Think about that, are you really that pompous as to think you are the end all be all authority on all things concerning breathing?

I think of this in the simplest terms, and have used similar things to my advantage. If your ego rules your life, then you will be a tool for the world. Want to get laid (take notes little boys) ? Try this, attack a chicks ego or feed it a soul twinkie and see what happens. You got some hottie sitting a few chairs away, she is used to people playing to her needs and is used to people trying to impress her. What do you do? You tell her with a straight face that she can't do anything for you that your own hand can't do better and faster, so she can buy her own damn drink. On the other side you have a nottie that has been ignored or mistreated, and you pull out a chair for her, and show her basic human courtesy and she will follow you into hell. Feed or slap the ego, and you have control over them. Sounds fucking sick, but its true. Now think to yourself where are you on the ego spectrum? Are you a fucking tool? Odds are you are like the other 80% to 90% of the sheeple and you are indeed moved so easily.

What I am trying to say here is simple, get the fuck over yourself. On the universal scale you are smaller then a dust particle. Even if you had the entire planet stroking your ego like a fluffer, you would not even be a cosmic dust bunny. So why put up with people who have to exert their ego? Why put up with people wanting you to take their ego? Well its because that is human nature. You want to be happy though, starve your ego and get the fuck over yourself. Its only personal if you make it personal. Its only valid if you validate it. You do not need the approval of others to be happy, even if they are your mom, dad, priest, teacher, coke dealer, or other person you might look to for direction. You are you and that's a pretty damn good thing to be. You keep being you, and you don't need to make anybody else just like you either. Get the fuck over yourself.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rationally irational

I know I know, its been a few days since I have written on here. I assure you I have been writing though. Midterms and Spring Break! Now I still have some school work to do over the break, however not enough to fulfill my personal commitment to write. So here I am and standing by to piss off the world. Today's topic is science. Yes that wonderful source of logic and reason that really is the reason behind the season.

Science is not faith, it is proof. Faith is something that is okay to have, it helps round you as a person. Science though does not work on faith. Science can not be held differently or interpreted differently by another race, or regional individual. What I mean by this, gravity does not care if you are a Chinese Muslim Ninja, you are going to hit the ground if you jump off a cliff with no bungee cord or parachute. You see the rational mind that measures the tangible and delves deep into the universe can know divinity and I think does a better job of grasping it, than the guy who just reads one book and claims too.

Concepts like intelligent design show a certain level of juvenile retardation, and attempt to mirror faith and reason. They are two different concepts. Reason deals with truth, and does not care if you believe in it or not, it will still be true. You measure things and they are that size, length, mass or other unit of measurement. Reason through BASIC science tells us that a pound of feathers is just as heavy as a pound of lead. One might take up less volume then the other, but both offer the same resistance to gravity.

So the next time someone says something stupid, and backs it up with the bible let them be. Pat them on the head, give them some candy (sticky candy so they might lose the ability to talk for a bit) and move one. You see if the truth is presented to you in a way that is undeniable, and you deny it, well you are stupid. Stupid has the assured confidence of ignorance. Intelligence means you have what I like to call positive doubt. You doubt the way things are and look for the answers as to how they do what they do. You have curiosity stronger than  your confidence, and therefore you question. You question even your own assumptions, and this is what makes you a scientist.

The universe consist of tiny particles, as those particles mass they create larger groups, which band with other groups, and even when those particles band so tightly as to offer enough mass to create a star, they are still only a small spec of this great universe, which is made up of small particles, some of which we can not even see with the add of a microscope. There are literally billions of other planets out there, and we are not the center of our universe. There is so much more, and who knows we might find God, Buddha, Allah, Brahman, or Asgard at the center of the universe, we are not the center of this universe.

So with this credibility of rational thought I still can not understand why people insist on forcing their religious views on other people? If they looked to their spiritual belief like a scientist looks to the universe, maybe they could find the truth of their faith? While I know many faiths would not stand up to the test of science, and the scientific method would destroy many myths, others might find a greater strength by actually looking at their faith objectively. More importantly they will stop sounding like a complete fucking retard when they talk about how in the bible this and that. This is why I favor the Constitution over ANY scripture. It was written with reason, regardless of what ever outside influence our founding fathers had, reason prevailed over faith. So give me reason or give me death.

I do not care if something is wrong in the eyes of you perception of what a God might be. I care only if it is legal, or protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. This means I do not care if God says it is wrong to kill an unborn child (of which I pressed to find an actual verse that referred to this directly and wasn't an attempt to twist words to fit your desires like what people do with Nostradamus.) I care if the Constitution protects the rights of the individual to follow their own course of action in regards to their health and well being on the pursuit of happiness.

Science and reason are better served when you figure out it is not the volume of the voice that makes something true, but rather proof. Proof will support the truth, and in that if you pursue the truth it does not matter how many people believe in you, or rally to your cause. Truth in the scientific world is truth period. Their are laws in the world of physics that are laws because they are truths that can not be broken. This does not mean you are punished if you break them, you simply can't break them, hence why the meaning of law is stronger in science than it is in the weak mind or heart of man. So get the fuck over yourself and try thinking. It feels good to doubt. Doubt brings the quest for answers. It brings insight, and in the pursuit you can be spiritual, but do not let that be all you are. Then what use are you besides being a meat puppet mouth piece.

While I still hold my personal beliefs, I do hold them up for judgement and seek proof each day I breath. My relationship with my Gods is strong. I still understand that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and the Sun rotates around the greater mass at the center of our Galaxy, and that Galaxy spins around other masses that are most likely in the center of the known Universe, and of this is made of innumerable masses of tiny particles that we can not see, but we can measure. So I know my place, and in in knowing that particles have been here as long as yours, I find comfort in knowing that on a basic level we are connected with everything, and that to me is why I love science. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

hands down

Let us get something real clear here. I ma not an asshole, I am a realist. Okay maybe I am an asshole, but I am much more then just an asshole. I just really do not care who I offend. I say most things I say with a purpose, or because they are on my mind. I do not know why people insist we wrap things up with a bow and make them all pretty for you. Communication is only about ten percent verbal anyway. The rest is the important stuff, like body posture, eye contact, gestures, and inflection. That is where you get the meaning of the communication. So who really cares if I say "fuck you" a lot? Maybe I really mean it, a lot. Listen to the inflections and you will find out.

Now I am all about this verbal communication being more physical, and therefore easier to do. Now lets get into writing. Grammar is the non verbal cues here. The writer has to use words carefully to paint a scene. A master wordsmith can capture those non verbal cues in their writing. Others glaze over them and let you fill in the blanks from personal experience. Then there are those that expose themselves to your constant chatter, and they do this with resiliency. These young men and women do so with a sense of purpose, and they share things with you that they have trouble sharing with there own families.

These are the contributors of the book "The Longest War". SFC John Holmes got this project together, and I thank him for it. I see pages and pages of therapy pouring off of those pages. Look at the grammar, and you can see that these are unedited accounts. These are real experiences of people that have gone to war, and many of them multiple times. In this book I remained anonymous, not because I was embarrassed of what I had wrote, but I wrote about my feelings. I did not account actual events. I did not want to take away from the impact these stories will have on my brothers and sisters that have gone overseas.

This is not a pissing contest, but rather naked rare communication. This is not the polished stuff you get in speeches from politicians that try to tell you have to live your life. These are the words of people, who often times barely made it through high school, and were moved to a higher purpose. I find interesting though, is the reactions from my friends who are reading the book right now. They did not worry about the I before E shit, they focused on the verbal communication. They shared this moment with a solider. For a brief moment they could see the horrors and joys of war, without Hollywood telling them what they should feel.

So no wrapping, no window dressing, this is pure truth delivered. It has meaning. It has purpose. So go look it up on Amazon, get it for your Kindle. Go look it up on Barnes and Nobles, and get it for your Nook. Then go out and buy the hard copy from the website. Why read some other ass hats fictional accounts of what they think war is like, we you can go straight to the source? The best part about all of this, is that you will truly be helping support your troops. Not only are portions of the proceeds going to veterans charities, but this book is therapy and closure for some many that brought back more with them than they thought. 

If you like it, review it. Get the word out. Share links. Show people where they can get a copy of their very own. Find one of the authors, have them do a reading in your local bookstore, school, or radio/television show. Seriously this is some valuable shit here, and a rare insight that most people will never get. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

If you're bored, you're boring.

So with some recent changes in my life, I have been forced to ponder what I am looking for out of life. Tonight I have a presentation in my Public Speaking class, and my group is doing a "bucket list". I have a few interesting things on my list that hopefully add to my grade. However I am going to put it out there that I in no way will judge the value of my life by the things I have done, or places I visited before I died. Seeing a wall, a pile of rocks, or looking at a body of water does not make you a better person. Value in life comes from what you do, and what you leave behind. Great people build that shit that other people feel they need to see before they die.

So what is on your bucket list? Is it a to do list, or is a too see list? Are you looking to actually try things, and learn from life? Are you just happy with seeing the Great Wall? I want to build my own Great Wall. I think that would serve a better purpose and actually fit the ideals of immortality that I possess. To me just seeing something is cool, but it is not bucket worthy unless there is some sort of trail that you need to go through to see it. Going the Eiffel Tower is just showing up, and with the exception of airline food, really does not offer a lot of life altering risk. To me it is like looking a boobs, it can be pretty cool, but it is wicked better to grab them, shove them in your mouth, or motorboat the hell out of them. So I am not going to spend my life looking at titties I can't touch.

So things I am looking at are looking inward, not outward. Superficial shit is boring. I really do not care to die in a big ass house full of big screen TV's and gold plated toilets. You don't get to take that shit with you, so why not add things to your bucket list that are worthy of carry on luggage when you move the fuck on. Screw an Ipod. I really do not care how many jeans you have, or shoes. How about how many life's did you change? How many things did you leave your mark on? What stories will you have to carry with you.

Sure there are some things that are worth just going to see, like I want to see the aurora borealis over the lava flows in Iceland. Part of that is the journey. You are not on some comfy bus feasting on those little bags of roasted nuts you stole from the over weigh stewardess on your overstuffed flight. There is effort. There is challenge. There is the chance to learn something about yourself. The journey in that part of the list is something more then the destination. The destination is the reward.

I also want to go on a viking and seek my fortune. Yep, I want to get in a boat and float around until I see a small town or village, and steal their women, eat their cows, and burn the fucking place down. Of course stealing all their shit is doing them a favor. Remove them from those worldly attachments that should not be on their hollow bucket list anyway. Oh and the women part, well that is a bonus. Love is grand, but you can get a hooker for about the same price that would leave just as much of memory and its less expensive than divorce. So a harem of worldly women to help me enjoy my evenings as I go out and do shit. Scratch those those things bit by bit off my list.

So what would you like to do before you die? Is is something shallow like use 25 condoms in one night? Perhaps it is something like figure out the sound of one hand clapping? Maybe it is cure cancer? Do something, not just someone. Enjoy an experience that goes beyond your eyes. Try something that is not a postcard. See the Great Wall, but go one step further and walk its length and understand the effort that was put into building it.

What ever you do, don't forget to rape, pillage, and burn along the way. Its the best way to leave your mark and get the sheeple talking about you. Shake it up, stir it up, and stop running from life. Run through it, and knock it on its ass. I love to know that I have had my steal tempered in the hotted fires around the world. I have been tested in more ways than I would like to count. I know it has made me better and I am a damn good person. Hell I would love to hang out with me, at least it will not be boring.

Love all you can. Do all you can. Drink your fill. Eat what you like. Experience life. Be kind to those worthy of kindness. Choke slam those that are not. Participate in life. Human beings are everywhere, but its the Humans Doings that get the most out of it. How many fat ass explorers have you seen? So play hard or go home, and if you are not going to play stay out of the game. Write that bucket list and do things that have a meaning, meaning to you. Do shit you can talk about after you die, and do things that will be talked about by others after you die. Do not deny yourself joy, and let the rest of the world worry about their shit.