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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hoodie in the hood, must be no good

It is so wonderful that everyone seems to rally to a cause, any cause, at the drop of a hat. Watching the media manipulate your minds entertains me. You see we have these laws out there governing truth in advertising, while they can be worked around, it is scarier to me that we do not have similar laws regulating campaigns or politics. So people continue to run on half truths and misinformation. They spin issues, or stories to make a point and bring attention to an issue they feel is important to them, or important enough to distract the masses from what ever other issue they want.

A very recent example is this whole hoodie versus handguns shit. I wear a hoodie, and I carry a handgun. This does not make me a criminal. I truly believe the second amendment is my conceal carry permit, and that trying to use the death of this boy to take that away is retarded. Then you put the spin that people are trying to put on about the damn hoodie. Fuck the hoodie. Look at the whole picture and are you going to let them generate rage around an article of clothing and attempt to take away one more constitutional right? I don't give a shit if this kid was wearing a prom dress and had fairy wings.

You see there are several aspects of this case that people do not talk about, and the sheeple gobble up the bullshit they are spoon fed. What are the situations leading up to the shooting? Did the gun owner feel threatened? This kid was no saint. At least not the saint they are trying to make him out to be with his skittles and can of iced tea. He had a record, and did he have previous interactions with the gun owner?

Now lets look at the gun owner, if he did not kill this kid in self defense, then yes he should be punished. Just because you can carry a concealed weapon, does not mean you get to use it at will. You can drive a car, but there will be an investigation if you crash it, especially if someone dies right? Your part in freedom is to be responsible, so you need to be held accountable for practicing your freedom. A person needs to be held accountable for abusing the freedoms of others. This does not mean because some trigger happy ass hat shoots a kid, that everyone needs to lose their rights to carry a handgun. Why not close down all the fast food joints across the country because we are the only country with fat ass poor.

The issue is not the hoodie, or the gun control measures. It is about personal freedom, and personal responsibility. Yet we all get caught up in this, and jump to one side or the other and prepare to defend it with our life. Sad part is most people forget the issues, and spin it to their cause. As a personal note I find it hard to get behind any cause the Al Sharpton jumps in front of. Not because of race, but because that guy is a master manipulator and a social dumb ass. Press is press to a vulture like that. It gets his name out, and through that he can make money or raise money to get his fancy suits that are stored in his walk in closest.

It really boils down to a real simple issue. Control. Which side of the issue are you on? Are you in control of yourself, or are you so desperate for external approval that you can be controlled? Are you swayed easily from issue to issue? Can you see other sides of the issue, or are you blind to only your point of view? Even worse, are you blind to any other point of view not given to you in a multi media marketing package that appeals to the baser emotions that you have no understanding of, and lack the ability to control them.

The fucking issue here is not what clothing makes you a criminal, or taking the guns away from everyone. The issue here is what is right, just, and free. Punish the wicked, but freedom means freedom. It is a concept so few understand. You see we are all truly free to do what ever we want as long as we are wiling to face the consequences, but the legal freedom we enjoy as a people is precious. Those that give it away to be safe, find that safe is a perspective. More important you are free to actually educate yourself on this issues and look at the whole fucking thing. You are also free to personally give a crap or not give a crap. Not everything on the TV is worth a picket sign.

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