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Monday, March 5, 2012

If you're bored, you're boring.

So with some recent changes in my life, I have been forced to ponder what I am looking for out of life. Tonight I have a presentation in my Public Speaking class, and my group is doing a "bucket list". I have a few interesting things on my list that hopefully add to my grade. However I am going to put it out there that I in no way will judge the value of my life by the things I have done, or places I visited before I died. Seeing a wall, a pile of rocks, or looking at a body of water does not make you a better person. Value in life comes from what you do, and what you leave behind. Great people build that shit that other people feel they need to see before they die.

So what is on your bucket list? Is it a to do list, or is a too see list? Are you looking to actually try things, and learn from life? Are you just happy with seeing the Great Wall? I want to build my own Great Wall. I think that would serve a better purpose and actually fit the ideals of immortality that I possess. To me just seeing something is cool, but it is not bucket worthy unless there is some sort of trail that you need to go through to see it. Going the Eiffel Tower is just showing up, and with the exception of airline food, really does not offer a lot of life altering risk. To me it is like looking a boobs, it can be pretty cool, but it is wicked better to grab them, shove them in your mouth, or motorboat the hell out of them. So I am not going to spend my life looking at titties I can't touch.

So things I am looking at are looking inward, not outward. Superficial shit is boring. I really do not care to die in a big ass house full of big screen TV's and gold plated toilets. You don't get to take that shit with you, so why not add things to your bucket list that are worthy of carry on luggage when you move the fuck on. Screw an Ipod. I really do not care how many jeans you have, or shoes. How about how many life's did you change? How many things did you leave your mark on? What stories will you have to carry with you.

Sure there are some things that are worth just going to see, like I want to see the aurora borealis over the lava flows in Iceland. Part of that is the journey. You are not on some comfy bus feasting on those little bags of roasted nuts you stole from the over weigh stewardess on your overstuffed flight. There is effort. There is challenge. There is the chance to learn something about yourself. The journey in that part of the list is something more then the destination. The destination is the reward.

I also want to go on a viking and seek my fortune. Yep, I want to get in a boat and float around until I see a small town or village, and steal their women, eat their cows, and burn the fucking place down. Of course stealing all their shit is doing them a favor. Remove them from those worldly attachments that should not be on their hollow bucket list anyway. Oh and the women part, well that is a bonus. Love is grand, but you can get a hooker for about the same price that would leave just as much of memory and its less expensive than divorce. So a harem of worldly women to help me enjoy my evenings as I go out and do shit. Scratch those those things bit by bit off my list.

So what would you like to do before you die? Is is something shallow like use 25 condoms in one night? Perhaps it is something like figure out the sound of one hand clapping? Maybe it is cure cancer? Do something, not just someone. Enjoy an experience that goes beyond your eyes. Try something that is not a postcard. See the Great Wall, but go one step further and walk its length and understand the effort that was put into building it.

What ever you do, don't forget to rape, pillage, and burn along the way. Its the best way to leave your mark and get the sheeple talking about you. Shake it up, stir it up, and stop running from life. Run through it, and knock it on its ass. I love to know that I have had my steal tempered in the hotted fires around the world. I have been tested in more ways than I would like to count. I know it has made me better and I am a damn good person. Hell I would love to hang out with me, at least it will not be boring.

Love all you can. Do all you can. Drink your fill. Eat what you like. Experience life. Be kind to those worthy of kindness. Choke slam those that are not. Participate in life. Human beings are everywhere, but its the Humans Doings that get the most out of it. How many fat ass explorers have you seen? So play hard or go home, and if you are not going to play stay out of the game. Write that bucket list and do things that have a meaning, meaning to you. Do shit you can talk about after you die, and do things that will be talked about by others after you die. Do not deny yourself joy, and let the rest of the world worry about their shit.

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