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Friday, March 23, 2012

Light hearts come from light hands.

Today I am trying to focus long enough to finish a paper I have to do for school. It is nearly done but I can not focus. Today I am day dreaming about dragons. I think of my childhood and stories I heard. I heard things about the sunset and the sunrise. This is when the dragons came out to play. They lit the sky up with fire as they danced through the clouds. This was their time, far from the reach of greedy men. Just out of reach but still with in sight, they tease and taunt our imagination.

Reason tells me what really makes the sky change color, but there are days when it is better to see the world through your childish eyes. It is a simpler thought process that holds an innocence. There is so much darkness that bleeds into our life as adults that we forget the bright visions we have as children. I have seen the death and slaughter that men do on each other, and it is because of this I have to see the castle in every cardboard box. I have to dream of dragons to balance out my heart.

When is the last time you took time from your day to make mud pies. While we lavish ourselves in patterned and fashionable suits. We armor ourselves from those positive thoughts we hold in our hearts. Those deep colored tweeds turn that soft cool mud from the inviting side of fun, into something we would rather not sully ourselves with. Our frown leaves lines on our forehead as we hold back this inner child in a state of time out.

When we boil over and let that child out of the corner the repressed dance leads to trouble, because our inner child is ignored. This child has no discipline and is a brat when allowed out, so we continue the cycle and put them back in the corner. We raise that very beast we despise in the grocery store. You know what I am talking about, that loud child screaming and throwing a tantrum at the check out. That explosive cry for attention. Those unruly children with no boundaries are what your inner child become when you neglect it.

So dream of dragons, even if you know the truth of a sunset. Play in the mud from time to time. Let the dirt wash away the darker thoughts. Leave your house for a cardboard castle, and feel the safety of its weathered walls. No weapon repeals more monsters then the flashlight laser gun that sweeps under your bed each night. From time to time a teddy bear in a bed can be a fierce protector, keeping those dark passengers from hijacking your dreams.

It is this child you hold in your heart that keeps the old man from ruling your soul. The king without a kingdom offers no solace to the traveling soul. We also learn to live from that inner child, not passing judgment on people until they are in need of it. A child does not see black or white. They do not see Christian, or Pagan. They see everyone as either someone that will give them food, or play with them. They see this until you prove them wrong.

There is the wisdom of a child that is to often ignored.

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