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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mic check, 1,2 1,2

In our life we all communicate. To get food we talk to those around us. To gain shelter we talk to those around us. We work to gain income so that we can take care of the warm dry full that makes up the absolute basics of life. No matter how much of a hermit you are, you will be required to communicate at least a few times in your life. This is a skill that should be as simple as breathing, yet most people are so wrapped up in their own disconnection that lack this basic of basic abilities. We get so jumbled in the consumer based world that I could eat alphabet soup and puke, what is on the floor is more effective communication than most people would have to offer.

There are some basic things that you have to consider when talking with people, and none of them are manners. Manners can help in social situations, but they are not the tools you need to get what you want out of life. Even there though people are lacking, and by not using proper manners they fail to see the social nuances and what they sacrifice with each yo and um they have. It is not about manners but a project of respect. Your body language, your choice of words, and all the other subtle parts of communication convey a message that you might not want to project. Bottom line is if you convey a lack of self respect, why the hell should I offer you any?

The biggest issue people have with this, is that they fail to recognize the baser instincts of the people around them, and in their own minds. We are pack or herd animals. We are submissive to those that project that alpha mentality. We may not like it, but we do things for people simply because we perceive them as in charge. These things are forced upon in ways that we often ignore. Simple things like a handshake, or a hug, sit the tone to start conversations. Placing your hand over another persons give you the upper hand. Clasping a hand in your own offers you a subtle level of dominance as well. Putting a hand on someones shoulder, or a pat when you hug triggers simple instincts that put you in the role of a parent. Little things like this that are a huge part of the process of communication and often ignored.

We ignore the organic flow of communication and replace it with LOL or other overused pieces of modern pop culture. So many words have lost their meaning in our modern tribal view of things. Please and thank you are replaced with mine and gimme. Like I said its not the manners, but the subtle meaning behind them that matter. You want to make someone feel inferior, use manners and speak in clear enunciated English. If you speak in a more professional manner than with whom you are talking too, than you will have the upper hand in social situations as well.

Why is this important? Well how many times in your life are you walked over? How many times have you been passed over for a job? With these things you need to find a balance though, because if you are too dominate people will avoid you, if you are to weak of a communicator you will be pawns for others. Being self made, well spoken also means you have a healthy psychological foundation for which you can build a healthy psychological foundation. This incidentally leads to happiness. This is also a damn good way to pick up chicks.

Now once you get this aspect you can move into the next life lesson, and learn the value and purpose of effective communication. This is to express a goal, or to transfer information from one party to another. So in transferring information or intent with people you find that you get the things you need or desire. If you find a balance between domination and talking down to people, people will have a natural desire to actually follow you. Its like being a dog whisperer with the sheeple of the world.

This is the nice way of saying put your hat on right, and pull you damn pants up. I am not your dog, and if you call me that you should expect to be treated like a dog. If I call you a fuck faced douche nozzle, then it is because you told me the level of respect you deserve with your craptastic communication skills. If I stop talking to you, it also shows my level of respect for your intelligence, or lack there of. In a doomsday prepper scenario this action would probably be joined with a particular set of physical ques, like me thumbing the safety off my weapon and relieving you of your supplies. With that have a nice day and stop acting like a douche.

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