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Sunday, March 18, 2012


The single biggest obstacle in life seems to be ego. Yep we are the ones that stop us from doing the things we want to do, and from being with those we want to be with. How so you might ask? Well let me tell you. Its not your abusive father, neglectful mother or some other asshole that stops you from achieving your goals. Its how you choose to react to and validate them. The asshole in your way is you. Try this short list of examples of self sabotage;

1) Nobody likes to hang out with people that constantly have to one up others.
2) You can try but you will never get through life alone.
3) If your ego is weak it likes to attack, and that pisses people off more than one-up-menship
4) Ego never lets you admit you are wrong, and yes you are wrong. (More often than you think unless you are me)
5) Cocky is not confident but a bruised ego will not let you see the difference.
6) Who the fuck are you to tell someone how to do their job? Ego always has you dropping suggestions to make things better. (That would be like me giving tampon advice to a woman going through menopause.)
7) Ego is the great social repellant and prevents you from getting laid, unless the person you are trying to bang is stupid, lose, or a masochist. (maybe a combination of all three)
8) It is your ego that gives measure to the words, actions, and deeds of others when it is a negative restraining way.
9) Its your ego that says you are bulletproof, not reality and confirmed ballistic reports. That asshole writes checks your body can't cash.
10) Prevents you from talking to people you should talk to, but your anger was paid for with pride.

Think about this, and think about how often you let your ego make life choices for you? I have seen friends give up on friendship because of ego. This is on both sides of the fence, you see people treat people poorly, and its because they think they know whats best for someone. If you offer a helping hand don't constantly call the person you are picking up a lazy good for nothing douche nozzle. If you are the one being picked up, you get to choose to listen to the crap and take it on board. So you get it on both sides. I have said it before, and I will say it again; call me what ever the fuck you want to call me, but I will not be that title unless I think of myself as that title.

Honor is not a reason to slap someone silly, being honorable means you have control over when to slap someone silly. Being a person of honor, means people know when you bitch slap some asshat it is because they deserved it, not because you felt like it. It was your mind not your damn ego making the choice. While yes you are entitled to do things for you, life is going to go on without you. Think about that, are you really that pompous as to think you are the end all be all authority on all things concerning breathing?

I think of this in the simplest terms, and have used similar things to my advantage. If your ego rules your life, then you will be a tool for the world. Want to get laid (take notes little boys) ? Try this, attack a chicks ego or feed it a soul twinkie and see what happens. You got some hottie sitting a few chairs away, she is used to people playing to her needs and is used to people trying to impress her. What do you do? You tell her with a straight face that she can't do anything for you that your own hand can't do better and faster, so she can buy her own damn drink. On the other side you have a nottie that has been ignored or mistreated, and you pull out a chair for her, and show her basic human courtesy and she will follow you into hell. Feed or slap the ego, and you have control over them. Sounds fucking sick, but its true. Now think to yourself where are you on the ego spectrum? Are you a fucking tool? Odds are you are like the other 80% to 90% of the sheeple and you are indeed moved so easily.

What I am trying to say here is simple, get the fuck over yourself. On the universal scale you are smaller then a dust particle. Even if you had the entire planet stroking your ego like a fluffer, you would not even be a cosmic dust bunny. So why put up with people who have to exert their ego? Why put up with people wanting you to take their ego? Well its because that is human nature. You want to be happy though, starve your ego and get the fuck over yourself. Its only personal if you make it personal. Its only valid if you validate it. You do not need the approval of others to be happy, even if they are your mom, dad, priest, teacher, coke dealer, or other person you might look to for direction. You are you and that's a pretty damn good thing to be. You keep being you, and you don't need to make anybody else just like you either. Get the fuck over yourself.

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