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Friday, March 16, 2012

Rationally irational

I know I know, its been a few days since I have written on here. I assure you I have been writing though. Midterms and Spring Break! Now I still have some school work to do over the break, however not enough to fulfill my personal commitment to write. So here I am and standing by to piss off the world. Today's topic is science. Yes that wonderful source of logic and reason that really is the reason behind the season.

Science is not faith, it is proof. Faith is something that is okay to have, it helps round you as a person. Science though does not work on faith. Science can not be held differently or interpreted differently by another race, or regional individual. What I mean by this, gravity does not care if you are a Chinese Muslim Ninja, you are going to hit the ground if you jump off a cliff with no bungee cord or parachute. You see the rational mind that measures the tangible and delves deep into the universe can know divinity and I think does a better job of grasping it, than the guy who just reads one book and claims too.

Concepts like intelligent design show a certain level of juvenile retardation, and attempt to mirror faith and reason. They are two different concepts. Reason deals with truth, and does not care if you believe in it or not, it will still be true. You measure things and they are that size, length, mass or other unit of measurement. Reason through BASIC science tells us that a pound of feathers is just as heavy as a pound of lead. One might take up less volume then the other, but both offer the same resistance to gravity.

So the next time someone says something stupid, and backs it up with the bible let them be. Pat them on the head, give them some candy (sticky candy so they might lose the ability to talk for a bit) and move one. You see if the truth is presented to you in a way that is undeniable, and you deny it, well you are stupid. Stupid has the assured confidence of ignorance. Intelligence means you have what I like to call positive doubt. You doubt the way things are and look for the answers as to how they do what they do. You have curiosity stronger than  your confidence, and therefore you question. You question even your own assumptions, and this is what makes you a scientist.

The universe consist of tiny particles, as those particles mass they create larger groups, which band with other groups, and even when those particles band so tightly as to offer enough mass to create a star, they are still only a small spec of this great universe, which is made up of small particles, some of which we can not even see with the add of a microscope. There are literally billions of other planets out there, and we are not the center of our universe. There is so much more, and who knows we might find God, Buddha, Allah, Brahman, or Asgard at the center of the universe, we are not the center of this universe.

So with this credibility of rational thought I still can not understand why people insist on forcing their religious views on other people? If they looked to their spiritual belief like a scientist looks to the universe, maybe they could find the truth of their faith? While I know many faiths would not stand up to the test of science, and the scientific method would destroy many myths, others might find a greater strength by actually looking at their faith objectively. More importantly they will stop sounding like a complete fucking retard when they talk about how in the bible this and that. This is why I favor the Constitution over ANY scripture. It was written with reason, regardless of what ever outside influence our founding fathers had, reason prevailed over faith. So give me reason or give me death.

I do not care if something is wrong in the eyes of you perception of what a God might be. I care only if it is legal, or protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. This means I do not care if God says it is wrong to kill an unborn child (of which I pressed to find an actual verse that referred to this directly and wasn't an attempt to twist words to fit your desires like what people do with Nostradamus.) I care if the Constitution protects the rights of the individual to follow their own course of action in regards to their health and well being on the pursuit of happiness.

Science and reason are better served when you figure out it is not the volume of the voice that makes something true, but rather proof. Proof will support the truth, and in that if you pursue the truth it does not matter how many people believe in you, or rally to your cause. Truth in the scientific world is truth period. Their are laws in the world of physics that are laws because they are truths that can not be broken. This does not mean you are punished if you break them, you simply can't break them, hence why the meaning of law is stronger in science than it is in the weak mind or heart of man. So get the fuck over yourself and try thinking. It feels good to doubt. Doubt brings the quest for answers. It brings insight, and in the pursuit you can be spiritual, but do not let that be all you are. Then what use are you besides being a meat puppet mouth piece.

While I still hold my personal beliefs, I do hold them up for judgement and seek proof each day I breath. My relationship with my Gods is strong. I still understand that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and the Sun rotates around the greater mass at the center of our Galaxy, and that Galaxy spins around other masses that are most likely in the center of the known Universe, and of this is made of innumerable masses of tiny particles that we can not see, but we can measure. So I know my place, and in in knowing that particles have been here as long as yours, I find comfort in knowing that on a basic level we are connected with everything, and that to me is why I love science. 

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