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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put that in your pipe,..

Let us start today's little foray into my mind with a disclaimer. To all the bleeding heart softies out there, you might not like what I have to say. I will say this right up front to get it out of the way, just because we do not think the same, does not make either of us a bad person. It just means we have different priorities. I know the next bit is going to shock a few, and piss off more than a few. Hell I might even get some colorful responses to all of this. At the end of the day you will have to ask yourself what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. Oh and if it really pisses you off, you don't have to read it. So without further fanfare, I am going to post up a picture I posted on facebook that started this whole thing, and note I added the following comment to it; "Yeah so why are you bitching so damn much people?"

So looking at the picture, I had quite a few likes. I got a few comments. I even had a few posted up that just had to shrug my shoulders and say WTF. One comment though hit my thoughts right on the head. One person decided to go right to the negative, and say sure we got it better than most, but its still pretty shitty. So what I intend to do is to address those issues that she said still sucked, and then bring it back into prospective. Then I will also attempt to roll up my disdain for the Occupy movement into a more cohesive thought that you hungry little assholes can chew on. You see this whole issue to me boils down to that little issue again that separated our country in its infancy from EVERYTHING else that was was going on in the world at the time. That core issue was the protection of personal liberty, and the establishment of a cooperative government based on personal freedom. We no longer wanted our King to tell us what to do, when do it, or even how. We wanted choice. Well kids I am sorry to say you don't get choice without responsibility. This also means you have to put on your big boy pants and protect those freedoms by taking care of yourself, and not asking Big Brother to do it for you.

One of the issues she put up that I would like to talk about is that one in six children go to bed hungry in our country. Yeah that sucks, but what do we get when we ask government to handle our own social responsibility in this? Well we get genetically modified mass produced food handed out to the poor masses that scream for their sense of entitlement. Seriously look at the food that is available on the government subsidy programs, and look at the list that people get more often than not from those list of a available over processed foods? Next look down at your gut, is it flat? Look at your ass, how many of your teenage self can fit in the space now occupied by your ass? Yep we have a problem in the US, we have for the first time in history a fat class of poor.

Now Big Brother stepping in to help us with our poor issue, rather than dealing with it like responsible people that like their freedoms, create another issue. Since we are paying for their food, do you think these over weight persons are prepared to deal with the health concerns that come with obesity, and all the effects of the preservatives (similar to embalming fluid) have on their bodies? Of course not. SO now we get the cries for free health care. So we offer a system that takes more choice and responsibility off our shoulders and hand it over to the government. Rather then have the Government do their job, and maybe correct the legalities on which healthcare is provided, we just ask for them to pay for it all together. Don't even get me started on how fucked up this is, and how it devalues the level of care that we actually receive. All of this because their are more people look to be told what to do, and would rather have a hand out and a collar than a hand up and a choice.

Next there was talk about holding Wall Street accountable for its actions, and all I can say on that is no fucking shit. The trouble though is that we on the dole as the government to pay for so much of life and that shit cost money. We also have our government established in such a way that to get into these offices require a lot of money. So when we ask those that bank roll those that make and enforce our laws to be held accountable we are shocked when we see them get off with a slap on the wrist. How many of those that needed accountability are sponsors of people sitting in office now, on BOTH sides of the party lines. This is like asking the inmates to run the nut house. Look at the financial advisers to the current regime and see what companies they worked for before they got these cushy jobs that we the tax payers pay for?

So when its all said and done. No we do not have it that bad. We do not need others to fix our problems. When we ask others to fix our problems, there is always a request for payment. So ask the price of these services before you start yelling about things that need to get fixed. Ask yourself how many more emergency powers the government is going to need before you are satisfied with them doing all of your thinking for you? You really want to see something amazing? Try taking care of your own shit, and keep the damn government out of it. You want to end hungry children in this country, stop feeding them Velveeta, boxed cereal, and over processed chemistry experiments that we label as food stuff. Offer them real food, from your table. Get involved in your own community, and look to what you can do to protect yourself and your freedoms from lazy ass people looking for a simple solution to a complex problem that we should be handling.

You want to hold those stock traders accountable? Stop buying into their bullshit, and stop feeding that beast that is created by the sickness we call affluenza. How about we grown the fuck up, and take care of our issues like adults. How about we exercise our freedom rather then exorcise it for the sake of convenience. How about we stop bitching about things and take care of them as people, as a community, and as Americans. Rather than have Uncle Sam print more money and devalue more of our retirement schemes, we start handling our own shit and breed a culture of responsible intelligent people that will move us forward and get rid of the rest of the bad stuff on their own. How about that huh?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Send your regrets,...

What would you like to do before you die? What task calls to you? What simple thing have you neglected? What food would you like to taste? What country would you like to visit? What depraved act of indulgence have you yet to try? What my friend would you like to do before you die?

You bucket list has how many pages?

Do you even ponder these questions? Do you even worry about tomorrow? Worry is such a bad work though. Maybe what consideration do you give towards the day after next? Do you think about the gray hairs you will have to hide? Do you think about the age spots on the back of your hands? The slow decay of soft supple flesh replaced with crows feet and a patch work of veins?

I think about these things a lot. I know that the odds of me seeing them are slim. This is why I favor the day. I do not have a bucket list. I have a to do list. All those needful things people place on a list to do before their thread is cut are time wasted. If you do not agree, tell me now when you are going to die? Give me a date, a time and a location. If you can't then look at your list again. All of those things you want to do are only a list of regrets. Each one something you really did not want to do bad enough, but will regret not doing as you push out your last breath.

Why not have the courage to face life now, and work towards those things? Why not get off your ass and actually live life, rather than look back at a list of shit you could have done? To me that seems like a total waste. You want to climb a mountain, there are so many. You just need to get off your ass and do it. You want to run a marathon? Tell me why you haven't, and I will tell you all the excuses you tell yourself. If a double amputee can run a marathon, or a guy with a broken back can do wind sprints, then your excuse is just that, and excuse and total bullshit.

Inspiration is never far away, but we hold to excuses like they are a solid investment. Words that are hollow hold no sustenance. You and you alone are the reason you are not doing those things you want to do. Oh yeah, you don't have the money to travel to Nepal, awesome. You know their are people that travel around the world on less than one hundred dollars in their pocket when they start out. If there is a will, there is a way. You trap yourself.

You wrap yourself in envy when you see other people living the life you want. You call people braggarts because they have the stories you wanted to tell. Stop making excuses and die with no regrets. You could die tomorrow, how many regrets do you have my friend? I can tell you I have a few, but that list is short. I am no consumed hedonist, but I am also not afraid of breathing. I cherish each breath I have. At the end of the day that is all you really have. Everything can be taken from you, but your breath is the only thing that really matters. So while you still have it do something with it.

You want to lose twenty pounds? or hell two hundred? The only thing stopping you is you. If you are stopping yourself stop blaming others for your failure. Stop blaming others for being better at life than you. If you suck at life that is the key word, YOU. Its not that asshole at work that makes you suck at life. You are are your own black hole of misery. You can choose to smile. You can choose to seek your happiness. Even our beloved United States only offers you the pursuit of your happiness, because they know they can not guarantee it. Only you can find you happiness.

So stop blaming others. Stop holding yourself back. He who dies with the most toys, still dies. He who dies with the least regrets wins. So stop sucking or at least stop trying to get your suck on me. Live your life or stay out of mine. I am doing just fine getting rid of my regrets. This is the meaning of life, times 42.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Roll Call,....

To our honored dead, let your deeds be remembered. Many gave some, but some gave all. From the shores of Normandy, to Iwo Jima. This day of days started many years ago when brother fought brother. This nation was torn apart, and afterward the wounds took time to heal. Even in this turmoil the grateful nation still found time to decorate the graves of their honored dead. 848,000+ dead over the years this nation was founded. This is a quarter of a million more people than the entire living population of city of Denver. So when you walk around this weekend think about that with each face you see. Those great necropolis that lay in green fields, with crops of small white stones. Each a reminder of the sacrifice offered by so many, so that you are free to be more than your parents, more than your grand parents. Those honored dead gave you the right to be an American. They gave their life so that you can be more than a stereotype.

You are free to worship what ever God, concept of God, or mythical great spaghetti monster that you choose because those brave men and women had their checks cashed and their strings cut short. Many of them just barely eighteen. So many never married, had children, or even enjoyed their first kiss. They never enjoyed that weekend barbeque with beers and friends. So many left their life on the sands of a foreign beach, or deep in the tallest mountains of the world. Many times they died in places that many of you would never want to visit. They were democrats, republicans, wigs, independents, and most other political parties.

I once saw a picture that reflected on a dry erase board, on that board was a deep truth. America is not at war, the marines are at war. America is at the mall. America did not avenge the fallen towers, or the bombarded beaches of Hawaii. It was the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corp. So many young men and women. In 2010 it was estimated that Americans consumed well over ten million hotdogs. Over ten times the souls lost to death in service of this great nation. People talk about the military budget, but look to the sales across the country for this weekends barbeques and alcohol sales.

So to keep this short, I am going to say when you barbeque this weekend, offer a moment of silence and thanks to those that are the reason for this noblest holiday. This is the holiday the represents the possibility of other holidays in our nation. It is the prominent holiday. Maybe offer a celebration of one of those fallen men or women. Maybe think about the ads that all the retailers bombard you with, trying to exploit the holiday. Maybe just maybe take one moment to be thankful. This is not the holiday for veterans. This is not about the military, but those that died in service of your liberty since that first shot was fired almost three hundred years ago.

This is a time to be thankful for those that are dead.

This is a time to be thankful for those that ensured your liberty.

This is a time to be thankful.

This is not a time to be a drunken douche and dishonor those honored dead.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Right and good.

While talking to a friend of mine I was forced to think a bit deeper about right and wrong, and the higher concepts of good and evil. You see the motivation behind a deed is what actually puts it into one category or the other. Now you have the concept of good, and good to me is the one that is based on intent. You do good deeds because they are the good thing to do. For a deed to truly be a good deed the only motivation needs to be the deed. Now right and wrong can have selfish intent, and you can do the right thing and also have it be the good thing. However you can do the right thing and it can not always be the good thing.

I wonder how many people I lost there. I know its weird in my head sometimes too. To break it down as Barney as I can though, I will say this, you do good when you are not motivated in anyway way by the threat of punishment or the hope of reward. Good things are those universal truths that we hold in our hearts as a species and cross over cultural boundaries. Things like you don't rape dead kittens and then light them on fire. This is a universally shitty thing to do, therefore evil. People stop these things from happening because they share a level of suck in all cultures. You do not stop the pedophile bestialitist necrophiliac pyromaniac because you are looking for a reward, justification, or fear punishment. You do this because it is the good thing to do.

Doing the right thing however is cultural and usually motivated by cultural conditioning. These are those things you do to look good in the eyes of your culture, or too not look bad in the eyes of the people you share the culture with. These are things like helping a little old lady across the road. In some cultures this is not done because the old and infirm are looked at as a burden on society. We do this because if we know there is a reward, even if it is only the praise of that little old lady. Praise is still a reward. You don't shove the lady in oncoming traffic thereby ending the aches and misery of old age, because of the punishment you would receive. This is conditioning because in some cultures it could be justified by intent.

Now the killing of the elderly might sound extreme but think about the debate with Dr K in Michigan about assisted suicide. Thing about if that is the right thing or the good thing. You see good deeds are rare, but you can still do the right thing more often than not. To be truly good though you need to think about the intent of the deed and see if it has motivation of a selfish nature. Now that this is a little more clear, and by that I mean as clear as mud, perhaps an understanding of what is right and good is what we need as a people. I think understanding those inalienable truths that are self evident will help us be better people.

You see I am not a fan of people sticking their nose in my shit. I also do not like to get other peoples shit on my nose. I am a bit of an anarchist at times. Actually I looking forward to the total collapse of the government that comes with the Zombie Apocalypse. When this happens people will really understand the different between what is right, and what is good. It really comes out when survival is the question.

So that being said, before the semblance of order collapses on itself, think about the difference between right and good. Now before you get on your damn soap box and start going on about the sanctity of marriage, the entitlements you are due from the government, or any other bit of business that requires you to shove your nose into other peoples business, ask yourself are you doing the right thing, or the good thing. Are you trying to impose your culture and concepts of right on others? If so why the hell would you do that? If everybody thought like you the world would be pretty damn boring. If the world thought like all those asshats that want to support their concept of right, well then the world would be pretty damn stupid. I hate stupid. Remember that whole war on stupid, so don't be stupid.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The evil that men do

In this life we are lost little souls seeking to be more than what we are or what or trying to live up to what we could be. We are given images of what we are supposed to be. Advertising, social groupings, employment, school, we are all told about what we can be, what we should be. This is the life we are given. We drool through worried about labels. Labels on our clothing, labels on that little placard that sits on the front of your desk. Each one adds to the walls of the box that we build around our little life. We are other peoples aspiration, we are lost little souls trying to live up to other peoples potential.

We are the defined borders of our possessions and the untold expectations of the perfect painted relationships we see on TV. In this we are lost little souls. We see ads of men with chiseled airbrushed bodies in woman's underwear. Men with faces of little girls. Beards trimmed like pubic hair on prom night. These are part of the standards of too which we are told we need to judge ourselves as men. We are told we need to be better men by getting in touch with our feminine side. If I need to touch my feminine side I will go to the club and find some lady that is good enough to let me touch her feminine side.

We as men are losing those things that define as men. Many times we want to fight, but have never been in fight. We do not know how to anymore, because we are told that fighting for things is not the right thing to do. Conflict never resolves anything right? On that I think about the few ass hats that have been on the wrong end of an M4 placed carefully in the loving hands of a well trained U.S. soldier. That problem was solved, and was staying solved. So in that you find the subtle brilliance and simplicity of violence. Now this is not the best solution to all issues, but you have to admire the basic linear resolution that is offered in letting out your aggression with the focused purpose of conflict resolution. To me it is summed up there, its conflict and it needs to be solved. Conflict is violence, and if you resolve conflict with violence are you not fighting fire with fire?

We are our the sum of our own pent up desire. You have an animal in your heart that wants to run free. It wants to consume those things that bring it fulfillment and comfort. It does not want an Oscar or the adoration of its peers. It does not want the initials of another man on the very garments that contain restrain their penis. This animal is not good or bad, it simply is. It does not contemplate the life of the bunny as it consumes it flesh. It does not think about the goals and ambition of the other animal that tried to hurt its family or pack, as it tears out its throat. Problem solved, problem staying solved.

This is a lustful creature that resides in the heart of men. It is not to be restrained or trained. You have to let it out to run, or one day after it builds up. In the process of building it up it will lash out like a cornered and starved animal. It is then that it does "bad" things. This is when we are confused and we look into the eyes of this animal in us, and it scares us. So we run back to our labels, and airbrushed dreams. We try to consume our way to bigger chains to restrain who we are. We are no longer John Wayne. We are becoming Justin Beiber.

So next time you are standing in line at Wal~Mart to buy those things that help define you as a person, think about that growling you hear in your soul. When is the last time you let your man beast out for a run? When is the last time you let the beast know who the master was? Do not fear the dog in you, it will only breed contempt. Oppression just starves it and makes it want more. It makes it hungry and desperate and it will hurt more when it finally bites you. Take it out, embrace that primal you, and you find the one true loyal servant. In that you will find balance. That balance is peace. That peace is you. This is the first step to being a man.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

People suck, some even swallow. The good ones though keep it in their pants.

Listen up people. You all have a fucked up concept of how things really work. You see being a good person, does not mean you have to be a popular person. Darth Vader is popular, hel Darth Maul is pretty damn popular. While they are not alone on the list of popular people that participate in villainy, they are good at doing something, that does not make them good people though. You see people see to make this mistake often. Good people have no need to be good speakers, good fighters, good painters, or some other craftsmen. It boils down to one simple thing. Yep it is one simple concept that makes a person good, versus just being good at something.

So what is this secret? What exactly is the only means in which to measure if someone is good? Seriously think about it, its really simple. It lays in the why, not the who what when or where. Why do people do the thing they do? Do they do it for praise? Do they do it for reward? Do they do because they are afraid of what others will do to them or for them? Or do they simply do it because it is the right thing to do?

So that being set, understand there are not many good people in the world. Odds are they are as rare as depleted uranium rounds at a gun show. You see most people are motivated by greed, pride, lust, or one of the other so called deadly sins to do things. This is why I am not a huge fan of hanging out with other people. Yep Sartre had it right, hell is other people. It is in the nature of people do try and be good, but in that they are trying for the wrong damn reasons and therefore will never be good as they are wrapped up in that mentality. So yeah people suck.

Recently I seen people trying to build something, and when they did they failed to gather my support. Why? That is exactly why. Their motivation was not what I considered good. So I had no desire to support the idea they were putting an effort into. Then you see the character of that person too. I am going to tell you a few tricks to discover other peoples motivation in a lot of things. These are just little things to look out for, and you will find the heart of most issues. It is a simple way to expose their motivation. In doing so you can see if you want to attach that energy to you.

You see if someone wants something for social praise, they whine and guilt you into things. They do not beg directly for you to be a part of a cause they support. However you can see the desperation in their actions, and the attempts to lay down the guilt will have that subtle smell of bullshit. These people are motivated by a weak personal sense of self. They are trying to do things to offer themselves indirect validation. It is as if the more bodies they get, it validates their "cause" and that validation transfers to them. Really all they are is whiny dicks that need a huge boost to their ego, typically this is because they have a small penis and it directly affects their self esteem.

The next way is the bandwagon asshat. You know who they are, they start out telling you all the people they have support their cause, and you will see that the effect of their cause will be directly linked to the mass of bodies they draw to a cause. These are the same weak willed butt munching tools that drop names every chance they get, its almost as if they are claiming the association some how makes them better people. They shroud their malformed ego in the crowd of others. So this is not the cause you are looking for.

Now I am not saying to not get behind a cause you like, but understand the motivation of those pimping the cause. Then ask yourself if the cause is the importance to them, and are they doing it because it is the right thing to do? If it is not then you must ask are they really doing the best for whatever charity, social group or purpose they are trying to be the face of? The why will tell you just what their focus is, and how hard they are really going to work for that cause. So think about this before you offer your support, cash, or effort to a cause. Are you really doing good, or are you just helping support somebodies psychosis.

Friday, May 11, 2012

6"s, 8"s who is more a man?

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." Dr King.

Many of us have attempted to redefine what it means to be a man in this modern era. Now that those wheels have been turning, I would like to gauge the level of success of one man over another. Why? Well we are competitive, we are men after all right? Even as children, if one boy does something stupid, we try to do it as well, but we try to do it better. So how do we measure better, and how do we measure better as individuals? I personally am not curious as to gauge if I am better than most other men, I am thinking a measurement developed by you for you, will help you gauge your progress on being a better man.

Now the default that we simple sexed persons go to when we measure, is the size of our dicks, or our biceps. Seriously this shows a level of insecurities that would only lend to prove the theory of the lost man's neurosis. So how do you measure yourself? How do we as men judge even if we are men at all?

"I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom." Patton.

You see to me you measure a man by what impact he has on the world around him. Is it a negative impact? Does he give people that creepy vibe, and fill others with fear? Or perhaps he left behind a positive impression. Did he change or alter the life's around him? Who cares if have more things, because things like you will perish. Deeds last for ever, so be they good or bad, your deeds will live longer than you. So do you rise above things, or do you sit around trying to get a tape measure around your junk. Either way you will tell a lot about you by looking at the process you choose.

So what do you build or destroy? Is your life the example of success? Screw the wealth gauge, but the social gauge. Will be people tell stories about you after you die, or will you simply fade away? That to me is the measure of the man. Words can move, but it takes action to build. It takes action to create stories, and in those stories you find immortality. Famous or infamous, you only live on by the impact you leave on others. So what do you do to create that impact? What makes you worthy of being great?

How do you do it as a man? Do you step in line and let others define your manhood? Do you embrace your laziness and accept the stuff people heap on you? Do you do whats right or do you do what you should? How do you measure being a man? What traits are yours? What makes you different from a ladies besides the world being your urinal. What defines you as the carrier of mixed up chromosomes? Are you the sum of your parts or something more. In this you will be able to gauge your own measure of success.

To some, success is being a fat bastard living in peace in his mothers basement. To others it is independence. To a few others it is what you have done and seen. So what is success to you without using money or things to define it?

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” Ann Landers

In understanding these things, I know my failures, and my successes. I do not have the best track record in the matters of the heart. In this I have success in developing my character. I know what I care about, and I know it is not things that pull at me. I know I am pushing to be better than I am now each day. I will measure my success, not by the praise of others, but through the understanding I know what I need to do each day. I will do what I need to do, and be the best I can be without selfish regard. You do the right thing because its the right thing, not for reward or fear. This is what makes you a better man, now you just need to figure out how to hear that right thing when it calls.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today I am inspired. I have a mission. That mission is to talk about why we do what we do. I am not talking about soldiers here. I am talking to every living breathing one of you in the real world. You see we have this link to what ever morality we choose, or what ever morality we are conditioned for. In this most basic understanding we have failed as a people, and we continue to fail our children. It is rare we get people that are self motivating. People that are truly driven from the inside out. These people are original and know their own truth. Not many can say that, and most people think in simple greedy terms. How many of you have I lost right now? How many of you are already starting to get the point?

Well let us look at our motivation. Many people are externally motivated. This means it is the praise of others, or an external reward that makes them move. It is this external carrot that gets our butt's off the couch. Think about the last few things you have done, and see if they were internally or externally motivated? You got off the well worn couch to go pee, is that external, or internal motivation? You did something, you drained your bladder in the porcelain gods mouth. Now did you do it for that feeling of relief? That feeling was it external or internal? That is the question.

Now the reason I got you thinking about taking a piss is so you might give deeper thought to what you do. You see if you do something for another person, are you doing it it just because it is the correct thing to do, or are you doing it for praise or fear? Do you not chock slam that retarded asshole in the line at the grocery store because you are afraid of going to jail? Or do you do it because you know that it is not the right thing to do because you are part of a civilized society? Do your children behave because they might get a cookie, or because they really want too?

You see we have been told that great being in the clouds will smite us in the after life if we do not do what we are supposed to do. So many fear and hate big brother, yet they are indoctrinated to accept the ultimate big brother and do not question it. They resist doing the things they want to do because of fear of repercussions. That is all fine and dandy, but what ever divine creature you believe in, do you really think they do not know what actually is going through your head? Seriously where is your motivation. Where does it come from. Are you only overriding what you really want to do because you are afraid or doing what you do for praise?

Now don't get me wrong, in this I am no Saint. I know I can't thin the gene puddle because I want to. I agreed to live in society, therefore I agree to live by the mutually agreed upon acceptable behavior. I understand that I can and most likely will be punished by helping people shed the mortal coil. However I try to think about the other things I do, and try to think about doing the right thing for people based on it just being the right thing. If I help a friend, it should not come from a place of what do I get out of it. Otherwise you are not helping, you are working.

So think about this, why do you do what you. What do you expect in return? If you are not doing it just because it is what needs to be done, you need to question your own morality and thought process. Are you bitter at people because you are told you have to be? Are you nice to little old ladies because you are told to be? How much of what you do each day is because of you, or how much is because of what you are told is you? No matter where is comes from just thinking about this concept you understand your douchebaggery is your douchebaggery, and you got no one to blame for your greatness but yourself.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NC = North of Cowardice.

Today the buzz in the news has me thinking. It has me thinking about what it means to be an American. You see I look at being a citizen of the U.S. as a solemn responsibility. There are many things that go on in this country that I do not agree with, but they are allowed in this country. You see the basic fundamental issue we have is the perception of freedom that we all have. You see freedom is something we all have. We are free to do what ever we want. While some would argue this is implied anarchy, but we to look at the other aspect of freedom. You see we are free to do what ever the hell we want. The other part of that is that we also need to understand the personal responsibility of our actions. Every choice we make has consequences, and we are free to face those consequences through our own choices.

It is through that deeper understanding of what freedom is that we can understand how awesome our country is. You see America does not allot us freedom, that we already have, it allows us to enjoy those basic freedoms without overbearing consequence. The true evil of the awareness of your personal freedom and thinking it is related to the freedoms of others. Taking freedom from another does not protect your freedoms, rather it sets the precedence for others to attempt to take yours. That is the crime that is actually deeper than any other. You see your choice comes with responsibility and most people are afraid of that. So to make themselves feel better at night they offer their choice to others. People like to be told what to do, because they shake that responsibility. When you take those choices from another you practice tyranny, and when you willfully give it to another you practice cowardice.

There is a poem I read once about people coming for people, and the man who wrote it did nothing. Then when they came for him there was no one left to do or say anything on his behalf. He made the choice. He chose to give his power to someone else. In that he was chained by consequence. Inaction is still doing something no matter how you look at it. So you stand by idle you make a choice, and you will be held accountable for that choice. There is always a reaping, and you reap what you sow. So the question is what choices will you make with your own life? Will you suffer tyranny? Will you embrace cowardice? Or maybe you will sack the fuck up and do what is right?

Let me make this clear as I can for those people that did not pay attention in school, America is about embracing personal freedom. This is what makes us outstanding. In order to enjoy your freedom you need protect and be responsible for the freedoms of the group. It is your responsibility, your duty, and in the end it is extremely self serving. You protect the freedoms of others and you ensure your own. You also ensure that their is one strong united voice daring the world to take your freedom. It says clearly that you try and take it and I will remind you that fist can also be a verb.

In that I will let you all know I am not gay. I actually do not understand why women would want to be with a guy, so I could never see myself with another guy. I actually find the thought or concept completely revolting, but who the fuck are we to enforce that on anyone else? I do not agree with mass complex super mall churches selling the bible with the currency being choice and thought. There are a lot of things that I do not agree with, but that is the price of freedom. So for me to be free others have to be free as well. So tell me why one guy marrying another guy impedes on your freedom? Tell me how telling children they can't pray on their own time because they are in school inhibits your freedom to not do the same damn thing? These things got hand in hand you morons. You do not gain or protect your freedom by taking any freedom from anybody. That is tyranny you assholes. That is really unAmerican. Wake the fuck up North Carolina.

So people the solution is simple, stop trying to take choice from other people. It does not protect your freedom at all. All it does it make it easier for people telling you it is right to do so, to take away your freedom. It takes away your freedom bit by bit and you find other people thinking for you because it is lazy, and easy to be a coward.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yep, that kind of day.

Each and every day I have to talk to people about violent deaths. You see I am one of those people that is okay with dying under the threat of violence. Our Ancestors used to strive to enter the sacred halls of Valhalla, and most people now a days look at them as mindlessly violent people that supported a ignorant violent life. Now this is were I tell you, that pacifist hippie flower shower in touch with his inner pansy asswipe that you are totally wrong to assume that. You see the deal is that I am willing to fight for peace. I do not see an issue with dying under violence if the alternative is to live under the threat of violence. I am good at what I do, so others don't have to be. The guys I serve with are even better than I, so I don't have to be. I think this balances well enough, since I am the one supposed to heal them if some McNasty moron gets lucky and gives them another hole.

You see I live a violent life. I am not afraid of violence, so it is harder to use it against. More importantly I understand violence. I appreciate those moments in our life when violence is not needed, because I understand violence. I also understand not handing over those things I consider important. To paraphrase Captain Rodgers, I understand freedom, I am not one for compromise. I really do not see a need to be completely pig headed, but I have my principles. On those I do not compromise,.... at all. In order to live that you have to be ready to protect those things. In that the most common and simplistic way is to fight for what you believe in.

So to me you fight for what you believe in. If you do not fight for those principles that make you who you are, then you are not living life. You are letting others live your life for you. You draw a damn line in the sand and say this is mine. You do not erase that line and waiver. You do not fall back. You stand your damn ground, and dare somebody to move you. In this you have to understand where that line is though. The mindless need to stand for ignorance is one of those things I would fight. This is where you have to figure it out and see the line between those noble warriors and those mindless ignorant smacktards clinging to lazy comforts. You see there are people that will fight for their ideas, even if they are wrong. The world is not flat, even if your brainwaves are douche bag.

So here we have to see what truths will draw a man like me to use violence on another human being. Well I am all for the right for people to live. However I will be a hypocrite on this and say there are things I will push aside so that I can stand on them. If you threaten the life of those I care about, or my own for that matter, I will remove your life to protect that right for me and mine. Does that make sense? I hope so. I am not sure if I could break that down any more Barney style than that.

So yes I am capable of violence, I am prepared to die for those things I believe. I do not follow these ideals with ignorance though. I will not die for a lie or kill for stupidity. I will however not feel bad about shooting some dumb ass for being stupid. I would rather not be violent all the time, and I am not by any means a warmonger. Understand the difference between being capable of violence and looking to do it because its easy.

I also want to make it clear that I do not in anyway disrespect those that die what is called the straw death. I disrespect those that did not get there by merit though. So an old man with scars has all my honor, but smooth skinned men that stood for nothing are hard to even give the nod. If they stood for nothing then why I sit and listen to what stories they have? Glory is not how many people you killed, but rather how many times you avoided death protecting those things that were valued enough to protect. 

Cattle die
kinsmen die
all men are mortal.
Words of praise
will never perish
nor a noble name.