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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yep, that kind of day.

Each and every day I have to talk to people about violent deaths. You see I am one of those people that is okay with dying under the threat of violence. Our Ancestors used to strive to enter the sacred halls of Valhalla, and most people now a days look at them as mindlessly violent people that supported a ignorant violent life. Now this is were I tell you, that pacifist hippie flower shower in touch with his inner pansy asswipe that you are totally wrong to assume that. You see the deal is that I am willing to fight for peace. I do not see an issue with dying under violence if the alternative is to live under the threat of violence. I am good at what I do, so others don't have to be. The guys I serve with are even better than I, so I don't have to be. I think this balances well enough, since I am the one supposed to heal them if some McNasty moron gets lucky and gives them another hole.

You see I live a violent life. I am not afraid of violence, so it is harder to use it against. More importantly I understand violence. I appreciate those moments in our life when violence is not needed, because I understand violence. I also understand not handing over those things I consider important. To paraphrase Captain Rodgers, I understand freedom, I am not one for compromise. I really do not see a need to be completely pig headed, but I have my principles. On those I do not compromise,.... at all. In order to live that you have to be ready to protect those things. In that the most common and simplistic way is to fight for what you believe in.

So to me you fight for what you believe in. If you do not fight for those principles that make you who you are, then you are not living life. You are letting others live your life for you. You draw a damn line in the sand and say this is mine. You do not erase that line and waiver. You do not fall back. You stand your damn ground, and dare somebody to move you. In this you have to understand where that line is though. The mindless need to stand for ignorance is one of those things I would fight. This is where you have to figure it out and see the line between those noble warriors and those mindless ignorant smacktards clinging to lazy comforts. You see there are people that will fight for their ideas, even if they are wrong. The world is not flat, even if your brainwaves are douche bag.

So here we have to see what truths will draw a man like me to use violence on another human being. Well I am all for the right for people to live. However I will be a hypocrite on this and say there are things I will push aside so that I can stand on them. If you threaten the life of those I care about, or my own for that matter, I will remove your life to protect that right for me and mine. Does that make sense? I hope so. I am not sure if I could break that down any more Barney style than that.

So yes I am capable of violence, I am prepared to die for those things I believe. I do not follow these ideals with ignorance though. I will not die for a lie or kill for stupidity. I will however not feel bad about shooting some dumb ass for being stupid. I would rather not be violent all the time, and I am not by any means a warmonger. Understand the difference between being capable of violence and looking to do it because its easy.

I also want to make it clear that I do not in anyway disrespect those that die what is called the straw death. I disrespect those that did not get there by merit though. So an old man with scars has all my honor, but smooth skinned men that stood for nothing are hard to even give the nod. If they stood for nothing then why I sit and listen to what stories they have? Glory is not how many people you killed, but rather how many times you avoided death protecting those things that were valued enough to protect. 

Cattle die
kinsmen die
all men are mortal.
Words of praise
will never perish
nor a noble name. 

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