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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Put that in your pipe,..

Let us start today's little foray into my mind with a disclaimer. To all the bleeding heart softies out there, you might not like what I have to say. I will say this right up front to get it out of the way, just because we do not think the same, does not make either of us a bad person. It just means we have different priorities. I know the next bit is going to shock a few, and piss off more than a few. Hell I might even get some colorful responses to all of this. At the end of the day you will have to ask yourself what is right and what is wrong, what is good and what is bad. Oh and if it really pisses you off, you don't have to read it. So without further fanfare, I am going to post up a picture I posted on facebook that started this whole thing, and note I added the following comment to it; "Yeah so why are you bitching so damn much people?"

So looking at the picture, I had quite a few likes. I got a few comments. I even had a few posted up that just had to shrug my shoulders and say WTF. One comment though hit my thoughts right on the head. One person decided to go right to the negative, and say sure we got it better than most, but its still pretty shitty. So what I intend to do is to address those issues that she said still sucked, and then bring it back into prospective. Then I will also attempt to roll up my disdain for the Occupy movement into a more cohesive thought that you hungry little assholes can chew on. You see this whole issue to me boils down to that little issue again that separated our country in its infancy from EVERYTHING else that was was going on in the world at the time. That core issue was the protection of personal liberty, and the establishment of a cooperative government based on personal freedom. We no longer wanted our King to tell us what to do, when do it, or even how. We wanted choice. Well kids I am sorry to say you don't get choice without responsibility. This also means you have to put on your big boy pants and protect those freedoms by taking care of yourself, and not asking Big Brother to do it for you.

One of the issues she put up that I would like to talk about is that one in six children go to bed hungry in our country. Yeah that sucks, but what do we get when we ask government to handle our own social responsibility in this? Well we get genetically modified mass produced food handed out to the poor masses that scream for their sense of entitlement. Seriously look at the food that is available on the government subsidy programs, and look at the list that people get more often than not from those list of a available over processed foods? Next look down at your gut, is it flat? Look at your ass, how many of your teenage self can fit in the space now occupied by your ass? Yep we have a problem in the US, we have for the first time in history a fat class of poor.

Now Big Brother stepping in to help us with our poor issue, rather than dealing with it like responsible people that like their freedoms, create another issue. Since we are paying for their food, do you think these over weight persons are prepared to deal with the health concerns that come with obesity, and all the effects of the preservatives (similar to embalming fluid) have on their bodies? Of course not. SO now we get the cries for free health care. So we offer a system that takes more choice and responsibility off our shoulders and hand it over to the government. Rather then have the Government do their job, and maybe correct the legalities on which healthcare is provided, we just ask for them to pay for it all together. Don't even get me started on how fucked up this is, and how it devalues the level of care that we actually receive. All of this because their are more people look to be told what to do, and would rather have a hand out and a collar than a hand up and a choice.

Next there was talk about holding Wall Street accountable for its actions, and all I can say on that is no fucking shit. The trouble though is that we on the dole as the government to pay for so much of life and that shit cost money. We also have our government established in such a way that to get into these offices require a lot of money. So when we ask those that bank roll those that make and enforce our laws to be held accountable we are shocked when we see them get off with a slap on the wrist. How many of those that needed accountability are sponsors of people sitting in office now, on BOTH sides of the party lines. This is like asking the inmates to run the nut house. Look at the financial advisers to the current regime and see what companies they worked for before they got these cushy jobs that we the tax payers pay for?

So when its all said and done. No we do not have it that bad. We do not need others to fix our problems. When we ask others to fix our problems, there is always a request for payment. So ask the price of these services before you start yelling about things that need to get fixed. Ask yourself how many more emergency powers the government is going to need before you are satisfied with them doing all of your thinking for you? You really want to see something amazing? Try taking care of your own shit, and keep the damn government out of it. You want to end hungry children in this country, stop feeding them Velveeta, boxed cereal, and over processed chemistry experiments that we label as food stuff. Offer them real food, from your table. Get involved in your own community, and look to what you can do to protect yourself and your freedoms from lazy ass people looking for a simple solution to a complex problem that we should be handling.

You want to hold those stock traders accountable? Stop buying into their bullshit, and stop feeding that beast that is created by the sickness we call affluenza. How about we grown the fuck up, and take care of our issues like adults. How about we exercise our freedom rather then exorcise it for the sake of convenience. How about we stop bitching about things and take care of them as people, as a community, and as Americans. Rather than have Uncle Sam print more money and devalue more of our retirement schemes, we start handling our own shit and breed a culture of responsible intelligent people that will move us forward and get rid of the rest of the bad stuff on their own. How about that huh?

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  1. Well fuckin' said. At least if they grew up, holstered that pair in some big boy undies or a big girl's sling (i.e. a bra for the ar-tards out there), like they are SUPPOSED to, we wouldn't be where we are at today.

    Entitlements my ass. Since when did simply living and breathing entitled you to the shit that other people work their asses off to attain?