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Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today I am inspired. I have a mission. That mission is to talk about why we do what we do. I am not talking about soldiers here. I am talking to every living breathing one of you in the real world. You see we have this link to what ever morality we choose, or what ever morality we are conditioned for. In this most basic understanding we have failed as a people, and we continue to fail our children. It is rare we get people that are self motivating. People that are truly driven from the inside out. These people are original and know their own truth. Not many can say that, and most people think in simple greedy terms. How many of you have I lost right now? How many of you are already starting to get the point?

Well let us look at our motivation. Many people are externally motivated. This means it is the praise of others, or an external reward that makes them move. It is this external carrot that gets our butt's off the couch. Think about the last few things you have done, and see if they were internally or externally motivated? You got off the well worn couch to go pee, is that external, or internal motivation? You did something, you drained your bladder in the porcelain gods mouth. Now did you do it for that feeling of relief? That feeling was it external or internal? That is the question.

Now the reason I got you thinking about taking a piss is so you might give deeper thought to what you do. You see if you do something for another person, are you doing it it just because it is the correct thing to do, or are you doing it for praise or fear? Do you not chock slam that retarded asshole in the line at the grocery store because you are afraid of going to jail? Or do you do it because you know that it is not the right thing to do because you are part of a civilized society? Do your children behave because they might get a cookie, or because they really want too?

You see we have been told that great being in the clouds will smite us in the after life if we do not do what we are supposed to do. So many fear and hate big brother, yet they are indoctrinated to accept the ultimate big brother and do not question it. They resist doing the things they want to do because of fear of repercussions. That is all fine and dandy, but what ever divine creature you believe in, do you really think they do not know what actually is going through your head? Seriously where is your motivation. Where does it come from. Are you only overriding what you really want to do because you are afraid or doing what you do for praise?

Now don't get me wrong, in this I am no Saint. I know I can't thin the gene puddle because I want to. I agreed to live in society, therefore I agree to live by the mutually agreed upon acceptable behavior. I understand that I can and most likely will be punished by helping people shed the mortal coil. However I try to think about the other things I do, and try to think about doing the right thing for people based on it just being the right thing. If I help a friend, it should not come from a place of what do I get out of it. Otherwise you are not helping, you are working.

So think about this, why do you do what you. What do you expect in return? If you are not doing it just because it is what needs to be done, you need to question your own morality and thought process. Are you bitter at people because you are told you have to be? Are you nice to little old ladies because you are told to be? How much of what you do each day is because of you, or how much is because of what you are told is you? No matter where is comes from just thinking about this concept you understand your douchebaggery is your douchebaggery, and you got no one to blame for your greatness but yourself.

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