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Monday, May 28, 2012

Send your regrets,...

What would you like to do before you die? What task calls to you? What simple thing have you neglected? What food would you like to taste? What country would you like to visit? What depraved act of indulgence have you yet to try? What my friend would you like to do before you die?

You bucket list has how many pages?

Do you even ponder these questions? Do you even worry about tomorrow? Worry is such a bad work though. Maybe what consideration do you give towards the day after next? Do you think about the gray hairs you will have to hide? Do you think about the age spots on the back of your hands? The slow decay of soft supple flesh replaced with crows feet and a patch work of veins?

I think about these things a lot. I know that the odds of me seeing them are slim. This is why I favor the day. I do not have a bucket list. I have a to do list. All those needful things people place on a list to do before their thread is cut are time wasted. If you do not agree, tell me now when you are going to die? Give me a date, a time and a location. If you can't then look at your list again. All of those things you want to do are only a list of regrets. Each one something you really did not want to do bad enough, but will regret not doing as you push out your last breath.

Why not have the courage to face life now, and work towards those things? Why not get off your ass and actually live life, rather than look back at a list of shit you could have done? To me that seems like a total waste. You want to climb a mountain, there are so many. You just need to get off your ass and do it. You want to run a marathon? Tell me why you haven't, and I will tell you all the excuses you tell yourself. If a double amputee can run a marathon, or a guy with a broken back can do wind sprints, then your excuse is just that, and excuse and total bullshit.

Inspiration is never far away, but we hold to excuses like they are a solid investment. Words that are hollow hold no sustenance. You and you alone are the reason you are not doing those things you want to do. Oh yeah, you don't have the money to travel to Nepal, awesome. You know their are people that travel around the world on less than one hundred dollars in their pocket when they start out. If there is a will, there is a way. You trap yourself.

You wrap yourself in envy when you see other people living the life you want. You call people braggarts because they have the stories you wanted to tell. Stop making excuses and die with no regrets. You could die tomorrow, how many regrets do you have my friend? I can tell you I have a few, but that list is short. I am no consumed hedonist, but I am also not afraid of breathing. I cherish each breath I have. At the end of the day that is all you really have. Everything can be taken from you, but your breath is the only thing that really matters. So while you still have it do something with it.

You want to lose twenty pounds? or hell two hundred? The only thing stopping you is you. If you are stopping yourself stop blaming others for your failure. Stop blaming others for being better at life than you. If you suck at life that is the key word, YOU. Its not that asshole at work that makes you suck at life. You are are your own black hole of misery. You can choose to smile. You can choose to seek your happiness. Even our beloved United States only offers you the pursuit of your happiness, because they know they can not guarantee it. Only you can find you happiness.

So stop blaming others. Stop holding yourself back. He who dies with the most toys, still dies. He who dies with the least regrets wins. So stop sucking or at least stop trying to get your suck on me. Live your life or stay out of mine. I am doing just fine getting rid of my regrets. This is the meaning of life, times 42.

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