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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

People suck, some even swallow. The good ones though keep it in their pants.

Listen up people. You all have a fucked up concept of how things really work. You see being a good person, does not mean you have to be a popular person. Darth Vader is popular, hel Darth Maul is pretty damn popular. While they are not alone on the list of popular people that participate in villainy, they are good at doing something, that does not make them good people though. You see people see to make this mistake often. Good people have no need to be good speakers, good fighters, good painters, or some other craftsmen. It boils down to one simple thing. Yep it is one simple concept that makes a person good, versus just being good at something.

So what is this secret? What exactly is the only means in which to measure if someone is good? Seriously think about it, its really simple. It lays in the why, not the who what when or where. Why do people do the thing they do? Do they do it for praise? Do they do it for reward? Do they do because they are afraid of what others will do to them or for them? Or do they simply do it because it is the right thing to do?

So that being set, understand there are not many good people in the world. Odds are they are as rare as depleted uranium rounds at a gun show. You see most people are motivated by greed, pride, lust, or one of the other so called deadly sins to do things. This is why I am not a huge fan of hanging out with other people. Yep Sartre had it right, hell is other people. It is in the nature of people do try and be good, but in that they are trying for the wrong damn reasons and therefore will never be good as they are wrapped up in that mentality. So yeah people suck.

Recently I seen people trying to build something, and when they did they failed to gather my support. Why? That is exactly why. Their motivation was not what I considered good. So I had no desire to support the idea they were putting an effort into. Then you see the character of that person too. I am going to tell you a few tricks to discover other peoples motivation in a lot of things. These are just little things to look out for, and you will find the heart of most issues. It is a simple way to expose their motivation. In doing so you can see if you want to attach that energy to you.

You see if someone wants something for social praise, they whine and guilt you into things. They do not beg directly for you to be a part of a cause they support. However you can see the desperation in their actions, and the attempts to lay down the guilt will have that subtle smell of bullshit. These people are motivated by a weak personal sense of self. They are trying to do things to offer themselves indirect validation. It is as if the more bodies they get, it validates their "cause" and that validation transfers to them. Really all they are is whiny dicks that need a huge boost to their ego, typically this is because they have a small penis and it directly affects their self esteem.

The next way is the bandwagon asshat. You know who they are, they start out telling you all the people they have support their cause, and you will see that the effect of their cause will be directly linked to the mass of bodies they draw to a cause. These are the same weak willed butt munching tools that drop names every chance they get, its almost as if they are claiming the association some how makes them better people. They shroud their malformed ego in the crowd of others. So this is not the cause you are looking for.

Now I am not saying to not get behind a cause you like, but understand the motivation of those pimping the cause. Then ask yourself if the cause is the importance to them, and are they doing it because it is the right thing to do? If it is not then you must ask are they really doing the best for whatever charity, social group or purpose they are trying to be the face of? The why will tell you just what their focus is, and how hard they are really going to work for that cause. So think about this before you offer your support, cash, or effort to a cause. Are you really doing good, or are you just helping support somebodies psychosis.

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