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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Breast or butt?

Often times men narrow their personal preferences in the physical realm to breast or butt's. I think it's interesting the attraction being broke down to two areas of real estate that account for list then 25% of total body mass. Women tend to base initial physical attraction on several aspects, and even then they combine them. Rarely will a lady say she is into a guy because of one attribute alone. Comments in regards to his cute ass, are typically followed or even preceded about a genuine admiration of his eyes, shoulders, hands, smile, or some other physical aspect that can be linked to emotional response. The majority of women seem to really like eyes, and they feel they can connect emotionally with a guy based on his eyes. While this could be a cheap dime store romance reflection,  there is some merit to it. After all the eyes are the windows to the soul right?

Well there is the basic different between men and women though. Women look to the deeper content, or try to glean some useful kernel of knowledge in regards to a potential sexual partners emotional state or deeper social qualities. While us guys are less emotional when it comes to sexual conquest. Hell if you break it down we are more about knocking as many ladies up as we can, on the primal level. Our attraction is based on the physical qualities that a lady has that could or should support a child. Big tits mean the baby can eat, and a tight ass with wide hips increase the odds of a child surviving birth. It is all about that immediate physical need to pass on your obliviously superior genes.

When you as a guy if he is a tit or an ass man, you typically get a one word response. Rarely is that expounded on, and if questioned further a response rarely comes. Seriously guys think about it, are you a tit or ass guy? If you prefer one over the other, why? Do not use the shapes that appeal to you as a response, the what does not explain the why. You see I am both.

I love boobs. I like them in all shapes and sizes. You know what they say, you seen one rack, and you have to see them all. However boobs are boobs, you get what you got unless you have the money for the surgery. Of course in the boobs catagory I have some types I like better then others. I like firm high C, or low D cup breast. I like them rounded on the bottom with a crisp clean prefect angle from the top. The geometry of the breast is what gets me. They do not need to be equal in mass, but the angles has to match. Cleavage is a great display as well, offering a comforting crevice that one can escape the troubles of the world.

A butt is more of indicator that is more in-tune with  the female views of gaining insight. You can tell a lot about a woman from her ass alone. If it is tight small and fit, you can tell she likes physical activity. At the very least you can tell she works out. A wider ass that is flatter demonstrates a more sedentary life. The variety of shapes and firmness between can be a  broken down to tell you a lot about the lady. I consider myself a really good butt profiler. I wonder if I can get a job at the FBI doing that? Seriously its a science that most people do not give a lot of thought too. So the next time you stare of some ladies ass, think about what it tells you about her? Also see what she does with her clothing in regards to her ass, or her boobs for that matter. Does she frame it or hide it?

These are the context I place things in my brain. If you actually pay attention you can find someone that fits your lifestyle, and hopefully works a s a partner for your more carnal desires. It might offer you assistance in gathering the courage to even talk to her and find out if the physical appeal matches your other criteria. This brings up a rule in my life, if you don't respect yourself, why the hell should I respect you? So if you are 400lbs, chain smoking, and woofing down a over processed grease burger and I am talking to you, its most likely not to build a strong relationship. It is most likely that I don't care to know you as a person, and don't want to. It means I have learned of some new debasing sexual technique that I do respect you enough to feel bad about trying it on you. It is a well known discussion in locker rooms across the country that the less respect you have for a girl, the more likely you are going to try an act that other girls might think are humiliating. Not that I am into it, but this is your ATM throat cramming anal sex session that you will most likely leave the lights off for.

So this is me letting some of the ladies out their look into my brain. I do not pretend to talk for all guys, but I am sure that more agree with me than not. So when you walk up to a guy because he has great eyes, and an awesome smile, don't be surprised if he he gets right to the point after looking you over. Also note to yourself about your self esteem if he tries something strange during your first sexual encounter. This does not mean he does not respect you if he immediately tries to put it in your butt, but if it is obviously his first attempt at going into the other door he might have sensed something about your self esteem that you might have ignored.

So yep, there is much more to the physical sexual attraction, even for the guys. I am not saying take this to heart as the fucking gospel of sex. I am saying please give thought and consideration to all things, even those you consider trivial. Everything has a deeper meaning, and understanding that might offer you the chance to be happier in life. Also understand your motivations, and not those motivations placed on. Think to yourself are you banging that chippie because of social obligation or because you really want too? Are you sleeping with that dude you meant at the bar because that's what people do, or because you have an itch he can scratch? Do you really want them to call you the next day, or do you just want to enjoy the night and move the fuck on? If you are looking to establish a relationship are you putting out the right indicators or are you doing the wrong things to support that person from taking you seriously or sticking around? Sometimes sex is just fucking, but you need to keep your own self esteem in mind.

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