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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eagle to Ostrich

So we have Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines all over the news again. Granted a dead crackhead is getting more spotlight, and in this case I am okay. You see the war is winding down, or at least people in the government looking to get elected are going to tell you that, so they can use it as a talking point to put themselves in office. When a war has gone on this long people have forgotten why we went to war to begin with. They have forgotten so much that we as a country are actually in support of the Taliban. Seriously, WTF! This is a political party that was in absolute control of Afghanistan before we invaded. Yes we did just go through them to get to the the Al Qaeda assholes training in their country, but we did have to go through them.

You see they did not move out of the way. They had an entire country under their grip, and a breeding ground for for terrorist and drug dealers. Yet we are willing to get behind them again, if only to slap the current regime into straightening out. Yet this is not in the news. Some Marines piss on the bodies of the people they killed, and its on the news. Yet we do not talk about people supporting the former government that produced the environment the created those assholes willing to shoot at our Marines in the first place. We want out so bad that we are not willing to do the right thing.

The worst part about it we are not looking to get out for the right reasons. You leave a war because you have won, been defeated, are embarrassed, or at the very least your objectives changed. I think we are looking to leave this war behind because the mindless masses are bored with it. It is no longer news worthy, like Snookie and her slutty inbred retard friends. The news is hollow, and more focused on entertaining you rather than talking about the issues that actually affect us as a country. It is in our self indulged arrogance that we are about to commit a sin of epic proportions.

You see the PR swing is going to go with canceling the great war show. So you are going to see more and more negative news in regards to the war. You will see more stories about our service men and women returning and not standing up to the negative effects of war. The stories of support are slowly changing to stories of disdain. The stories of the double amputee running a marathon are going to be cast aside and the epidemic of PTSD maddened parents beating their spouses and children are going to take center stage. Those ever so cool hipster yellow magnets are going to replaced with anti war slogans. You can see it already, and your veterans, are going to pay the price so the news can restore their ratings.

You don't believe me, that's cool. I am just putting it out now. Look to the news and be aware. See the stories that slip into the headlines. Look to which candidate starts to maneuver to position themselves in the popular concept of the war. Look to those using the effects on the soldiers as a rally point. Look to those saying enough is enough, and talk to putting the fucking Taliban back in the government. Yep they are just a political party, but so were the Nazis dumb ass. If you don't see this as screwed up in anyway explain it to me please.

I may not like all the people in the military service. I do respect them though. They are my brothers and sisters, and I will not allow them to be used and cast aside. I will not let them use a few dumb asses, a few that have lied about their service, or others that lied about serving at all, to take a damn thing away from my brothers and sisters. We have done more than you asked, do not let them wag the dog and turn us into the bad guys so you can sleep better at night, and the masses are no longer bored.

Our government is already a sad shadow of its former self. Corruption has taken root. It is the choice of the lesser of two evils when voting. So now we are going to make those defending the ideal of what our government could be, should be, and has been, into the bad guys. I am sure this is not going to turn out well if people figure it out. I only ask you keep an eye out. Just watch, and see the trends. Less good, more bad, then the shift to all bad as they wait for the public to cry out to get our troops out. Then a "hero" comes out of the midst and does that. They get your vote and our nations heroes become the villains in the public eye. Then we go and celebrate the life of the next crackhead that dies and try breathing through the sand we shoved our head into.

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  1. Wow Brother...that is fucked up. But the truly fucked up part is that you are right. I don't watch news as a whole, because it is no longer news. But, I have seen, in the few bursts I've seen while with a patient or in a lunch room..I've seen the start of that shift already. God our country is messed up :(