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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

They're grrrrrrrrrreat!

All people ever want is a simple life. In history great things are rarely simple, this is why no one really tries for greatness, it is literally thrust upon them. People talk about being a good person, or trying to be the best person they can be. Rarely do they use great in the term of self. You can desire to be a great painter, actor, or parent, but rarely people desire to be great on its own. Alexander the Great, Peter the Great, so few in time have held that title. It was not Alexander the Great King, Ruler, Lover, Poet, it was simply Alexander the Great. It stood alone behind his name. There was also nothing simple about his life at all. Not one thing simple, though I am sure his nature craved that simplicity. He would probably have loved growing up in a merchants house, or as a farmer with no legacy to leave behind for the world to world to dissect thousands of years after his death.

So while we as people try our best to be good, or we strive for that concept of what we feel is good, rarely do we really try to achieve greatness. Greatness is a duty that we are issued. So we either rise to the occasion, or we sink into the abysmal record of failure. It is greatness that makes a person worthy of hero worship. A hero to me is someone that has achieved greatness and sets the example. It is not someone that was simply good, or good at something. You see while people can go to the gym or seek a teacher to be good at something, no one can really follow a check list to be Great. This is something that is unique to a few people in history. Some even carry the title because of good PR, rather than actual greatness. Some also slipped through the cracks and never received the title.

So with that thought out of my head, I do not want to hear anymore about Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Micheal Jackson, or Whitney Houston. Yes they were good at what they did, but not great. They had a talent and they used it, and one can say that maybe they were even very good, but not great. Hell as people they actually sucked. They were just a talent wrapped in a meat sack. So please get the fuck over it people and lets get back to living our life that was not really all that affected by their loss. Maybe that is the issue? Does your life suck so bad that you would lift a pedophile alcoholic self absorbed crackhead to hero status because it is a step up? Some how I doubt that, but if it is the case, please fucking shoot yourself and stop wasting my oxygen.

You want to know a few people you could possible admire if you were not so wrapped up in the bullshit idea that Hallmark, Walmart, or the other consumer Gods try to feed you on what is Great? Try Stephen Hawking, Mother Theresa, or some other innovative individual that actually thought well and did what was right. They did not worry about how many people loved them, hell Mr. Hawking still doesn't give a shit. He does math, not the red carpet.

It is this need for needful things that consumes us and twist our priorities. Yes we all want warm dry and full, but really does a big house full of shit you don't touch more important then following a path of meaning? What have you given back to your neighbors, or that false hero you watch on the Grammy's? Sure Brad and Ange want to adopt the fucking world, but all that does is feed their ego, and make them look connected and concerned. Why not admire the lady that is working in Africa to end the neglected children, and helping cure or control epidemics? Seriously if they were that socially conscience do you think they would live in a house that all of us could stay in and not see each other? That makes you a snotty elitist not a role model.

Look for a hero, tell the world who it is. Look for someone that is actually Great, and not just good at something. Aspire to be them even if you can not possibly lead an Army with War Elephants across the known world. Look to those that will leave an impact generations from now. Our grand children will be like Elvis who? They will all know Einstein though. So fuck the fad, and find a thinker. Aspire to greatness, or fall into the lines. The choice is yours, and most take the mindless route. Its easier that way, and easy is good right?

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