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Friday, February 17, 2012

Yep I killed Bin Laden.

It's a growing trend of stupid. Something that is really starting piss me off are the stories I am getting from my brothers and sisters around the world. To me it is far worse and has caused more damage than Congress cutting the budget for the military. I want to talk to you about posers. People call it stolen honor, or a variety of other things. I call it a con. Seriously these fucking liars put on uniforms and decorate themselves with chest candy to try and get free food, special services, and I have even heard of one guy getting a beej. Now that just pisses me off. I am not one to take a free meal, but I have gotten in the habit of asking if a business offers discounts, but I have never gotten my dick sucked just because I wore a uniform.

Now why this pisses me off is because people are retarded in general. These assholes are typically wanna be rejects that know enough to keep the ruse up with a civilian with only TV exposure to the military. The move in and take advantage of people and when they get caught, the bad light is shined on the military. Some pull off their crap so well that people that they target have no idea they are being used or conned, until its to late. Then when they figure out they were taken, they still have it locked in their mind it was one of service members.

So I am going to try give a few simple tips to the civilians out there. First off if the story sounds to good to be true, it probably is. That is the biggest give away. Most of these military wanna-be's have this in common. They peg the bull shit meter full out. They have all just gotten back from super secret squirrel shit. They are not just special forces, but very special forces. Most of them went on special secret missions that you might have heard a bit of it on the news. Some serious signs are they did this missions single handed.

The worst of these offenders are wash outs. These are people that did not make it through boot, or got kicked out in there specialty training for the military. They know a few acronyms, and the lingo of grunts, and one or two of the more colorful phrases. They are also bitter because they failed, and they blame the military for their failure nine times out of ten. So they can pull off the far more in depth cons. So beware of the Green Beret rocking a trident of the S.E.A.L.s.

Some ways to discount their bullshit, is first off don't give them something if they as for it. I have never asked for a meal to be paid for, and when I ask for a military discount at a store I produce my ID. I have never asked for a thank you for your service blow though. I think I might start asking for that though, I did not know that was an option. I will even show my military ID. The rare occasions I am out in my uniform I am quick to get home, and on the uber rare times that I grab some food out on the economy, I eat it now, taste it later. I do not like the stares, and I am not a fan of the attention. Like me for me, not because of what I am wearing.

Bottom line though, do not hold the military accountable for the actions of these bottoms feeders. Yes the military has their fair share of douche nozzles, but they are in no way this distasteful. So if you see a homeless guy on side of the road holding up a sign that says help a Vet, give him directions to the VA. If you want to buy a guy in uniform a meal or a beer, ask him about something you might know about the military first. Test the waters, and also check and see if he or she even wants you to buy the meal in the first place. Beware the con, and understand they are not affiliated with the rest of us. Do not hold us accountable for it.

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