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Friday, February 3, 2012

Sometimes a tantrum is just a tantrum

Some people piss me off in their blind aggression. I am all about people expressing themselves, but after you get your point out try shutting the hell up long enough for people to digest it. Cram it in my face and you are most likely going to shut my ears down. It is not that I don't like or support your cause, I just think you are a loud mouth douche. So because of that I will work to shut you the hell up, because I like things quiet. So you get obnoxious and I get hostile. Both are aggression but one is focused and used in a positive way. I will positively shut you up.

You can got about your actions with purpose or you can just scream at the moon. So many people are like grease headless chickens let loose on frozen lake. You can go through life being angry about all the crap that is heaped on you, and you can flail and flop around splashing that shit on all those around you. I do not want to be covered in your crap. I do not want to watching you flop and twitch on the ground. You don't need to be in my face for me to know you exist. Keep your youness to yourself, or be prepared to deal with my reaction.

Blind aggression is childish and untrained. It is useless in my eyes. I like to focus my aggression. I like to give it purpose. I see things I do not like, and I use that aggression to get rid of those things. I use my aggression as motivation to create things to keep those bad things away. It is not wild, it has purpose and thought. If I do something I typically plan it. I do things when they need to be done. Good, bad, evil, these things are the way you look at them. I do what is good for me when you look at it. Call it evil, but maybe that guy was trying to kill me. Maybe that pot of coffee is bad for me, but I think its good. The fifth rum and coke might be excessive to you, but I am hugging you, not stabbing you. Now tell me that it is bad?

What I am saying is that I am okay with people being angry, since there is a lot going on in the world that you should be angry about. Express yourself, but not in a wild way. Please do not be a broken record. If you tell me you think something is bad and I do not react maybe its not bad to me, or I don't care about it. Respect that, there is no need to burn calories trying to convince me why some bullshit project is so awesome that it deserves my time. I am pretty good at knowing what I want to spend my time on. You don't need to be asking me for a hand out like my time is your currency.

I like my judgment. It might not be as good as yours, as good as you think yours is, but its gotten me by. I smile enough to make me happy. I know what I like, and your unfocused misguided anger is not going to change that. If I tell you my expectations and you do not measure up, don't get shocked and appalled. I look at life differently than you. I don't hold your view against you, and all I ask is that you honor mine. You don't even have to understand it, just honor the fact that it is mine.

Either way all the flamboyant prancing, and large displays are not a way to influence me. I really do not care if you are gay, straight, black, white, liberal, conservative, or what ever label you want to carry. I just care that you are what you are and respect my desire to not have you thrown it in my face. I respect who you are and what you want to do enough to not really give a shit about what floats your boat. If I do not know what you are, or what you claim to be is okay with me. Just because I don't know doesn't mean I am not cool with it. Center stage is only desired by those weak willed people that need praise to be whole. They will never be whole and they can take their anger somewhere else.

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