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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

but it's not my fault,..?

Blame is the name of the game. Transference and the infamous hand off. You want to know what the world is lacking, try responsibility. We tell our children it is not their fault so many times that they do not know what to do when they are at fault. They stand their confused and look to point the finger at somebody else. Then that remorse they are unfamiliar with turns into anger. That anger lashes out and we get another school shot up by some kid that everybody has something to say about then, but nobody wanted to talk to before.

You want to fix the troubles we have with violence? You want to deal with the fucking bullies? You want to get this shit under control and off the news, so they can focus on issues that would make our life better, rather then dwell on the negative craptastic stuff that gives them ratings? What do we do? How do we fix this shit? That is exactly what it is, a huge pile of crap. Now this kid in Ohio will have his fame, and someone else will be given the blame, because we are broken and like to look at the crap. We the people have become fecalphiliacs. We are more interested in the shit thrown on people, rather than what could be, or should be right.

We need to change our focus, and we need to learn to look inward. Sure some of the BS in your life comes from the exterior, but how you address it comes from the interior. The majority of the woes in our our existence are self generated and self perpetrated. Rather than trying to send them somewhere they do not belong, perhaps a little personal responsibility and involvement in your own damn life. So rather than blame the bullies for this kid shooting up his school, maybe blame the damn kid for making poor judgment. Maybe we hold his parents responsible for not being a part of their child's life enough to teach him about anger management, or fucking being responsible with a firearm.

We are so quick to blame the guns for killing people and cry to take them away. We blame the cheese burger you got from the drive-thru for you fat ass, rather than the complete lack of self control. You want to resolve the issue with bullies, punish their fucking parents for teaching them to be hateful bigots. Teach your kids to punch those ignorant ass hats in the nuts. Stand up for yourself, take care of yourself, and you will understand what it actually means to be a damn adult.

Yeah I am bit worked up about this. I don't know if you can tell. I could rant about this topic for days, but the end state is simple. Stop fucking handing off the blame. Take yours and own it. Stop looking for reasons to justify your bad behavior. If people stopped trying so damn hard to be lazy, they could use that effort to actually do something with their life. Bottom line own your own shit.

So you want to teach these kids that shooting up a school is not cool, how about you show them as a responsible role model or parent what is cool. Set the damn example, own up to your fuck ups. Your uncle Winky beating you with a wet noodle and locking you in the closest with a midget in a clown suit holding double ended dildo is not why you are fucked up. Your decision on how to deal with it is why you are fucked up. You want to carry that baggage, carry it. Own it, its yours. However you have a choice on what impact that is going to have on your life. You can choose to be a victim, because that is easy. You could choose to be an adult though, and fight back. You put that asshole in jail, or punch him in his sack. Your call. I can tell your though I do not like hanging with victims. I create them not celebrate them.

Yep, I am an asshole. If the role you wanted to accept is that of a victim, don't get pissed when people push you around and take your lunch money. I am not saying the hot chick was asking to get raped, but I will say her getting smashed and walking down a back alley by herself was not the best idea. She needs to understand that ignorance does not free you from responsibility. Stop putting yourself in the tiger cage and screaming at the zookeeper when you get fucked up.

I have a feeling this post is going to get me to lose a few "friends". However this is how I feel. This is my head, my mind, and who I am. So if you're a victim, or you get butt hurt over this, fuck off. Stop reading my writing, and don't go get a beer with me. Keep blaming Mc Donalds for your extra chins. Keep blaming the guns for the crimes. Keep taking and taking from the government and bitch when they take back from you. I will sit by my desk with a gun in reach, and keep on writing regardless of how you you feel. Go see a therapist and don't waste your whiny ass words on me, I will just tune them out and call you a pussy.

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