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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fold and Fluff

Alright people enough is a fucking nuff. I am actually getting pissed, and I while people think I am pissed off all the time those that actually know me know this not to be true. I am just direct and I call it as I see it. It is not about being PC, because PC is soft shoe bullshit that I do not have time for. When I get pissed it is something that few people have seen, and it is not the loud opinionated diatribe that I spew out on this page. When I am actually pissed, it is efficient and painful. I severe the ties to what is causing me to be painful. I do this by means that are the fastest and easiest for me. This means the source of my anger is not given consideration as to their precious little feelings. So trust me when I say you do not want me to be angry with you. I will drop you like a bad habit, and if you choose to get back up and try to hang onto what ever issue it is that makes you feel so damn self righteous, I will drop you and not in the social sense. I mean it physically and with a finality that few will or could understand.

That being said I am going to but this out and say this is my life, this is not the game show of the same fucking name either. There is not team jerseys or sides being drawn here. There is change going on in my life, good or bad, this change is happening. Those that the change affects are dealing with that that change in a logical manner and doing what is best for parties involved. Those not involved can remain not involved. There is no need for you to nose into my business, and start being team me or team somebody else. Seriously when did you graduate high school, and when you did were you able to leave that childish gossip girl bullshit behind? I left that world two fucking decades ago. That means I have been out of public school a damn sight longer than I was in it.

So with that, I want people to think about this long and hard. This might help you out in your own life. So some of the things I have going on that are just not coming to light have been brewing for years, and you are just now finding out about them. What does that mean, or at least what should that mean? It means that my laundry is my laundry and I have no need to wave it in your face. I keep my private life private, because that is just what it is, private. I share some of my private thoughts, but that does not give you a VIP backstage pass into my life. I will talk to you about soldiering issues. I will share my insights into the human condition, but what I do behind closed doors is just that, done behind closed doors and none of your damn business. If I bring something out from behind that door, it is not for you to decide right or wrong, choose sides, or attempt to fix it.

I am a big boy. I have lived my life and learned from my mistakes. I do not see life like you, but I do believe in reason. So I can and have worked out troubles in my life with thought, and even with some weight offered to desire. I have worked out things with people that care about long before I met you. I have had several relationships social and sexual before I met any of you. I can work shit out on my own and I do not need you to wear the Team me jersey. I do not need you to change my diaper, and I do not need you to vilify myself, groups or people I am dealing with to satisfy your own ego. Some shit is just what it is. There are two sides to all stories, and sometimes there is no bad guy. Sometimes the situation just sucks and neither party is right or wrong.

So in that, if you don't have a fucking clue what is going on in someones life shut the fuck up and keep your opinion to yourself. If you have not walked the same miles in the same shoes, be there for support and take guidance from them, but do not jump to the annoying cheerleader immediately. Just because they do not agree with you does not make them evil or out to get you, it makes them human. Sometimes there is no side that is not piled in shit and holding up a turd to the air and declaring it awesome does not make that turd awesome. Life is suffering, so let people suffer without you declaring to the world that their suffering is better than everyone else. If you take my laundry out of the hamper and try to wave it like a flag understand that I will knock your fucking teeth out. If I ask you to help me to put in the washer, cool, but if I don't you got no right to go through my basket. I am a basket case, I know this, we all are. I do not wear my dirty laundry in public though. If I do, then and only then do you get the right to say anything about it. Until then, shut the fuck up and stay out of my basket. You wear my sweaty underwear on your head and its gonna be more embarrassing when you are knocked out and laying there with those undies shoved down your throat.

If this does not make sense to you, insert any event going on in your life, or the life of another person. If this still does not make sense, ask yourself when is the last time we hung out and talked. If it has been awhile, you have probably been cut out of my life. Why? Because you are not my dry cleaner, and I do not want you near my laundry. It is probably because you are a loud mouth drama lama that feels the need to share other peoples issues with the world s you do not look so bad, or maybe you are worse and do so, so people can see your issues as worse. One up everybody else because some how that makes your suffering more valid. So you use others as a smoke screen or a magnifying glass, and this doesn't make sense to you, because you are not a part of my life. The rest of you that get it, cool. Let me know the next time we are going to have a beer, break bread, or just sit and talk about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


  1. We don't want you to be angry why the fuck not? Your not going to drop anybody physically with or without finality. You might physically exercise your fat little fingers to whine on your fucking blog. Few would understand quit vagueblogging and lay it out. You'll whine on facebook to, is that what we don't understand?

    We all know you won't do anything. You haven't and you wont cause you can't. Your just another internet tough guy waving his e-penis and looking for attention. Everybody knows your a pussy so stop frontin like a gangsta.

    I don't give a fuck about your private life. sure its hard to find enough hours in the day for call of duty fapping and tryin to shit but you can do it.

    1. You know it takes a lot to say something like that when you post anonymously. I am not, never have been, nor claimed be a punk ass gangster. Seriously douche bag, you got my name, I will tell you how to find me. If you don't care about my private life, then don't read it, don't reply and take your dumb ass out and get a job. You are making me smile, because you are exactly the type of person I write about. So why don't you crawl out of your mothers basement and get into something people actually care about you walking cum stain.