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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The winds of change can blow me.

My mind is adrift blown around by joy and sorrow. Wind brings change, and change is neither good nor evil. Change simply is. This is the state of being I would prefer for myself, to simply be. A simple life is not one without reward. I do not have vast material wealth. While I have had enough of it to decide if I would like to miss it, I can honestly say I do not. I gauge the value of things not on how many dollars it would take to purchase them, I look to them as to what emotion they can bring to me. Was that emotion one I really wanted to experience, and did I get it enough out of it to consider it valuable. Maybe this is why I am where I am now in my life. Maybe it is this value system that has brought me into my current state of personal conflict?

In a different, just like everyone else. We all see things through our own eyes, think thoughts with our own minds, and feel things with our own hearts. Rarely will you meet someone that shares your views on everything. I am not saying it is not possible, but it not very probable. I also doubt that if you found someone that shared your views that the conversations would be very interesting. That to me is odd though, that we as human beings find agreement to be so boring, yet so many times people will use force or coercion to get others to agree with them. You need proof, just suffer through one night of news. One political or religious group will attempt to force it's views on another, even though when or if they get them to agree they exhibit the signs of complacent boredom.

So what if we disagree, you should not look to force me to agree with you, but rather focus on your right to disagree with me. We are not going to see everything the same, so why try and waste your energy on hollow pursuits. If you beat a dog into submission how long do you have before it turns on you? If you let the dog be a dog, and you teach it to let you be a you, how long do you have to spend with that dog? One path is longer then the other, and one has more grins, and the others more mocking sneers. Rarely do I find a sneer sexy.

So I do not link the emotional with the physical, to me it is heresy. To the majority is it common place and accepted. How many of you had sex today because you were gifted or gifted some commercial bauble? Personally I think of it as prostitution and some whores are cheaper then others. A box of chocolates versus a diamond ring. Why does it have to be a material item (the physical) that is used to express love (the emotional)? My different view on this matter has gotten me some dirty looks, and a few harsh conversations, but it is how I feel.

This is also why I do not think sex equals emotion, or that sex is the physical representation of emotion. One is physical and one is emotional, linking them cheapens them to me. While they are both great, they are great alone. Can they be mixed, yes, but it should not be an all time thing. Also the emotion can come in the variety of positions. Haven't you ever had hate sex? If not I recommend it, very satisfying. Lust can leave you broken, while making love to me is slow and boring.

While you may or may not agree with me, I will not force my views on you. I expect the same respect. That to me is what community is all about. It respecting those different views and understanding that no matter how many people you force to agree with you, you are not more or less right then you were when you started thinking that way. Right and wrong are not matters of numbers. So if you don't like gay marriage don't get one. That does not mean you should block others form doing so. You don't like guns, don't get one. That does mean you should stop me from owning one or one hundred. You don't like porn, don't watch it. Oh and if you make this illegal people will still find it. People have been trying to do this with prostitution since society was born.

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