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Monday, October 15, 2012

Purple Rain on your wedding day.

The purple thing got me thinking, especially after seeing all the hate coming from both sides of a particular issue. Now both sides are going to get pissed when I say that this particular issue is a non and issue, and they are wasting their time. Now many of them do not mind wasting their time with this non issue because they see the whining as getting them attention. They inflame people and expect them to magically move over to their side because they of course must be true because they live a certain way. This non issue has been used to effect the lives of humans for thousands of years. So many people wrapped up in something that is so silly, and only has the value to the persons that are actively involved. You can't sell it, but it can be bought.

With all that mysterious hoopla to draw you in, let me ask you a question? Do you love the person you are currently with? How you loved other people before? Do you think you will love again? Did you ever find the true meaning and satisfaction of your love in a greeting card? Seriously did a hallmark moment really alter you in such a way that you had a profound realization of love? Most likely not, unless you are an over emotional fucktard with serious mental issues. Most adults do not need permission to fall in love, nor do they need a sheet of paper to declare it. In this the whole damn concept of marriage is bullshit. Yet we get in line to bond ourselves to another and spend thousands of dollars to do it. Now I bet there are a lot of people going holy shit this guy is a dick. You are immediately thinking I am taking a negative stance about what ever side of the fence you are on in this regards. “Oh he must be a homophobe and against gay marriage” or “He must be the anti Christ and against protecting the sanctity of marriage”.

Well I can assure you I am not a homophobe. Personally I could care less about what two adults do with their free time behind closed doors. I might be the anti Christ for all I know, but I really don't care enough about it to destroy the world. I am inherently lazy, I thought it was mono once, but nope I am just to lazy to destroy the world. So in this I am going to paint a clear picture and make it clear what the extreme middle or the purple platform for marriage is; Marriage is a contract between two people regarding inheritance. This means that you can resolve the issue with a last will and testament. The government should only have a say in it for the sake of property distribution upon the death of one of the partners. You want a sanctimonious ceremonial affirmation of your love, then do it in the church of you choice. In the aspect of all other “benefits” of marriage you can look to other contract issues or laws to correct them. You want to give your insurance over to someone, you list them as your executor. You want to help someone immigrate to your country, you sponsor them. You want to have kids, or adopt, get a blood test to make sure you are not related or adopt from a place that just wants to find homes for children without using a platform of their own self serving goals.

Deregulate marriage. Let the religious institutions control their own concepts of what is approved through their own doctrine, and separate the church from the state. The federal government has no business regulating the views of religion or another. This is how you protect the separation of church and state. If you can not do this, then you must recognize the views of ALL religions, and their right to all views of marriage. This means in some churches it is okay for a man and man to get married, therefore you must allow it. You must also allow a man (or woman) to have multiple spouses if their beliefs support that. If you make it about religion, or at least your religion, then you have to admit you are promoting your views and you views only. The Taliban did a great job of this. So either take all religious views into account, or you take none of them.

This to me is the ideal state of marriage. You either get married and have it recognized but the state as your religious practice, with them bearing no say in if your views are valid or not, or you make it a contract agreement between adults with no religious merit for the sole purpose of property distribution and assumption of responsibility between the two parties. In this the problem is solved and we move the fuck on. This has been an issue for a long long time. It controlled noble blood lines for thousands of years, there by mixing religion and politics. If you want to really move on, separate them. It seemed really damn important to those that started this country, maybe there is something to it?

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