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Friday, October 12, 2012

Purple Rain

Purple, the answer is purple.

Brilliant huh? Wait you don't get it? What the hell is wrong with you? Well lets see people keep talking about Red states, and Blue states. Well if you take red and blue and mix them, you get purple. To simple huh? The issue is not this division that the media perpetuates. It is not in the corporate motivations in keeping us divided. It is in us using common sense to take our country back. It is not about your God, or what some high powered preacher tells you is that Gods will. It is not about your own private agenda, or those things you feel you are entitled too. It is about some dudes in a field being led across a river by some dude with wooden teeth. It is about a dude they named a beer after, the finest of the Boston Lagers. Its about no taxation without representation. It is about concepts that do not recognize a incorporated entity as a person. It is about many things and those things are purple.

In being purple they are universal truths that some one that sees red or blue can not deny as the truth. It is in the balance of understanding what it means to be neighbors, and countrymen. It is not about all the free crap you can get, but rather being able to get the crap you need. Being purple is really being American, and opposed to being a republican or democrat. It is okay to be one of them, but never one over being American first. In this I form my own political opinion.

You see I am not a fan of socialized medicine for an entire nation. I am for the government provided regulation and guidance that prevents enterprise from exploiting people. I do not believe that health care is a right, however access to live saving medicine is. I am not going to pay for your Viagra, boob job, or medical procedures that are needed because of your own doing. If you are obese, I am not here to support your blood pressure pills, knee surgery, McDonald's habit, or diabetes medicine. However if a child is struck by a car and finds out they have cancer, well the amount of money in his parents bank account should not dictate his ability to survive. So universal health care, no, but a right to live saving medicine, yes. Emergency care for the sick, yes. Treatment of some tweaker that overdosed, Hel no. This is my purple answer.

I am okay with a flat tax, or taxes in general. Roads do not pave themselves, our teachers need paid, our borders need protection, and our interest abroad need to be defended. I do not want my tax dollars dumped into every bleeding heart program regardless of success ratios. I am not about taking care of you when you lose a job as much as I am about ensuring an environment that can provide you a job. In this I am also about the natural social evolution. We are not ditch diggers, nor a nation of manual labor anymore. The industrial revolution has ended and we have moved into a technical age. This means I could give a shit about migrant workers taking those jobs, or them being outsourced to some foreign shore. I am about a focus on education and the assumption of more technical jobs and more service oriented industry that requires skilled labor being the focus of our great nation.

Now in this people may find I am a bit draconian, but I could care less what they think. You see I have issue with people becoming to reliant on their government (or any one else for that matter) over their government being reliant on them. I will provide those things my nation needs, and not require anything more than the tenants of the Constitution for my nation. In this I am stronger and can better represent the true ideas of my country. I think that the more of a “safety net” we build for our people, the more they grow compliant. Complacency leads to stagnation, and stagnation to extinction. You grow soft in the middle and weak in the arm, these leads others to challenge you for the top spot. Risk is part of adventure and life is about adventure. Risk dictates reward.

However in this lubby dubby hippie fueled love fest our culture is turning into something that is about indulgence rather than the survivability of our ideas, and more focused on self indulgence rather than continued growth of the ideal state. Warm, dry, full. These are the basic tenants for life, but they are not enough to ensure the immortality of your culture. Decadence and false expectations take us away from the true path that makes a nation great. I do not have rosed colored eyes, rather purple. I look to the middle, the extreme middle. This is what this all about.

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