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Thursday, October 4, 2012

debating clarity

Today I am looking to add a bit of clarity. This post is more for me than it is for anyone else. It is my Blog after all, so I am entitled to state my views, thoughts, and whatever else I need to state in order to make this mess I call my mind clear as I need it to be. I watched the presidential debates. It got me thinking on levels that I needed to think on, and in ways that I was not sure I was ready to be thinking at.

Going into the debates I was a firm supporter of Ron Paul. Not gonna lie. I am a Constitutionalist at heart. This means that I support local government over federal government. It seems the bigger the system gets, the more it shifts in its mentality. You see we are told to think globally, I get it, that whole accession of man thing. However I am not worried about Man so much as I am worried about a few good men. The Macro is great, and it is a place of concepts, however reality is in the micro. Reality is the day to day life that each of us must endure as we breath.

As the system gets larger, it is required to do things to sustain itself, and that view of the individual is lost more are more in the endless file cabinets of administration. We the people slowly become numbers, statistics, and less and less people. That being said I get it. I get that people want affordable healthcare. I get that people want safety and security. I get that people want these things given to them. I get that people see the role of government as the primary provider of all those things that they claim to be entitled too.

In this we see the real issue yet again. It is one of personal responsibility. It is that same thing I have talked about in regards to person accountability. I am and should be responsible for my own retirement. I should be able to choose the doctor I want to look after my health. I should be able to have more control over my life, because well it’s my fucking life.  So in this I saw a few basic things that swayed me over to Romney during this debate. It was not deregulation, but smart regulation. It was not about providing for people, but enabling people to provide for themselves. I am not looking to increase unemployment benefits, I think it would better serve us if we created more jobs and reduced the need for unemployment instead.

Now I also know people on both sides of this fence that say they are not voting for either of these career politicians because they cannot trust them.  Some go as far as to say that one of the candidates only says what people want to hear, the other is accused of bribing people with gifts of hand outs. Well people the reality is; this is politics. I never said I trusted either of them. It is their nature to not be trusted. Politicians lie. Most that get to that high level of the game have had to make compromises that many of us would object to on moral principle. It is reality though. It is the world we live in. So I am going to focus on which one actually has the record that supports my ideals of governance, and the one that talks in the method of which I would like to be governed.

Now there is this other guy, the Big Johnson hiding in the mist. I would naturally wish to support him, being that his views are most inline with mine; however it is a pipe dream. A pipedream that would work in that perfect world without human nature that our current POTUS is trying to paint for us; that is why these things don’t work, reality is a bitch. So the realistic view is that Johnson does not have a chance in Hel, and based on that a vote for him is a waste. The Electoral College may lean to the popular vote, but they would not elect Johnson without an astounding turn out for him. So in that your voice is left to crash on the walls.

This brings me to the final point I have in regards to political apathy. Some people got offended by a statement I made on my Facebook page in regards to that apathy. Well its true. If you have a voice and decide not to use it, that is apathy. I am not looking for people to agree with me, I am just asking people to be involved. If you do not get involved, or at the very least educate yourself to the process then you have no right to bitch about the outcome. I know this is only one branch of big brother; however it is an important one. Therefore it not only warrants our attention, it demands it. 

I think it is disrespectful for us to constrain ourselves to apathy, when we could be doing something to fix it, or at the least cry out and demand it be fixed. We have a duty based on the sacrifices of all those that came before us. This is not just those who have served our nation as soldiers, but to all that served our nation period. From those first bar room meetings of the founding fathers, to the cat that insures that our mail is delivered. So screw the party line, vote platform and performance. Vote your conscience. Look to the established marks of success, rather than rhetoric and smoke.
Forty three straight months unemployment of over eight percent says a lot to me. The band aid repairs to Medicare and Medicaid. So many things that show a poor record of performance leave me actually hoping for change this time around. Flip flop or not, I like the presidential demeanor of the Governor, and I really liked the stuff that came out of his mouth. It was based in success and experience. Obama says show me the details, and I would say the same thing back to him. You want details look to H.R. 347. I will write more about that in detail tomorrow, but I would ask if this is the details that our CoC asked for? Is this an example of the loopholes that Romney claims to want to close out? Either way, you should read, research and make up your own mind. Either that, or buy more bullets and get ready to do your grocery shopping pioneer style. Hel why not prepare for both.

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