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Friday, October 5, 2012

Confused? You will be.

So as that first snow falls, I am sipping on my morning coffee. It is a very smooth blend. It is so smooth that it is almost sweet. The light cold in contrast to the dark warmth I hold in my hands brings my attention to so many things. It lets me know that the world is in a constant state of transition. Things are not always what they seem. The world is always working to get somewhere that we are not. The wold wants balance, and we seem to want growth. That growth comes from conflict, but in the end we will have balance. Nature is a force of, well its a force of nature. So it will win regardless of what we think. Nature is powerful, and more powerful than human nature. The world has its own laws, and these are not laws that are written on paper for us to review. These laws of natural order do not care if you believe in them. They do not care what church you go to, or what party you vote.

In these laws you find the reality of the world we live in. There are things we can understand about reality by looking at scientific laws. Physics, at least the parts we collectively understand, let us know how bodies are supposed to move and interact. We know the desire of things to move from high pressure to low pressure. We know how carbon, nitrogen, and other elements move through the world in constant cycles. Seasons come in order, and there is very little we can do to effect that. We are forced to deal with this greater force.

Now after yesterday I am sure many of you are wondering what the fuck I am talking about. Well here is the rational about this. You see we have this thing in humanity we call belief. We believe things so much that we can perceive them as truth or even as laws. We want so bad for one person to go against nature and be that hero we feel we need. We want someone to be that knight in shining armor that can fix this world we live in. We want someone else to be responsible for us, because at the root level we are herd animals. However belief does alter nor change the reality of the situation. You want to understand things, look at the results that produce in the world. You want to know if this person is your political savior that can do no wrong? Well look at the deeds, and not there words.

If you say that something is going to do something, lets say produce jobs, and it does not; well its simply not going to become true because you believe it. I am not looking for a leader to tell me how to live my life. I am looking more towards someone that will run the government, or at least be the face of my government, and more importantly; keep said government out of daily decisions. It boils down to responsibility. I am okay with embracing my responsibility to myself. We all have our own sense of this, and so many would rather caste it off in favor of comfort. Sure we can judge people by their charity, but forced charity is not a true reflection of kindness. Hand outs hurt. Independence and self reliance is what made this country shine. That is what made us standout in front during the industrial revolution.

So deeds are deeds, words are words. Deeds can leave a much longer effect. Nature will always look to achieve balance. Humans will always strive for growth. This need for growth is our nature and believe it or not, its in harmony with nature. Things that work against that make us feel uncomfortable and breed discontent. If it feels wrong, but sounds right, its most likely wrong. Reality is stronger than belief, and no matter how much you think someone is an asshole, they are not capable of breaking the laws of nature. People who grow and evolve are not against nature. Nature is full of change. Water flows, and is a powerful force. Wind blows and does more with less mass, using the mass of others. A creek will alter the world in greater ways than a tsunami. Change occurs daily in the the natural quest for balance, so is it strength to have your beliefs change as life goes on?

You can cling to a party, or you can cling to concepts, either way life will go on. You can tell the world what you want, or you can ask it what it wants? You can try to work against reality, or you can accept your place in it. You can understand the responsibility you have for yourself, or you can be a delusional sleep gratifying pussy that blames their faults on everyone else.

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