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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sleepy time

With the impending election just around the corner, I find myself more and more baffled with the current situation. The climate seems to be us against them, and in this is in our own back yard none the less. Elections seem to be about one side or the other, and not really about issues. Red versus Blue, not who can improve what we have, or even bring this country back to the glory it once knew. Welfare is a band aid. Don't give me a hand out, I would rather a hand up. I would like to see a market that increases jobs, rather than supports slobs. Does this make me a republican? How about my views on abortion? I believe it was settled with Roe vs Wade, so why the fuck are we still talking about it?

You see we are in this battle right now, watching divisions being created in our country when all we are doing is picking the lesser of two evils. The worst part is that those lesser of two evil types are just mouth pieces for the same damn people. Look at campaign contributions, and you will see the share of names that is a mile fucking long. You want to see a real red versus blue, look it up on youtube, and watch the Halo setting. The first episode, dealing with why are we here, really sums it up. We are all tools, and being treated like children at bedtime. We are not really given a choice about going to bed, but rather given a choice of the blue teddy bear, or the red rabbit. Either way we are still going to bed.

I watch with morbid fascination as we get caught up in this circus side show battle of epic commercialism, and let the words of Tool dance through my head. Not to worried about learning to swim, but I am interested in seeing who is learning what else they feel they need to learn. More and more I see this commercial dependency and this complete lack of independence in our population. We can use an Iphone 5 more readily than we can figure out the nutritional value of the meal we just ate. We can quote lines from the Jersey Shore or any of its horrible spin offs, but ever so few can state the Amendments to the Constitution.

Yet we hear the screams for people that want to protect their rights to freedom of speech, and they fail to understand the valuable principles behind it. They would rather be free to be a complete tool bag uneducated ass munching grinder monkey, then actually understand what freedom of speech really is. It is about choice not expression. However most Zombies will never understand this. So they wait in line to see the next greatest product, and fail to see the correlation with a product release and the elections around the corner. They do not understand how or why our system works the way it does.

I can not wait until the day that the world is forced to unplug and they are lost with out someone telling them what to do via what is cool. When this does happen I am going t zombie rules, double tap being the primary. I am not saying this out of anger, I am saying this out of the inevitable. Choice is there, but we would rather enjoy the illusion. Right now there is no choice, in Red versus Blue, it is just a greater way to establish division amongst us, and make it easier for us to be controlled. Government is supposed to work for you moron, not us working for the government.

So really look at what you have and ask yourself the real question. Are you ready to go to bed? Or are you ready to wake the fuck up? Look to the congress, and senate seats up for bid. Do not waste your vote on inconsequential crap. How about you actually use that brain, and exercise those rights that me and my fellow service members fight to protect for you, and many of those I call brothers and sisters died for. It is about those before us, and those behind us. It is about establishing a system of government that actually offers choice. Do you even know what that means? Its not a buffet. Its freedom you couch surfing head in the sand idiots. Its about so much more than what is popular. It is really and truly about what is right.

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