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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Speak the truth, or live it

Believe it or not today I want to talk about something that is not political today. Now of course it can be applied to political beliefs, but in essence this is more of life philosophy. I love to read. I enjoy a well thought out story. I love to see the trials and tribulation of others unfold before me for entertainment. Drama is great when put upon a stage. I am not a fan of drama off the stage though. Now I have discussed in detail about drama in previous post, today though I am going to build on one aspect of your life that gets rid of drama in your life. There is no better way to kill drama outside of living in truth.

You see truth is something that can take away bullshit in your life. Look at almost any TV and see all the crap piled on the characters. Think about how little of the crap could be piled on them if they just spoke the truth. Now living the truth does not mean you are a moral upstanding citizen. Let us look at one of my favorite TV drama's and see how truth can be more efficient, yet not make you a morale individual. Now if the characters in Sons of Anarchy lived in truth it would make the show less entertaining, but it would make the Club much more effective.

Clay, the president of the Motorcycle club when the first episode is aired, is living a lie, wrapped in a lie. He has to lie constantly to his step son, his brothers, and even his wife. He killed his step sons father, and has to cover that secret up with lie after lie. Incidentally Jax's father, JT or John Teller if you will, was the most truthful individual in the MC, but inevitably was able to be killed because he strayed from the truth. He spurned a woman, and that woman was in a position to help Clay become president. In the process the MC was still in the gun business, Clay is the prez, Gemma has her son, and its all built on lies.

As the show unfolds you see the need to lie as tool to protect the club. Jax's wrestles each episode with his need to be a better man, and this misconception of what is needed to protect his fathers club. He lies to his old lady, his best friend, his mother, his step father, even his brothers, and it does nothing but reap death and destruction for SAMCRO. His mother plots against his old lady. Many of his brothers, even his best friend are sacrificed to lies. Some of the lies are not his, they belong to his step father, yet they still impact people in a dramatic way since Jax does not want tell the truth to everyone based on protecting the club.

In the end it would be a boring show if people lived the truth but more people would be alive, and there would be less looking over the shoulder. The Pope would never had to light that girl on fire if Clay had told the truth. If none of this makes sense to you, watch the show. Its worth it. I love it. Great melodrama that is very little like real life, however it can teach you a lot about life, brotherhood, and what it means to belong. If you apply truth to the story it would be a great world to live in, at least for cats like me.

If you want peace, embrace the truth. The truth should be spoken to shed light on dark deeds. Truth should be stated in all deeds. It does not mean you have to be the bastion of goodness, just truthful. Doing the “right” thing and telling the truth are not always the same thing. Also telling the truth does not mean living the truth. Living the truth is all about being truthful in your deeds, because even truthful words don't mean shit if you don't back them up with action. If you state you hate something, but let it go on you are not being truthful to yourself.

So understand if say I am going to beat your face if you don't shut up, in order to live truthful I have to back it up. If I just threaten or have no intent of backing my words, they are hollow show pieces meant to increase my social status. If you want to measure a man, look to his words, and see how many times he actually lived their truth. Look to the record of deeds that are his life. Decide if those you deal with live the truth, or just talk the truth. Ask yourself how much of the truth lives in yours own life.

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