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Monday, June 18, 2012

On the "Coming Insurrection"

The Invisible Committee released a document in the early part of the millennium to offer a voice to their troubles. "The Coming Insurrection" was their attempt to capture their angst and project it in a productive way. In the article, they carefully lay out issues they see plaguing them and their peers into circles. Each circle makes the attempt to lay out the strife and discord they experience as part of a global culture. They touch on many consumerism issues, from product definition of self, and to need driven self worth. They attempt to break down even further their basis of fault by offering solutions to the social and economic disorder of their times. They talk of the broken inheritance they are receiving from the generations prior. They also offer rebellion and commune lifestyles as a possible solution to the woes of the world.

As you turn each page of this rant you get the impression it was written by a schizophrenic child reading the "Communist Manifesto". There are no new ideas presented, merely anger and confusion. It is a reflection of what is really wrong with the world today. Rather then ownership of problems, you see the need to assign blame. With the assignment of blame you see the need to enact vengeance. So on scale of social maturity this paper was presented in a way that made me think of a very angry and spoiled child. Towards the end you see this transfer into the bully, and nobody really has time for a bully.

The fire of inspiration this paper generates is scary. It appeals to the baser instincts of the under educated and those lacking the experience of life in the real world. It is kerosene being added to a unguided fire. Today's youth, or the inheritance generation truly do have things to be angry about, but this wide focus is an uncontrolled burn. You see this in their disregard for government systems, and hatred of the police force. While this blind rage has to burn, it does not offer thought to what it consuming. It also hands responsibility to others and offers to accept very little of its own. While I know I have inherited problems from those that came before me, I have also received as many blessings. I think the real solution lies in accepting the problem as your own, and resolving. You find resolution in dealing with your problems, and little resolution comes from blame. In essence, shit happens, so don't step in it, and make fertilizer. This is called being mature and productive.

Looking further into the sense of entitlement and need to not accept responsibility, you get to the root of the issue. It is in this that we can see the decay of society in direct correlation to lay of personal responsibility. It is in the passing the proverbial buck that we lose our ability to deal with problems, or rather we replace coping skills with shifting blame. You can see this in the fall of most societies or cultural decay throughout history. These issues are reflected in this paper, and if you look closely, in the news today.

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