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Friday, June 8, 2012

Parralel universe parking.

Yep, I am the center of my own universe. I understand this. I know that I can not change the feelings of others. I understand that they and they alone can change their feelings. I also know that I am responsible for my own actions and reactions. You do not piss me off. I allow the results of your actions to piss me off. I am a big boy (not just in a porn star way either) and I understand that I choose to feel shitty, angry, happy or what ever spectrum of not dead I have to go through to get through life. I know that I am the controller of what is in my head. I decide to live by my code of conduct. I walk on my own spiritual path because I choose too. I do not do this for praise, adulation, or with expectation other than self gratification. So in that I say this is who I am, and if you don't like it, I can choose to give a fuck. If I don't you can make your personal choice to be butt hurt. This is how it works. This is the universe in a nutshell.

Now I know that I am the center of my own universe, and I know you are the center of yours. Universe implies a lot of space though. So while I am the epicenter of my own field of mass destruction, I know that being the center is not the end of it. No man is an island after all. So we have to at least once in our life interact with other centers, and we have to make choices about them. We have to decide if we like them or not. We have to decide how reactive we are going to let them be in our life. We can give thought to whom we let in, and who we tell to get the hell out. We surround ourselves with those we want to surround ourselves with.

In participating in society we have on a subtle level agreed to play by the established rules. We are saying that we not just kill those that piss us off. We agree to play nice with those that come out with us. We accept the decisions of others if we decide to join in a group, tribe, office, or gaggle fuck with them. It is along the lines of sex. When you hump somebody, you are are saying you are willing to sleep with every person they ever slept with before you. Now this is not a question of your sexual preference, but a statement of fact. This is also why some people I know are completely safe from being exposed to my awesomeness. I know who they slept with and personally I could never stomach that. You know who you are, and if I am saying your judgment sucked on who you banged, that is saying something.

So in this you have to understand that balance of personal and group social dynamics. This comes with being a part of a group. You do not have to like everyone in the group, but you have to understand that being part of the group you agree to play nice with all the people in the group, and listen to the rules of the group as a whole. This is also why I do not like cheaters. You agree to play a game, like monopoly for example, so you play by the rules in the damn box. If you are not playing by the rules you are not playing monopoly, but rather a twisted weaker version that is not the game at all. If you cheat to win, than that victory is shallow as well. So play nice, play by the rules, or leave the interaction to better people than you.

Now somebody reading this is probably thinking this is about them. I am going to say get over yourself and understand this is not about you, but rather about me putting my thoughts into form. This about understanding roles we all play. This about understanding the value of everyone, and that everyone has a value under the right situations. This about making it clear that I am agreeing to play by the rules, because if not what is the damn point of playing. I understand the pros and cons of the choices I make. I understand the difference between agreement and offering my word. I understand the levels of commitment you offer to a group. While I am not saying too my readers that they do not understand this, I am sharing my level of understanding. If you get butt hurt over that, remember it is your choice not mine.

So in this you need to understand the balance of life. You are the center of your own universe, but the universe is pretty damn big. The more you are a douche nozzle the more crap will be brought into your universe. I say this so you guys know why I am a judgmental asshole because I like my universe the way it is, and I do not need somebody's bullshit contaminating it. I try to bring the good in, and I favor those things that make my life more meaningful. In doing so I fulfill my social responsibility by not bringing garbage into the universes of those I choose to interacts with. Its all about being respectful.

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