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Friday, June 15, 2012

Strong Language and morals ahead.

Well I have been giving somethings some thought. Yep the old brain pain has been sizzling. You see I hear people talking about living in these modern times trying to hold on to old school values. Yeah its rough. When people are so consumed by their own thoughts and modern consumer values. You see the biggest test we have to living to a particular code of ethics is the complete disregard of anything resembling ethics and they are successful. They have so much more than you, at least material items and such. You struggle to tell the truth and do the right thing. What is your reward? You got some no talent ass clown driving a Beamer sipping lattes and living a good life, as you struggle with bills, get passed up for promotions and watch people take more and more from you.

What do you do? Seriously do you you give in? Do you start to compromise your own beliefs and values to get ahead in anything? Do you stop telling the truth so you don't hurt your bosses little pansy ass feelings? Do you tell your neighbors they have a cute kid to avoid conflict? Do you feed yourself to hide your misery? Do you tell other peoples stories to people to make yourself seem more interesting? What do you give up to make life easier for you? Why the hell do you not give in to this lifestyle to make your life easier? What is it that keeps you thinking about those things that you give up, or perceive that you gave up?

Look I am going to break this down in short simple concepts that might make my brain a bit easier for people to understand. You can compromise your morality all day, its yours. I like my morality. I made a choice to live by it. It was not something that was forced on me through genetic guilt or social pressure. My morals have developed over the years I have walked on this planet, and are strongly based on the moral codes established by my ancestors through trail and error so many years ago. If you think I am a dick for following them, here is the simple part, I do not give a damn. I do not live my life to please you. I am not measured by the position or title I hold in one social group or another. In the end when the Valkyrie come for me, it will be me standing with my life and you standing with yours.

Yeah its hard when you make adjustments to your life. Some people don't get it, that is cool, those I do not count amongst my friends. I act with honor at school, and at work not to please others or get that next promotion, I do it because it is what I know is right and right by me. I don't whine every time some self loathing wanna be hippie capitalist sheeple mind zombie gets something better, because they have a different sense of ethics than I do. This is why they are sheeple. They play the game just like everyone else, and look for the loop holes in the rule to make their life easier. Can't really blame them for that either. All a person could want in life is to be left to their own happiness. Others are just willing to give up more to get it. They also confuse compliance with happiness. Just because life is easy, does not mean you are happy.

So if you have your own ethics, code, or moral compass, follow it. This is your path, and you will find it so much easier to walk if you are not passing judgment on those not walking it. You walk my path though, be ready to keep up, or get out of the way. Stop worrying about all the crap you have or don't have, and just worry about the things that matter. You might not drive the coolest car, or wear the nicest suits, but have you sold yourself like a hooker in the game of life? Have you sacrificed your own integrity to improve your image? If so what did you really get out of it? Can you share those stories with your grandchildren, and maybe share them in a way you don't have to look over your shoulder and whisper?

You do not need other people to tell you right from wrong. You don't need to do wrong to achieve comfort. There is only so much of you that you can sacrifice before there is nothing left worth living for. At the end of the day its your life, and you have not business putting it on the scale with others. Judge yourself, for you will be more critical, and its your judgment that matters. Judge others by their deeds, but stay the fuck out of their life you busy body old bitty with a broke leg and some binoculars. Let them live their life, because if you are trying to live theirs you are only half assing yours.

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