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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Simply the way it is

Today's edition is the cultivation of a train of thoughts that goes back a few years. People accuse me over over simplifying things, yet a lot of people come to me for advice. So maybe that is just what we need, to go back to simpler times, were the shadows did not hold such loathsome dealings and only concealed those monsters our parents killed with a light switch. There was no need for layers and layers of half truths and words so large that even lawyers have to look them up to define them. What is wrong with living in a place, time and mind set were shit is, what shit is. You ate because you were hungry, not because someone told you too. You played outside and connected with your neighborhood. The most stressful thing you had to do was get the lid off your finger paints. In simpler times it is easier to know what is important, and what is good and bad.

Now the metaphor of childhood is the easiest way to bring this simple life to the front of our cluttered minds. It is not a bad way to live and think, it does not make you immature, but it can lead to cooties. To simplify ones life is simple. It comes down to a phrase I have used many many times "Get the fuck over yourself." It is our over inflated sense of self importance that makes things complicated and draws us into a world were we not expect and accept the complications of others, we can not see our world with out them.

Now I hear the heads tilting. Am I telling you to forgo your ego? Me the king of ego, that most of the people that do not like me, do not like me because they think I am an ego maniac with a cocky attitude. Seriously you people are retarded. Yes I ma awesome, and not all of you can be as awesome as me, but try being as awesome as you and stop worrying about my level of awesome. I am not cocky, I am just confident. Why do I say this, that my friend is a simple answer. Catching the theme here? I am confident, I know my limits and I push them back the best I can each day of my life. If I can't climb a mountain, I train and study. If I do not understand something that grabs my interest, I train and study. I do not let worry and people telling me I can't do something hold me back. I push my limits in the hopes that one day when I am in Valhalla I will be limitless. This is where my confidence comes from, and it is a simple childish wonder that just grew up with me.

You see you can be self centered, but you do not have to be self-centered. That is to be centered in ones self as opposed to being self absorbed. This is understanding that the only thin you have control over is you, and that when you lose control over you, you give it to other people. It is sad when you see someone struggle to be something they are not, and even more so when you see them doing it so wrong that it looks like sixteen monkeys trying to hump the same football. I try to help people, but some can not be helped because they are doing this posturing for all the wrong reason. They are doing it because they can not get over themselves at all.

You can not love another, until you love yourself. You can not trust another, until you trust yourself. You have to be good at all those things in your life that you want to share, but you need to turn them inward before you can turn them out. In this look at those that hate so well and ask yourself what is it that they hate so much about themselves that allows this to be? I do not hate because I love myself to much. I am able to do this because I keep things simple. I keep other peoples complex drama out of my life.

I judge things by how they effect me and mine. I try to keep it as simple as possible. This is good for me so I keep it around. This is bad for me so I let it move on. I do not see a reason to lay blame on people, but I do think people should own up to their issues. This also means you have to own yours. Sometimes there is a problem and its a problem that needs to be solved, why waste to much energy looking at who to point the finger at and just fix the damn problem and worry about that crap later. If your house is on fire, do you look for someone to blame, or do you put the fucking thing out?

So be simple in deed, but not simple minded. It is the balance that brings happiness not either extreme. If something is good, enjoy that it is good. If something is bad, understand it is bad. Your happiness is not tied into the submission of others, and how you few my ego is not my problem. I do not desire your validation, nor do you require mine. You walk with people through life because you want to, not because you need them. The minute you need someone it becomes something different (see codependency) but it is more than okay to share your life with someone from want. It makes it so much sweeter while you are here. For this to happen though you need to simply get the fuck over yourself.

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  1. Finally!!! Someone who it's not afraid of speaking their minds about what's wrong with society!!! Keep up the good work