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Monday, July 23, 2012

What would YOU do... thats more important.

I find these times we live in to be way to interesting. People are talking about things and they seem ready to convince me on how wrong I am, rather than listen to both sides of a story. We are so focused on that being right rather than someones rights that we lose sight of the bigger picture. We lose sight of the things that should hold value. We lose sight of the issues that hold us together as a people. Our own sense of morality slips away, because we are so busy fighting each other one things that do not matter. How about these simple things that we can look into; If you do not agree with someone, why must they agree with you so that you can exist and be happy?

Look I really do not have any desire to put a dick on, in, or near my body, but I love it when a woman agrees to let me do it to her. At the end of the day if two dudes want to do that, what harm does it really do to me? I do not share my conquest with them in graphic detail, and most of the gay dudes I know share the same level of respect. It may be your religious views that say this is wrong, well that's fucking great. Its something you feel is wrong, so don't do it. It is not on you if somebody else decides to do it. That being said why are you still arguing about it?

Now if you really want to compare it something, and see where your views lie in this matter of extremism and oppression you do not need to look far to compare. You want to try and force your views on someone, lets look at the Westborro Baptist Church. These are people that even neonazi extremist think are assholes. They constantly tell people about what they feel is wrong. They constantly stick their noses in other peoples business. They constantly look to validate their morality by drawing you into it. Now think about that the next time you go spewing your personal views on people like they are some kind of manifesto. Which side of the line do you stand on when it comes to douchebaggery.

Extremes are extremes, does not matter if they are left or if they are right. Liberal Fascist are still fucking fascist. If you really have to push your views down other peoples throats to feel right about yourself than maybe you need to seriously think about where your weakness is. Why do you feel the need to force your views on others and what gives you the right to do so? I find it hard to talk to some of my friends on both sides of the spectrum, they see things their way, and they see them so hard their way that they fish and look for support of their views, and find it their personal mission to try and sway others to their view without giving ground on their own. I also have friends that have their views but will at least listen to yours, and that is the reason those people remain my friends, and the prior group typically do not last long.

In that later group, I have a bud that really wants to talk to me about opposing views about the Stolen Valor act. It boils down to him seeing that we have a constitutional right to lie, and me saying that is bullshit. While his argument thus far is very logical, and I can see his stance clearly, he really does have interest in hearing what I have to say. Even if it might just be to see how the other side thinks. In this you see the reason he is my friend. You see he sees the world very differently from me, and in this we both bring something different to the table. I also like to think that by talking to each other we stop ourselves from narrowing our field of vision like the WBC and other groups that are out there that feel their cause is so damn important that they have to cram it down our throats whilst we eat our dinners in front of the boob tube. The easiest way to become an extremist is to only hang out with people that think like you.

So the only thing I ask is that if you are seeing something, or hearing about something that really has no valid impact on you, other than it offends you, think about what you do about it. Think to yourself if you could see the WBC protesting it too, and how much of a douche you are for protesting it. At the end of the day, does it really affect you, or those you know if some stranger is getting laid? Does it really change who you are because your neighbor worships differently from you? Does it take food off your table if somebody gets a tattoo? What impact does it have on your life what people do with their own? Unless they are coming into your house and standing on your coffee table sharing their views like you do, do it really affect you in any way? If it continues to bother you than why not move to a country that shares your views and leave my Constitution alone.


  1. I'm considering writing a douchey manifesto on tattoos and cakes, while getting and making both. THAT's how douchey I'm thinking of being. I'd even self-publish that bit of clap-trap, so everyone should shake their heads and go, crap, there she goes again, buy it, for free, and then come to my house and burn them in a pile. Good thing there's no HOA where I live against book-burnings. ;)

  2. Fahrenheit 451. ;-) just so you know how hot it has to be.