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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Do you support your troops?

First off they are not your troops. I do not belong to you in anyway shape or form. I want to make that clear. I volunteered to give up a number of my constitutional rights, however putting myself out there as an indentured servant was not part of that equation. So just because you panties are in a bunch, or you feel the sudden need to be protected, does not mean you have the right to call me out to be your bitch. I am glad that there is at least some thought and bias on how we soldiers in the guard are deployed. Granted the American people may not be the brightest people, and I can give you a list of Commander and Chiefs that where a pretty good representation of the lower IQ bracket of the country.

So if you really want to show your troops some love and support that is a great place to start. You start by voting for a boss. You vote for the president, the governor, and all those other PUBLIC SERVANTS that fill those offices and gorge themselves on your tax dollars. You support those troops by putting people in office that will use them wisely, not call what they do stupid or allow their sacrifice to be in vain.

The trouble with that remark is most of you do not in fact support the troops. You support a cause and you car supports a yellow magnet slapped on your hybrid vehicle that has a bigger carbon foot print then the big foot four by four your redneck dad/brother drives. The common citizen does not give thought to there actions, they follow the tide. They drift along from popular statement to popular statement without out thought to what they are actually saying. They are really good about feeling about something, but you want to make this old soldier happy, try thinking.

Try getting involved. Try speaking out. Try something and flex those damn rights that many of my friends and family have poured blood on the ground for. You want to support our troops, you want to earn that gay ass yellow fucking magnet and not get me to cringe when you thank me for my service in a gas station nine thousand times when all I want to do is take a shit? Educate yourself, actually research the issues. Find out who is the best choice to represent you. There is actually a mayoral race going on in Denver right fucking now, and people are more worried about who the hell they are gonna vote for on American Idol!

I am almost ready to go with the Heinlein approach and go all Starship Troopers on your dumb asses, and say you have to earn your citizenship. Maybe if you had to risk your life for the right to vote you might take it serious and give it thought. You might vote more then once every four years. You might show up to the ballots informed. You might actually deserve that bumper sticker, though after you get educated you might just take it off.

That is how you support your troops, a yellow ribbon is not even good as a cock ring. I do like the random beer on my restaurant tab, though I will not drink in uniform even if I am allowed. Getting a deployed Sergeant a laptop so he can talk to his kids is cool. Webcams and skype cards are great as well. You can buy things if it makes you feel better, but the only thing that really fucking matters is to simple.

You want to support the troops, use the damn rights that they defend for you with their very lives. FUCK AMERICAN IDOL! Justin Beiber is a douche. Use those rights afforded to you by the Constitution of the United States. Use that public education. Celebrate what it means to be an American, and stop paying the concept lip service and doing what ever Oprah tells you too. That's how you support your troops for real, and actually mean it.


  1. Thanks babe. For putting it in perspective. I don't have a yellow ribbon on my car. But, I do have a Support Coffee, ! :) Love you!

  2. Holy shit, man! I just read this and my thoughts mirror yours nearly to a tee from a recent essay of my own: