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Monday, May 9, 2011

Garden of Eden

Let me define home, since I have finally returned. Home is where people deal with you. Home is where people love you, even if they hate some of the things you do. Home is a safe spot, but not a physical safe. Emotionally safe is what home is all about. Home is where you get the attention you deserve not the attention you desire. Home is a good place that many people do not pay a proper respect to, and often abuse it.

How many of us have pushed hard to be noticed by those we care about? How many of us assume that others even care about us? What does that say about us if we are so desperate to require the attentions of the people we care about, but feel we are not getting enough? We all know the situation, and I am sure if you have your second set of teeth you have at least seen one child lashing out in public in a manner that is inappropriate, just to get attention. They get the attention they want, even if some people say it is negative attention.

We also abuse our home with negativity. You can and should vent your frustrations when you are safe at home but watch the line between being a whiny little hooker and someone just letting off some steam. People will listen to your troubles, but you have to understand its not a one up game. Having worse issues then the rest of your family does not mean you deserve more attention. Because that is a false perception. I mean really is your life that bad that you deserve to be the center of attention. There are already so many bitchy diva's out there.

Home is about family, and it may not be one physical location that we call our house. It could be something as large as a neighborhood, a town, a state, or even a country. The levels of intimacy will vary depending on the space it is contained in, with the strength being stronger as it is more heavily concentrated. It is a garden that you must cultivate, tend to and keep the weeds out of. If you want to eat the fruits of your labor, you will know if the labor was worth it by the taste of your harvest.

So tend the home garden. Bullshit is not the best fertilizer. Weeds need to be pulled because they steal from the stuff that's good for you. Pest should be dealt with. The soil must be tended. Essentially you will get out of it what you put into it, and if you take to much out you won't have anything left to eat when you are really hungry.

So in closing and summing up my personal reflections; It takes work and contribution to make something a home, and being a weed means you are taking and taking without putting in real effort. If you put in negative stuff, expect negative results. If you use bullshit to help things grow you will taste it everything you get from that home garden. So put in the effort with your friends and family without expectation of reward to get the best out of it. Demands mean nothing to a tomato plant, water, nutrients and sun do. Think about that. A ho is a tool, not something to eat. You want love don't look to your tools.

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