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Saturday, May 21, 2011

If you can, you can. If you can't, you can't.

This is probably going to be my most politically incorrect rant in a long time. I am also going dig up a story some of you might remember from the late nineties here in Colorado. You see there once was this track that in a remote location. It was a rough track built to be used by cross country runners. It was isolated, away from the public roads. This track was long, uneven, and a great challenge to runners. It did not cost the tax payers that much money, at least the track itself didn't. Then one day somebody was touched by the good idea fairy. They thought to themselves since this is funded by tax dollars it should be handicap accessible.

So the plans where drawn to build a handicap access ramp to a running track.

Okay I understand handicap parking. I understand having classes in schools geared to those with learning disabilities. I can understand so many things we do, but there is also a point in time where we have to draw the line and say this is fucking stupid. I am sure it sucks to be a quadriplegic. I am not sure I would have the strength to be me if I ever lost use of my limbs. However if I did I would not demand or want access to a gymnastics floor. If I can't do something because of a disability, accident, or medical consideration then I can't do it.

This does not mean that I have to make others suffer. That track I spoke of early was shut down, it was no longer funded. The reason for it being shut down was the cost of making is accessible not only made it to expensive to justify, it also removed the intent and purpose of the track to begin with. The strain was to much, and it also brought to a whole other level of stupid.

The reason I am bringing this up is simple. With the summer season fast upon us, their are many events that are going to be going on in the area. Some will be camping in the mountains. If you have a health condition that is agitated by altitude it is not anyone's responsibility to accommodate you. You do not have the right to have paramedic team on stand by for you. If you can not make it to the top of a waterfall, it is not your right to mare the landscape and have a elevator installed for you. It is not your right to pave over nature so you can bring the equipment you need to make your life easier.

We all share this planet, and there are things I can not do. I do not demand other people accommodate me to be able to do them. Nature can be a bitch sometimes, but she can also be a great teacher at others. I am not going to complain and stomp my feet until somebody lets me experience the miracle of childbirth. At the same time I am not going to fund research that will let my wife write her name in the snow without moving her hips.

We are all given a different set of tools to get through life. We have to learn to use what we have, and overcome the obstacles put before us. We do not take the obstacle away because it offends us. We do not make demands on those around us, and make them cater to us. You either can do it, or can't do it. Get the fuck over it. If you want a personal first aid team so you can see the summit of some 14'er then you pay for it. You want to see the top of a water fall from your wheel chair, then you figure out a way to get up there that does not ruin the waterfall for everyone else. If you can't use your legs, then you can't run. I am sorry you can run, but that is not reason to ruin it for other people.

That is the essence of what bothers me most about the human condition. It is not the fact that we can't do something that bothers us. Its the fact that others can that bothers us. So rather then find a way to achieve that goal, or set our eyes on another prize, we would rather stop ANYBODY else from doing. I can't have a thirty minute orgasm, so I am going to remove that from the pigs? Is that a solution? Really? You or I are really not that fucking important in the cosmic plan. So get the fuck over yourself and find your own happiness rather then trying to ruin everybody else's.

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