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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ron Burgundy I miss you man,..

The news is outstanding. It was what I miss the most about being overseas really. Seriously how could I miss the repeating themes of huggie bear anti what ever rating grabbing stories that people claim to be the news. This goes on both sides of the fence, the left and the right. I am hearing about things that show how fucking stupid we have become. You know I watched three different new shows this morning alone. Not one mention to the troops preparing to leave Iraq, the soldiers still fighting in Afghanistan, the bombs in Libya, the chaos on the Ivory coast, civil unrest all over the middle east, and the fact that Pakistan has nuclear capabilities and was reportedly oblivious to the fact they had the leader of a group found on hate and terror living in the burbs of their capitol.

I watched a 30 minute segment on a lady who was drugged out and had a seizure and killed a family of five while driving. It was almost a whole segment in between commercials. I really do not care for those details. No really no sarcasm. I want my news to be my news, and not flavored by the opinions of people I do not value. Seriously who are they to decide the manner in which I receive my news and why the hell do we put up with the news they give us. Why do we like being spoon fed what we are told to watch eat and consume.

The left taints their news and focus on stories to make the right look bad. Its propaganda that would make Nazi Germany proud. The right has resorted to short selling facts and numbers to make the left look bad. I would never let any of them write a speech or do my accounting. Hate is spun from both sides and you know what I say fuck them both. Seriously I do not want to live in the world that either of them are painting, and I think they are douche bags for not doing their job. Report the news, tell me what is going on in the world I live, and I don't need your opinion on it, that editorial not news.

I want to have a good global view so I can make up my own mind. I want to know who means us harm. I want to know where the soldier part of my life might take me next. I want to know what is the concerns around the globe and I want to know what people think of our mass marketed, corn fed, blinder wearing, thoughtless lobotomized culture. I do not want your spin, the sugar coating, and I don't need to feel good about being a fat lazy consumer of the drivel you shovel out. I do not need Jerry Springer as an anchor.

So I am going to search for news. I am really do not care if Justin Beiber is an ass hat. He is not going to blow me up though he might get me blown up. Charlie Sheen is an entertainer, and he is entertaining us but he is not fucking news. Britney Spears or any of those other mass produced cookie cutter mind puppet pop stars have no real impact on your life, so who cares if they flash a beaver shot during a drunken escapade?

If you think this rant has no substance, I say name one soldier that died this weekend any where in the world. Then tell me where you found it. Watch a news segment and tell me what you learned about it and what you learned from it. Tell me how it effected your life and what it really had to do with anything. Think for yourself people, this is part of the great war on stupid. Get out there, get your news and understand hwo it can and will effect you.


  1. This is why I don't watch the new anymore. There is too much about the pop culture and not enough about what will actually affect me as a living, breathing, and intelligent human being. The news has become a joke filled with fluff and bullshit stories about celebrities of whom make no difference to me.

  2. I find it sad that I get more out of so called comedy shows like the Colbert Report then I get from the channel 2 news team. I may not agree with Colbert or Stewart all the time, but at least they report a good amount of relevant news.