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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bad day my ass.

So today I was having a less then productive day. I finally got a good nights sleep last night, with the help of chemistry. I wake up this morning to white washed world. I get up and slowly shake the sleep off and kiss my wife good by for work. Then I run for a bit, get some barbell work done. Then I go and shovel the walk. Shortly there after I get my butt wrapped up nice and warm and head out for the bus. I discovered that the RTD is not required to stop at supplemental stops if the driver does not feel that he will be able to get the bus out of the snow. It was not that bad, cold yes, but not that bad.  So I trudge back home. Pull off the wet clothes, and realize I am not going to get warm that quick. I go to the fridge and get some milk to make some hot cocoa. We are out of milk.

The morning progressively goes down hill. No bread. A nearly full roll of English Muffins got infiltrated with some green fuzzy invaders. VA still has not rated me. The GI bill is not paying out as well as people would think. The Army seems to be taking their sweet time paying out my reenlistment bonus. So my personal account does not have enough to pay for a cab, or much less pay for the rest of the work I need on my truck. Ex wife foiled my plans to improve my life with my current wife. Some times I feel like I am drowning in life. I do not reach out to my friends, because I do not want to drag them into the under tow. I do not reach out to my wife because I do not want to feed her anxiety.

I look at my friends and they have their own issues. I have friends that do not know how to let shit go and be the better person. I have friends that take everything personally. I have friends that have less money then we do. I have friends that have much less then me, but hold onto more bitterness. I have friends that see everything as a bad day. I have friends that can not be happy and it is not because they are bad people, but because they can not see the good stuff around them.

Sure I missed a day of school, but I got some writing and work done anyway. I did not have any milk, but I did have some HFC free beverages that gave me some energy. I was able to get warm by running a few more miles on the elliptical. I live in a great house, and it being to big is the biggest worry we have. My English muffins were moldy, but at least I had them in the first place. My wife is getting bread, milk and the essentials on her way home. So I will  not go hungry longer then a day, and life is pretty damn good. My ex wants to use my daughter as leverage, but in time my daughter will be able to make her own choices in life. I am not so worried about things in my life, so hard to say that I am having a bad day. Yeah I may have trouble keeping my head above water on some days, but at least I am still treading water to begin with. When I get overwhelmed I just think, my life is not to bad. I could be living in a mud hut some where worried about my next meal. I could be wondering if the water I found is safe, or if drinking it will kill me. I do not have people trying to control me by blowing up the schools in my neighborhood. Yeap, a bad day my ass. 

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