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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A break

I am going to be down and out for a few days as I lose my man card. I am getting a nose job. Yep, gonna have some saw bones try to fix my busted up mug. So here is to the government dime fixing my ability to breath. So in the interim, I would appreciate it if you guys went over my old material. I would also dig feedback or suggestions and all that jazz. So in the mean time you kids take care, and enjoy the break from my over masculine neanderthal ass. So lets see how this turns out, and if they can make this knuckle dragging man candy even sexier. 

Oh and I do not offer a lot of shameless plugs here, but today I will. A good friend of mine has recently designed and developed a great little game for the iphone. Yep this was headed up by a wonderful lady, a wonderful friend, a wonderful mom, and a damn fine talent. So instead of boosting some majorly huge companies profits this year, why not support a great amount of talent. She doesn't have to be home working, but she does so she can take care of her little man while her husband goes out and slaves in the corporate world. So fuck the angry birds, find some happy bee's. Support something positive, and if you are going to get a game ap for your iphone it best be this;


  1. Did you know that the Neanderthals had a larger brain capacity than us? Yup. The more you know, Knuckle Dragger.

  2. Also, I don't have an iphone and wouldn't if you paid me, but if I did I'd totally support it.

  3. Heal well. Keep your nose clean. :)