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Saturday, December 3, 2011

My guides, not rules.

1) You come across something that don't make you miserable, enjoy it.

2) If you have to pry might not need to know.

3) If you put hands on someone make sure they come back clean.

4) You can beat more ass with love behind you, then anger in front of you.

5) Don't let any take your shit, don't take no one's shit.

6) Own your own shit, not just the shit you can hold.

7) Don't make a promise you can't keep, interest will crush you.

8) In the end all you got is what you got, work your life right to make sure its enough.

9) You can remember the past, but tomorrows all you got.

10) Dead is not gone, but they got no right to your life.

11) Freedom is a responsibility, not a right.

12) You can't accept what you can't give.

13) Just because you can do it on your own, doesn't mean you should.

14) The truth is easy to keep straight.

15) You can't back it, might be a good time to keep your mouth shut.

16) Don't threaten, promise. Refer to #7

17) Family is first.

18) Sometimes love means telling them they fucked up, or hearing you did.

19) Its not profit and loss, its life. Scores don't need to be settled all the time, but don't be black mark in some other ledger.

20) Smile when you need too.

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