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Monday, December 5, 2011

The sky is crawling,,...

I see so many people shifting there misdirection and paranoia down a whole other path. I was recently given a link to an article discussing the donation of military grade vehicles to local police departments. Scary huh, tanks in the streets to quell the overly effective occupy movement. The ability of the military to detain and hold people without regard to Miranda rights, or indefinitely is apparently a new  issue that is tied to all of these recent attempts to crush the voice of reason that is just using their rights to peacefully assemble. Tents are apparently a part of that right as well, and when Best Buy allows them where the Governor does not is the reason we need to have a revolution now before the military/police state is better armed and in the streets enforcing the state of marital law that the evil crazy right wing conservatives are trying to instill on the nation so they can sell more Pizza and get oral favors from women looking for jobs. 

Look people the military thing is nothing new. They have been trading budget notes for military grade vehicles for long time. SWAT has been acquiring military equipment and vehicles long before it was a fashionable concern. The National Defense Authorization Act was enacted  in 2008 and its grandfather was the Clinger Cohen act way back in 1996. Another guise this great evil went under was the Information Technology Management Reform Act of 1996. This is no way brought on by the need of those on Capitol Hill to suppress the voice of those choosing to occupy their government. Yet people like to tie things up when they feel they are not being heard enough. 

The issue here is not that they are out to get them, but they are out to get theirs. That is the issue and has been the issue for a long time and most of the issues that those wanting to camp in public parks could have addressed if they had a bit of understanding. You see the travesty is not the false representation that government is trying to establish a police state so that the only persons that can speak are the tea party people in line with the fascist state of the right wing conservatives. Seriously not all the people on the right are about nine nine nine, or being a lobbyist without legally being a lobbyist. We are not all closed minded sexist bigots. I resent being called a bigot. I can be closed minded at times, but even then you can still squeeze a thought in there if it is presented with intelligence and resolve. I am not a sexist, but I am a believer in my roles as a man. 

So get over yourself learn the real issues. I would be more upset with the government ignoring my personal freedoms back in 1996, rather then the resurgence of them now. I would be more concerned with the safety of the streets when teams like SWAT are formed, rather then how they get their military grade equipment. I would be more concerned with all the decisions your government makes for you, and the choices they keep making for you over and over and taking away your need to make choices of your own. This is not a new thing, and its not a thing they brought on because of one event. This is not something that happened today, or even yesterday. This is something that has been happening for a long time in this country. 

Take back your sensibility. Read. Get involved. Take back your country. 


  1. Agreed, it has been happening for a very long time. Plans, procedures and logistics have been in place for a while. I just wonder why now, people notice?

  2. Because it is convenient for them and their chosen cause of the moment.