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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Keeping it real?

There is a bumper sticker out there talking about being nice to the troops, because we are gonna need them when the revolutions starts. I have seen many variations of this, and all of them make me giggle. You see there is a spot in the oath of enlistment we take that says we will defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. So I am assuming that these creative souls are expecting a coup of shorts, with this current level of government turmoil. The trouble is that many of those that take their oath seriously would not enact a coup or rebel against their chain of command. How can you expect a those willing to defend the Constitution to act against it and establish control over a country that  so vigilantly stands against tyranny?

I mean sure its bad, and people are pissed. The economy got more people riled up then Getmo did. So apparently it is the pocketbook that pisses more people off then principle, but it is still not enough to justify the blood that would come with revolution. Yes I do think the current government is following a trend that continues to neuter our more sacred principles. Yes I do see legislation being pushed out that ignores our basic rights. I see liberty sacrificed in the name of security. However I do not see enough people bitching about it, or willing to do something about it to warrant the blood that would come with a military support action.

So let us get serious people, and stop talking shit that you would not or could not back up. I think we would have a collapse of government before we had a coup. I for one would not like shooting at Americans. Well maybe a few. I mean there are some bible thumping extremist, or some liberal fascist that I would not mind seeing come to harm, but I am not willing to express myself in such a visceral way in  own back yard. You don't shit where you eat right?

We can still enact change in our country, and put the power back in the hands of the people. We can do this with out people getting all stupid about war. Try voting, and not voting with your heart, but with your head. Stirring speeches are just talk. Look at the voting record of those you want to represent you, and if they are not representing you vote them out. Do this on all levels of government, from local to federal. It starts with your, not with me. It is about your ballot not my bullets. You want to be an American, then be a fucking American. Be innovative and industrial. Be all those things we claim to be, and do something with yourself.

I would normally be very supportive of the people and push this American ideal more and more; However the issue I am having with all of this is exactly what I said before. We have become a selfish lazy people looking for an easy ride. This is why I do not think a coup would be a great idea. You want to see why I think this way and look at the numbers that turned out for the Occupy movement, and then look at the numbers that protested actively in regards to the Patriot act, DOMA, or the myriad amount of other acts, bills or laws that have infringed on our rights. It makes me sick that people are willing to take to the streets when it effects their pocket book, but sat on the sidelines when the rights of others are being ignored or violated.

As I stated in this post about my ego, we as Americans are supposed to be better than our enemies. We are not supposed to let bad things happen to bad people, we are not supposed to silence people because we don';t agree with what they say. We are supposed to be a nation of solutions and invention. We are the white knights that have came into rescue Europe. We are supposed to wear the white hats and solve our issues not ask others to do it for us. So in that thank you for the cute stickers, but how about you do something to actually support your own actions and stop looking for a dramatic solution that somebody else does for you.

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