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Friday, December 2, 2011

Violence is not the answer, but it is part of the equation.

Today is a short one, its just a statement. You see blood can wash off your hands, but it never washes off your mind. There are things that once seen can not be unseen. There are things that are done that can't be undone. These burdens are what make a person who they are though. It is those moments you can't take back that temper the metal of the person. It strengthens the steel and makes it ready for more trials. It gives you a look that is not rose colored at all, its a deeper shade of red then the rose.

Pink and warm is how many see the world, but its not that light. There are bad things that are dealt with in worse ways. You see cops do not use hugs for a reason. Violence begets violence, or so I am told. I disagree on principle. Yeah yeah I have heard an eye for an eye and the world is blind, but at least that way they have no use for those damn rose colored glasses. You see I find solace in the fact that I can do violence better then most, and it stops those wishing violence on me and mine.

Good fences make good neighbors. Locks keep honest people honest. Well a twelve pack of whoop ass keeps the ass hats at bay. You see bully's like to attack the weak. They prey on those souls that will not stand up for themselves. So you let them know you are not a lay down and they move onto easier targets. Trouble is you have to make demonstrations from time to time to affirm their understanding.

I also do not take things well. So those bully's, con artist, asshats, and douchebags beware. I may not live the life many are comfy with. Hell more then a few look down on me and my train of thought. Many think its about destruction because I have no issues with beating the snot out of some shit bags stopping the progress of me building my shit. Its about building a better life with better people, and those trying to tear into it can go pound sand.

Life is good, and I really do not care if people are afraid. You see people that are part of this life I am building are the ones that are not afraid. They understand that you do right and life should be right, and if someone try to take the right from you, you take it back. In the end of it all, I just want to be left to my own shit, and in that I am happy to let others to their shit. It is the way life should be. Because someone else is happy, and I am not at the moment, does not mean I need make them not happy so we are even. It does not mean I have to take from others, that is not happiness. This also means not one single fucker is going to take my happy from me, or those I care about. Be the better person.

So don't drop your petty bullshit I hate people because they have what I want and I can't let shit go laundry on my porch and expect me to smile. Be the better person or don't talk to me at all. To many people around me have some wires crossed and can't seem to be the better person. It does not mean you get to nit pick and bitch about people. You have to make your own life better, and save the games for the field. Be the better person, but don't let anybody take your happiness. Just because somebody else is happy does not mean you can't be.  

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