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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Logically speaking you suck

Man oh man, some times that logical side of the brain does bad things to you. You ever sit down and think about all the actions you have done through out the day, maybe the last week, or the last month? Some brave souls can think about their actions over a life time. Now lets weigh those choices, really look them over and think about how we came to those decisions. When you look at it, how many choices did you make from the heart, and how many did you make from your head? When you weight them out which ones made you happier? Which ones brought you real joy in your life?

Now logic of course did its best to keep you out of trouble, select a lucrative career for you, and helped you fit into the semblance of a relationship based on socially acceptable norms. Logic allows you to live a good life. Logic keeps you out of trouble. Oh I know I already said that. That probably means I think that statement is important. Logic keeps you out of trouble. There I go again!

Now lets think of what happens when you make choices from your heart? Shit happens. You task risk without regard to risk, but only on the desire of the perceived reward. You get into to trouble. You make choices based on what you feel is right and you engage in conflict. If you act on your passion you might have to answer to somebody. You will find yourself deeper and deeper in trouble.

Those that know me know that I am not a fan of Apple. I think its a label conscience marketing scheme for pretentious people who think objects will make them feel superior to the people around them. That being said I will say Steve Jobs has let a kernel of wisdom slip from his shit stained lips. The most profound thing that was attributed to him was a reply. When he was asked how he became so successful he replied simply that he doubled his failure rate.

So if you want to learn more, you need to make mistakes? In order to make mistakes you need to do something right? So logically speaking you can enjoy mediocrity, and if you act on feelings you can get into trouble? Trouble can end your quest for success, so why risk it? Why because life is beautiful and full of great experiences. Oh wait a minute though, those flighty assholes out there that act on emotion are usually childish waste of space that are to impulsive to do anything that will last or stand up to time?

Well that is the trick boys and girls. That is the trick. Yeah instead of being those people that say for something to be this it can't be that, be a person that can just accept that something can be and something else can be as well. Do what politicians can't and understand that something can be black and white at the same time without being gray. Accept that you can be logical and emotional at the same time. Temper your logic with tears, and season your joys with sound thoughts.

Be logically in love with the world. Use your mind to dream and think. Taste the world but do so with a good temper. Take risk, but weigh the reward. This is what it means to be human. We are walking contradictions yet balanced as we should be. Boy oh boy what a confounding great adventure. So logically speaking its time to get into trouble.

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