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Monday, August 29, 2011

Who needs a 1000 words, when one will do?

So I have one word running through my head right now. Its a naughty word. Its a word so many others do not like to hear, especially about themselves. Say it with me, its the word of the day. Whore. Yep, whore, or if you prefer, hooker, ho, tramp, trollop, or what ever word your generation prefers. I know this is a word typically reserved for the feminine side of the species, but guys, you to can be presented as a whore. Its not a badge of honor. It is not something you want people to say at your eulogy.

I am going to share some insight and let you guys know what brought this on. Then give you a bit of my opinion like I always do. First I am going to say perception is reality. If you do not want to be perceived as a stereotype or demographic, then mind your appearance. Letting your pants drop past your ass crack does not help relieve peoples ideals of the poor huddles masses being uneducated. Tube tops do make you look like you come from a trailer park. If your skirt is so short that people can see your natural hair color, you are probably advertising a space for rent.

There is a time and place for dressing a certain way. I noticed this walking around campus. How few of these young ladies really respect themselves. I am not saying its not okay to be sexy. Sexy is awesome. Sex is awesome. I like to hump. However I rarely thing about more then that when the lady I am looking at created an image that only encourages me to objectify her. What I am saying is you can look sexy, you can be attractive, with out dressing like you need to find a corner on Colfax.

If you do not know what I am talking about you probably need to look through your wardrobe. You can take a beautiful person and put them in the finest form fitting clothes and they can be sexy, but you do not look at them as just a piece of meat. However if all you are trying to do is poorly package your wares, you might as well where cellophane and Styrofoam. That is what butchers use to display meat.

Now I am only doing this announcement as a public service. I really do not care what a person wears out in public. That is their business. If you want to wear black lipstick then wear it. If you want to wear spandex, wear it. I am just saying that you wear your self esteem on your sleeve. People know what you think about yourself by what you wear. If you clothes scream "Daddy pay attention to me!" Then that is how people are going to treat you. If you are trying to compensate for something you know is a short coming, like a fat chick in spandex, then you bring attention to that thing you perceive as a flaw.

You should dress as you would like to be treated. I really wished somebodies parents had done a better job at teaching these kids that. I you want people to see you as more then statistic, and as something greater then where you are from, then dress like where you want to be. If you dress like an ass clown with a double popped collar, shaggy ass jeans, and price tags on your shoes, do not be surprised if I don't talk to you. If you have over styled hair, more makeup then a clown, a shirt that shows off all your cleavage, and a skirt as big as a belt, don't get pissed when somebody ask what you charge an hour.

So be sexy, but until you can figure out what that means don't dress it. Club clothes and school clothes are different things. If you dress like something, do not be shocked if you are treated like that thing, instead of as a person. The more you show the more I look, and when I look I rarely listen. So reflect outwardly, what you want people to see inwardly. To fucking easy huh?

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