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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shut your yap

I have figured out a few things in my life. I know there is this thing that has been going around for a few years about learning everything you needed to know to get through life you learned in kindergarten. I can see that, but the issue is that you can't assume that is all you will need to learn to get through life. Life to me is about learning. You stop discovering things, then what is the point?

I think that it is important for us to realize that there is always something to be learned in every situation, and from every person we meet. You can learn about others, yourself, and the world around you everyday. You can learn with each breath you take. You just have to keep you mind and eyes open.

So of the things I have learned early in life do not apply to my life now. I learned from movies as a kid. I learned from books as a young adult. I learn from as much as I can as a man. So the challenge is to think of ten things you discovered, learned, or absorbed each day. What did you do today to make you a better person?

In this process though you have to walk a fine line. You can and should be consumed by the pursuit of knowledge, but you can't let a piece of knowledge consume you. If you give to the extreme you will shut out the opportunities to learn from the other sides of the issues. You must kept you mind open.

So today is another short point, as all the good ones are. In closing remember to give thought to everything you do. Look into each of the actions you take, and decipher the actions of others. Do so to gain knowledge, not just to be a nosy prick. Also in this pursuit of knowledge remind yourself that creation was wise enough to give you two eyes, and two ears, but only one mouth.

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