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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

hello? Is there anybody out there? Nod if you can hear me,..

We watch the news, listen to the radio, browse the internet, regardless of how you get your current events we can all agree it sucks. There is always talk about the economy of the country. The downward spiral that is destroying so many retirement funds, and taking away jobs. Then we compound that frustration by watching those leaders of our great nation turn into children on the school yard. They complain about what needs to be fixed, then they don't fix it, even though they are all saying to same thing needs to be fixed.

To compound this near perfect storm of social cataclysm, we as a people have devolved socially. I know its not just me that sees the selfish nature of the average American. This sense of personal entitlement that drives most people scares the crap out of me. The trouble is so many of our issues could and would be solved with a sense of real community. Economics is the trade of goods and services between peoples, and the value placed on them through a sense of currency rather then barter. So it involves interaction. Yes you have to look out for your own interest, but you also have a need to understand the needs of the person you are doing business with or you will not make the best deal.

As Wall Street sells off more and more that need for community becomes more and more apparent. Rarely do people survive on their own. The selfish start trying to salvage their fortune and sell off stock triggering others to do the same, as the scream in public for the need for a stable market. Selfish. Politicians point fingers at the others as they are taking care of their own state of affairs. Selfish. In our own community you can even feel this trend deeply. How many people show up to what ever group you are involved with and they sound like they are getting ready for a concert. Me Me ME Me Me Meeee. Selfish.

I am not saying we can't be selfish though, we just need to find a balance. We are the center of our own universe, so yes you have responsibility to yourself. On that note though being the center of your universe you are responsible for that universe, and must look out for the health and well being of all those in it. Selfless. Find balance in all that you do, and offer balance to those that don't have it. Selfless.

If you still can't think outside yourself, I have something for you to chew on. These communities that we belong to are soon going to be the biggest thing we lean on. As the people lose faith in their governments, it will be the community that holds us together. As people lose faith in the dollar, it is the community that will feed us. As the community strives to hold us like a family, we have to offer that community support in every way we can. It is doing what it needs to do to stay together and in that we need to feed it, bath it, and let it do its thing. When its healthy it is a beautiful and powerful thing.

Community should not be confused with agenda though. Agenda is the attempt to control a community through fear or reward motivation in order to achieve a goal or secular purpose that other people would find harmful or threatening. Like a church marching on our capitol for forty days to try and turn our country into a theocracy in their image, because of course they are the only ones that can be right. Selfish. No I mean that neighbor bringing over a box of canned goods because he and his family have enough and you just lost your job. Selfless.

Its getting to a time in our history where community is more important then national identity. So throwing a tantrum and stamping your feet when you do not get your way is just going to leave you hungry and alone. Try doing something to help someone with out seeking praise. Trying doing something because it is the right thing to do, regardless of who pats you on the back. Call out the cancer that festers in your social network and tell those poisonous selfish people that that behavior simply can not be tolerated. In doing so make your community stronger and more prepared.

Do whats right, and not just whats easy for you.


  1. Well said. I have been accused of "posting too much negative" on my FB with regard to those in need. Sometimes I just want to grab those people and shake them back in to reality and out of their Pollyanna mindset. People in our country and all around the world are hurting and in need and if that is me "posting too much negative," then so be it. Since I'm physically a wreck, posting where help is needed is what I can do to help the world community.