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Monday, August 15, 2011

That Mr Poe is a pendulum.

I am seeing that disturbing trend from politics more and more in my social life. You know that one where people see some cause and they latch onto it with so much blinding resolve that they can not see anything but their own point of view. For my grammar Nazi friends, some are going to have trouble getting by the first run on sentence. The rest of you might be freaked out and trying to digest all those words. The rest are looking at those things that influence you so much that you can not see any other way to live.

To me there are some inherent truths that you can not bend on. The truths I think should be universal. I know they are not, because those truths are violated and we hear about them in news all the time. My first truth is that no will full harm should ever be done to a child. What I mean by this is the pedophiles, abusive parents, and those the generally get their jollies from subjugating children. My next truth is that you should never take something away from someone that can not be given back. These are things like innocence, life, or bliss. This is why I think rape is a more horrible crime then murder. Rape a person has to live with what was taken away from them, and in most cases for a very long time. My next truth is to do nothing to violate the trust of those you love or raise. There is no reason a child should never trust you.

Now those things there are things I can safely say I will not budge on. Those are my blinder issues. Other people though have many more and they swing to extremes on them. Issues like politics, you know how those no talent monkey suit lying ass people in the capitol saying how everybody else is doing evil and they are the last knight in shining armor. All of them clamor about taxes, and budget cuts. If it wasn't such a dog and pony show you think they would have fix at least part of the by now.

The issue with Washington runs deeper then that though. It runs down into those grassroots that many of them started their careers in. It is in our backyard. It is Americans embracing their enemies thought process and claiming they made it better. Its the extremes of fundamentalist. This thought process is poison and will destroy us more assuredly then any enemy would. The trouble is most people are blind to it, and they also will not want to see it in themselves.

One example I have that came to me recently was in a conversation about a retreat that happens every year in the mountains of Colorado. When people where asked why they did not attend this retreat anymore, more then a few answers shocked me, and a few even appalled me. Of course there are always the excuses, and those bother me but I get over them. One train of thought though was about something as simple as camping and its role in nature. At first I was ready to raise my fist in solidarity, being a no trace back pack tent camping enthusiast myself. However this cat went on to say that people could not get anything out of a retreat where there was modern intrusion of tents, porta potties, or modern comforts.

Immediately I saw the thought process, and for that guy that became his truth. He shut down the chance to get anything else out of it. He limited his own reality and no amount of argument would bring that person over to the other view point. What bothered me further was the continued support and other extremist that came out in the conversation.It was amazing seeing how so many people limited their world view. They did this to inflate their egos through social standing. Many of them almost demanded praise for their sacrifices.

I could only shake my head. I see it so much with people I just shake my head. I see the influence they refuse to let go of, and on occasion I see it in myself. Its the extremes that are killing us. It is our inability to accept things as we see them, and as how others see them, at the same time. It is our firm rules that have no value that limit us. It is our clinging to silly values we created on our own that prevent us from living life with all the possibilities is supposed to have.

I will not eat any soup has ham in it. Ham should be on a plate not in a bowl. Now you will miss out on so much that ham has to offer. Will not is the most limiting statement. It shuts you down to other possibilities, when probably no would and could do better. The world, society, religious organizations, our own families, and careers put enough limitations on our personal development, why they hell should we do it to ourselves?

So look at the extremes in your life and ask yourself why are they there? Did you pick them up as social baggage? Did you create them for yourself? Can you let them go? Can you open your eyes to the possibilities of other view points, or are you scared or lazy? I am sure you can find one extreme a day for at least a month that you can let go off, but the question is do you want to? Most people are afraid to let them go, because they can wear them like an armor of excuses and keep on being them with out conviction or growth. We as a people are lazy like that.


  1. Oh and if you like reading my friction, tell me what you think of my fiction?

  2. I am both scared and lazy, but I like ham and love bacon. Immasculation should be the mandatory punishment for sexual abuse on a child and ice cream makes me gassy. What's wrong with my writing and life? Are politics something we can do something about or something else entirely? I'm glad you're a better writer than me cause I'm not trying to inform or entertain anyone but me.