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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sam I am, the son of Sam maybe?

I am a firm believer in not saying something that you can't say to someones face. If you can't tell someone directly then you have no business saying anything to anyone else. This is the best way to keep drama out of your life. The part I do not understand is why would you talk about, vent or what ever you want to call it, behind someones back to people they know. Are you hoping they will say to that person what you lacked the spine to say on your own?

A friend of mine sent me a great quote that sums up my thought process on talking shit; “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.” Dr. Seuss spits out some words to live by. I speak what is on my mind. Some say I should measure my words because they might hurt people I care about, well that is not true. If my loved ones are my loved ones they know I do not say things out of malice. I say things because I mean them. If I say you are being an ass, guess what? You just might be showing your ass to the world.

I am not saying I am one hundred percent literal, but those that know me, should know when I am. If not they probably do not know me. You see this is how you prevent drama, though some people seem to think what I say is drama. Let me tell you the difference. Drama is something that people bring to bring attention to themselves. These are the people that have to one up you with what is wrong with their life. These are the people that no matter what you feel, do, or live, it will never be as intense or painful as what they are struggling with. Drama is the weapon of people who firmly believe that the only way their life can be better is to make sure people have less then them. They are the ones that say shit out of malice because their little feelings got hurt, and they are rarely willing to risk confrontation so say what they have to say behind closed doors or from the corner of their mouth.

I like to think of what I do as turning the light on. I love watching the roaches run and hide. I also find it funny how when I say whats on my mind people become defensive. You know what that tells me? It tells me I was right and you do suck. You rarely have to justify what you are doing if you are doing it right to begin with. You don't ask a guy to explain his actions if he was helping a little old lady across the street.

Now I am not one to hold people to my standards, but I am one to call bullshit. Bullshit is the fertilizer of drama. It helps it grow. I also get mad when people use their words to pull the spot light to themselves. Oh pity party. When are you people going to realize I do not give two shits about what you think about me. I do not need your approval. You are also not entitled to my attention. If you get my attention with the methods you try, it is not the attention you want. It is my ire.

It is all real simple. Do not speak anything you don't mean. Do not say anything you would not say to someone. Speak from your heart or it has no voice, because it is the rare person that knows whats really in your heart. Do not seek the spotlight but also do not fear the light if you say the truth. Do not open your mouth if you are unsure of your words. Let what you say justify itself. Anything else is not worth your time.

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