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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Crystal, so damn crystal

Clarity is always good. So I am going to see if I can make things clear and concise. I am not opposed to the occupy movement, I am against those that attempt to martyr themselves. Yes there are people talking about camping after hours and having their tents torn down, while others celebrate greed and commercialism and camp out side of stores before black Friday. Yes there are a handful of police pepper spraying with the causal comfort of a good pair of khakis. There are stories of veterans getting their heads bashed in. There are stories of pregnant women being man handled by police. There is even a tale of a little old lady getting a face full of aggression from police. There are websites dedicated to the movement that list more then a few demands, and even talks of revolution.

For further clarity do I think it is wrong to rob a bank, of course I do. Also see that is extremely evil for a bank to rob you. I do not think that people have been held accountable for this finical crisis, and I do not see the very people that are being paid by them holding them accountable. Yes I am pissed. I am watching my country change dramatically from the country I have grown to love, and it is far from the understanding that I held so many years ago in regards to what it is supposed to be. However I can not get behind this movement of martyrs. Yes I said it. I still stick by that these people are attention starved children enjoying a first amendment protected temper tantrum.

As for the tents, those laws were in place long before the bear knocked the shit out of the bull. You see that stores have the right to eject those tents from the land they do business on. They don't because it is good for their business. However they passed laws a long time ago to keep people for squatting on public land because we thought homeless people were to much of an eye sore and they should be hidden from public. Yep we are embarrassed because we have poor, not because they are poor. Yet we did not see this coming. We have been giving more and more of our life and our freedom to the government, and we are surprised when greedy people strive for a bigger slice of wealth. You see for them to acquire more wealth it has to come from somewhere. So think about that when you see those videos of those tents being torn down.

The other issue that gets me riled up is when they use a person to rally sympathy for. Yes there was a vet in Oakland that got the shit kicked out of him. Well him being a vet was not the reason he got the shit kicked out of him. Yes it sucks that violence was that excessive, and Oakland had blown the fuck up, but him being a vet did not have a damn thing to do with it. That pregnant lady should be slapped too. Believing in the cause or not, the news had already shown outbreaks of violence and she still made the choice to risk her unborn child, and we offer her sympathy? Seriously? Am I part of the minority when I think this lady was an irresponsible douche? Yes that lady was eighty years old and probably posed no real threat to a cop in riot gear that meets physical standards to serve as a cop, but just because she is old does not make her wise or lessens the odds of her being a douche. Seriously how many old people have you met that are just fucked up, or more fucked up then a young person.

Now before I get off my soap box and let things ride I am going to say its great you support change. I am going to say stop being a poser though. I see so many people speaking out for the occupy movement and laying claims as if it is there own, and speak their words like they are the gospel. They speak of atrocities committed by the cops but have not given more then a passing glance to the actual movement going on in the there own towns. How can you say that these are law abiding peaceful protestors when you have not been down there. How can you call yourself one of them, when you have not been there over night with them. If I was actually one of those in the movement I would actually be pissed about this, rather then feeling all warm and fuzzy about it. As a vet, I get pissed when people tell me how they can relate to me, or try to say they understand my sacrifice. Seriously if you say you stand with me, you tell me when you gave up holiday after holiday. So don't you dare say you are in my shoes, or pretend you can even put them on. So even though I do not agree with the occupy movemetn tactics, I can say at least offer them the respect of not claiming to be one of them when the only thing you have occupied is your car, couch or cubicle. You do not get the honor of claiming their sacrifice. You do not get to share their outrage. You can be upset on your own, you don't get to use theirs.

I hope that was clear. I hope people understand my animosity now. Its the tactics not the message. Its the lack of understanding of responsibility. Its the making of martyrs and shoveling of bullshit. You don't like a law, disregard it, but do not bitch when you are called to the carpet over it. Life is about consequence, you have unprotected sex, you take care of the kid or live with the disease that might result from it. Don't blame Trojan for not making you wear a condom. You carry your burden in life, and keep your grimy paws of mine. Give credit where credit is do.   


  1. To me, it's not even a real protest yet! There has been NO bra burning. Back in the day, those fiber filled booby hatches gave their lives for protest.... :)

  2. There are those in the Occupy movement who were welcoming the cold weather with the hope that it would force out the posers and squatters in their movement. The trouble is that the damage from those kind have damaged whatever credibility OWS had. Add the deliberate lack of focus (I've seen some compelling arguments that it is an Anarchist inspired movement which would theoretically thrive on a lack of focus) and all the message becomes is a chaotic, unorganized din that has tried the patience of more and more folks who might otherwise be sympathetic to a coherent campaign.

  3. I feel much the way you do. I feel like if you are going to block an intersection then you are making the police do something. I particularly agree with your tantrum bit!

  4. The pregnant woman should have left as soon as things looked violent, yes, for the sake of her child. HOWEVER, for some strange reason, if you yourself aren't doing anything wrong, I think you have the right to expect the cops will be the good guys. Cause that's what America is about, damn it. I don't care what your politics are, you have a job to do, you do it. You don't use something as stupid as politics as an excuse to behave badly. You don't spray fourteen college kids for sitting and not moving, that's stupid. You don't mace a little old lady with no weapons who obviously can't hurt you, that's excessive. You don't do those things, and on top of that, you don't look me in the eye and say that a man fully armed is so fucking pussy that he's *afraid* of the little old unarmed lady, afraid for his life so that he had to pepper spray that violent, violent bitch. Because I'm going to laugh. A lot. And then I'm going to tell you that he's a wash out as far as being a cop goes. You can pick her ass up and place her in the cop car you wuss. Seriously? No one has to martyr these people, the cops behaved badly and there are going to be consequences to that. That's the joy of being an adult. Even better, as a cop you are held to a higher standard. You fuck up, you get noticed. Why? Because you're a cop and the expectation that you behave properly is NOT unwarranted by the public you protect and serve.

  5. Critter, this is exactly what I am talking about in regards to martyring them. Yes those kids locked are and arm didn't need to be maced by the one, individual, poor excuse, fat slob of a cop. The old lady and the pregnant woman how ever, I seriously doubt they were singled out. Shit happens when you surround yourself with a bad situation. I am sure there are many a soldier over the course of time that feel bad about a kid getting shot, a pregnant woman, or a little old lady. Hell I am sure a little old man, a handicapped kitten, or what ever obvious noncombatant got caught up in the mix of shit. Shit happens, its fucked up, but maybe they would have been better served not being in the middle of a damn mob. Yes its fucked up how some cops are running, but I am damn sure there are less ass hat unprofessional cops out there, then there are asshat looking for an excuse to be a retard instigating protesters out there.

  6. Oh and two wrongs don't make someone right. The cops could be jack booted thugs beating the snot out of nuns in wheel chairs, that doesn't make the nuns anymore right if they are also breaking the law and instigating like little children. It brings to mind a little sibling playing the I'm not touching you game.

  7. I agree with you in the fact that if you intentionally put yourself in a position where bad things can happen, then you have to suck it up and know that it is a choice you made. If I decide to eat a whole bottle of hot sauce, well then I expect I would be seeing a whole lot more of my toilet. But it is not the fault of the company that made the hot sauce.